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  1. Helloooo 🙂
    Hmmm, I’m not sure what category I would come under now. ?

    For years I was political untill I understood thats (all) only a distraction from the Whole Bigger truth. I’d like to think I come under ‘The awakening’ now, but If I’m not recognised that way, then I am not.

    Glory to the lightworkers, where are they? heh heh
    XX hugs

    • I think youd be a scientific spin on life in general. I suppose it depends on your definition of what that means, but to me its just curiosity about everything and how its all interconnected.

      Funnily enough I think it was probably politics that got me into science, just that thought that things are just such a mess there has to be more to it all if ya know what I mean.

      Ya have to be careful with this whole lightworker higher state of consciousness business though Mazi, yesterday I was so busy actualising my potential I forgot to put me tea on ;O)

      Have a fab day!
      Hugs Daf xx

      • Yes, but Im not curious anymore. Curiosity leads to answers eventually., dont u recon?
        HEy didnt I always say i believed that Curiosity does Not kill the cat ! 😉 heh heh.
        Now I need to learn how to do ‘something’ from the unusual answers which I found .
        I must admit, when I was writing about subjects like the disclosure project, I was about a million miles away from where I am now. Unfortunately not so far away though, on the lines of HAARP. .but I’m just babbling now its better to put it that way 🙂

      • Do U know what the picture next to my name means ?

      • I have no idea where this is gonna post in amongst these comments, but @Mazi…

        I suspect its something to do with ascension? Which I may have just spelled wrong and cant be assed to google ;O)

        I have seen something similar but there were a bunch of bubbles which I assumed were shakras or something like that running down the man.

        How far off the mark am I? ;O)


      • Eeeeee would ya look at that?? It posted exactly where it was meant to xx

    • Aw man your gonna think Im mental if you mean the leaf picture. I was assuming you meant your man of in the pyramids one HEHE xx

      • Yes, you are right . and You spelt it right. but Not a pyramid. Its a star tetrahedron, an energy which runs around the body.. and it is that, which you activate in order to ascend .

        and I’m currently feeling it’s vital to know.
        and I’m being honest with you, I need to find somebody who realises the same .

  2. Pete Judge Says:

    I see….getting lazy again and speaking rather than pressing the keys.
    I’m at work so can’t comment on the content, but nice to see you again. I will try and tune in later if there is no-one in the office. Judging b y the comment….DAF got all political.
    According to the new star signs mine would change but I quite liked being a scorpio – kind of suits me even though I don’t believe one jot of it!!
    Anyhoo, have a fabulous day
    Pete X

  3. Naaaaaaaaah I didnt get all political I just mentioned I know a man who is :O) And isnt not believing in star signs a typical trait of a Scorpio? (Yes I know thats an old joke but still worth dusting off I thought).

    Oh and yeah totally two goats and mrs J for cardboard boxes. To be honest ya could have haggled me down to one but we have a written contract now so Im bwa ha haaaaing all the way to the goat bank. I cant believe the irony of 20/20 escaped me!! Proper sniggered at that I did!

    Hope your having a spiffing day!
    Hugs Daf xxx

    • Pete Judge Says:

      I am a little intrigued as to what you are planning to do with mrs J. She’s not a bad cook, if you like variations of cheese and onion pies, her cleaning style is if you can’t see it, it’s clean and she does watch a lot of really bad television. IN contrast, I don’t want to know what you plan to do with the goats!
      Anyhoo, have a lovely day and look forward to your next peep show!!
      Pete XX

  4. Dafferssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Hiya mate! 😀

    Firstly, 39 to 49 seconds, couldn’t understand much of what you said! What langauge was that?

    Secondly, you… waffle?… NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAY!

    The Zodiac has now changed? Well, that’s the world turned upside down for me! I’m a Ophiuchus! Sounds like some kind of Dinosaur or Crocadillian! Maybe they left it out because they feared it’d eat the other Zodiac signs? Yeh, that MUST be the real answer, because the one you offered up is just rubbish, why would superstitious people who made the zoadiac leave out a 13th Zodiac? Doesn’t make any sense a tells thee!

    I never knew Big Broverz made a Scooby-Doo song! I gotta say, I’m remarkbly not bothered by it at all! lol Didn’t they break up because one of the guys was dealing drugs? Pointless fact, just thought I’d drop it in for that extra bit of randomness.

    Anyway, I must depart from thee’s blog and settling down for a night of doing nowt in particualr seeing as I’m now back on the night shift! 😛 Hugs to tha Daff one! xxx:)

  5. Yoooooooo hoooooooooo Daf … I’ll be back another time when my eyeballs don’t feel as if they’re about to go and play in a sandpit xxxxx

  6. Yoooooooo hoooooooooo Daf … I’ll be back another time when my eyeballs don’t feel as if they’re about to go and play in a sandpit xxxxx 😀

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