So Friday night consisted of…

Started with a bit of this…

then went to see these  (who were very good) with the fabulous Emz.  Poked the singer in the ribs and told him so.  He looked surprised ;O)

went to a couple of bars after that then thought it was time to come home cos boychild was having a party.  Had a go of this….

which to be honest didnt go too well cos I think I got as much down my arm as I did down my neck. So then it was time to move on to…


Was a most excellent night, but the highlight has to be getting to hear this live. Cos I love this song to bits and the video is really cute too!


6 Responses to “So Friday night consisted of…”

  1. The fabulous Emz Says:

    It was a great great great night!

    Apologies for my insanenes this morning though 😀

  2. Pete Judge Says:

    Sounds like a night and half. although I am not so sure about the jelly tots.
    If my Friday was in pictures it would be

    Man power walking

    A bath

    Can of Carling (well actually about a dozen)

    Bowl of cream cheese and chive pretzels

    Pack of cards

    a CD of 80’s music

    a bed

    Yours definitely sounded more entertaining and I didn’t spill a drop!!

    Have a lovely week
    Pete X

  3. Oh I dunno, Im not totally over spilling that drink yet. May be a tad traumatised! And as for the jelly tots they were a moment of munchie madness and to be honest I think as many went on the kitchen floor as went in my gob!

    Hope you have a fab week yourself! Although IM gonna have a leap over to your blog and find out what your up to in a moment anyway!

    Hugs Daf xxx

  4. Ah! THIS is why you were wasted on Friday when we spoke? hahaha I know you were drunk, didn’t know HOW drunk! Just thought it was an average night out, not bordering on a Uni Party! Wait, IS that a normal night out for you? Mate! You’re so fucking hardcore and you make me look like lightweight! Stop it! Btw, do you even remember what we spoke about on Friday? Just to let you know, I OWNED you in that debate! Now you know how and why Lamas are cooler and better than Zerbas!

    Jelly tots? Hmm not sure about that, maybe a slice of freshly made Pepporni Pizza would go down well, with some Seabrooke crisps! 😀 Or, maybe a steak and chips barmcake! Hmmmmmm Oh wait, a Chinese! Damn! ‘T’wud be good!

    Oh, you know about the Guitar? Only managed to get it out of the cupbored yesterday (My brother’s fault entirely!). Tried to tune it today and, um… gotta say… I’m findin it impossible! The vid I used to try I’ll post for you here, but the way he does it, it all counts on the G string being tuned already, how am I supposed to know if it’s tuned or not? I tried his way, still sounds out of tune! And the strings keep vibrating, they need oiling or something! I think I need an electronic tuner! 😛 But I will persist! 😀

    Hugs to tha Dafski! Moocho loveski mateski! 🙂 x

  5. Mooooooorning Phillipio! Eee ya know I posted a reply to this yesterday night and it just disappeared the swine!! So I shall try again… First I know I was drunk Friday night, but I also know I never had a raging debate with you about lamas and zebras, although I like the way you assumed Id come down on the side of zebras (which indeed I woulda ;O)
    Also damn right if there’d been the choice of chinese that would be my munchie of choice, but you have to work with what ya got dont ya ;O)

    As for your guitar tuning, girlchild used to have one and it took ages to learn how to tune it manually, having said that you said it all depends on the G string so now Im sniggering childishly and humming that G6 song in my head only the line is ‘like a g string like a g string’. God Im so immature sometimes!!

    Hope you manage to get it sorted though!
    Hugs Daf xxx

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