Sublime to the ridiculous

Last night I kinda meant to have an early night,  but I ended up watching Salem’s Lot (late 70s version)  til three in the morning and unusually for me proper scared the crap out of myself.  I think its cos maybe I watched it when I was a kid and remember jumping so high when the little boy jumps out the coffin I spilled hot coffee all over my self.  Anyway I digress.  They just dont make horror like they used it.  Its all splatter no suspense or all shirt no trousers if you prefer.

But anywhoo on Sunday night I watched something completely different on the recommendation of my daughter (good call by the way).  Sat and watched Despicable Me and its juuuuuust the cutest thing ever! Highly recommend it if you have a wee one to watch it with ooor if you like the odd Pixar type thing.  So Ill leave you with a clip  (although youll probably have to jump to Youtube to watch it cos this bloody thing doesnt let you embed aaaanything). 

Reet… off to have me tea and get ready for a night with the OddSquad! Huzzah!!


3 Responses to “Sublime to the ridiculous”

  1. Daffeeeerrrssssssss! ‘Ello! 😀

    Um, I think I seen that film, never scared me in the slightest, mostly because I’m hardcore like that and you’re soft as Trebor Extra Soft mint! My Mam is still creeped out by the pale ghoul in that film, I was expecting something really scary when I watched it, I got bored and turned it over! :P.

    The other film aint my thing. And I doubt you’d ever assume it was! haha

    Oh, I was watching TV the other day and I came across a song and I thought, that’s such a Daf song! The sort you’d spill jelly beans too and fall over. And then I laughed to myself because I had visions of you falling on your face! haha

    Now idea what the song’s about but I know the game characters are based on a Sega game I used to play as a kid! It’s worthy of a viewing on that alone! Booyaaaaaaaaah!

    Hugski Mate! 🙂 x

  2. Oh, and have a minted night! 🙂

  3. Pete Judge Says:

    Saw Despicable Me a few weeks ago and it brilliant. I love these pixar films. For kids but only the adults really get the jokes. Can’t say I have ever seen Salems Lot but now I know the boy jumps out of the coffin, you have completely ruined it for me!! I agree though. All splatter and gore and no suspense. I think that’s why Paranormal Activity was so popular, it was about building up to something rather than exploring several different spectacular ways to make people dead – think Final Destination. For the record, PA 2 – which I watched last week – is rubbish!
    Anyhoo, time to write a blog
    Have a good one
    Pete XX

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