Sick Day…

Boychild has been off sick today,  so after getting my bits and bobs out the way this morning,  this afternoon I finished this pic  Ive been painting in my spare time for the last couple of weeks.  

Its the first watercolour painting Ive done for over 15 years so I was a bit rusty,  but I reeeeeeally enjoyed doing it and Im pretty pleased with the result!!  


6 Responses to “Sick Day…”

  1. *shocked look* Seriously? It’s GREAT! I was expecting some kind of landscape scene, not a Human face, it’s so good! Who did the modeling? Was it a picture from memory, invented from your head or someone you know?

    I want to see the others you’ve done, you can post one a week as a regular thing, depending how many you have or think are worthy of being posted. You should create a catergory and add tags, get a lot more arty people to ya blog!

    I’ve never tried watercolours, I only ever used poster paints when I did painting, and they never came out right, I could never get the detail I could with pencil crayons. Pastals are too messy and graphic pens usualy only come in one colour! I need to take a trip to a shop and get some supplies. What resources would you say I need to try and make a piece like this? You should make a blog on each step you took to create the picture, it’d help me alot! Yes, that’s right, make a blog JUST for me! lol

    Oh, btw, thank you for boychild for being sick and bringing this painting to us today! 😀

    Hahaha Hugskis and moocho love! 🙂 xx

    • Phiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil!!
      Aw shucks and ta! And course Ill do a blog to show you a couple of techniques I use. Actually it might be easier to do it as a Vlog but I promise I will next week at some point. Also if you want something somewhere in between painting and pencil work I would recommend you have a go with watercolour pencils but I can show you that in my vlog too. Only thing is you have to have the proper watercolour paper. Its somewhere between normal paper and blotting paper and without it you cant get the nice blending effect at all. To be honest I have a set of watercolour pencils goin spare if you want em cos I just got some new ones, but youd have to email me your addy so I could post em, and Id totally understand if you didnt feel comfy doing that.

      Oh and I actually did do a landscape just recently in pastals but Im not very good at em. End up looking a bit green blobby. Ill show you anyway if you want though.

      Thank you for being so encouraging though!!
      Git big hugs Daf xxx

      • Yay! Looking forward to those vlogs! Obviously you don’t have to rush, do it when you have time. 😀

        Watercolour pencils? I’ve never heard of them, but they sound great! I have no problem giving you my address, I just don’t like the idea of accepting things, doesn’t feel right some how, unless I give you something for them. I feel all bad now! 😛 How much do they usualy cost, I mean a reasonable set?

        Yes! I want you to post all your work, will be great to see your stuff! As I said, make it a regular thing when you can on here. Talk about the inspiration for it too, I always like that part, the reason behind the picture.

        Hope you’re weekend’s gone great and all the best for the coming week! 🙂 Hugskiiiii and thankskiiiiiiii 🙂 x

  2. Morning,
    That is a really, really good painting. You are a talented Daf aren’t you?
    I really like it, it is something that appeals to me and my personal taste in art, it’s great. Good work and stop selling yourself short.

    Look forward to seeing more

    Pete X

  3. I’m Loving the new background btw.

    This Painting is fantastic . Have u ever tried painting with Acrylics?

    sorry I closed my blog down, It was just an experiment, to see whether it was worth me sharing some Information. Since then I concluded against monotomic Gold, perhaps, at least for the moment. I do not feel its wise to force the 12 strand DNA.


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