Eeee mind…

So just a quicky but seriously I do wonder how some people manage to survive theyre so daft.  I just got this work call…

Me:   Hello

Caller:  Im ringing to find out how much your lessons are.

Me:  Right its *lists off prices*

Caller: Can I have a lesson in half an hour then?

Me: ( Thinking ‘ your not ordering a frickin pizza’)  Thats not how it works,  we need to book you in.  It would probably be sometime next week.  Do you mind me asking where you heard of us? (This is a standard thing just to see how advertising is working or if its a recommendation)

Caller: Ive lost my f**kin bit of paper.

Me: Sorry?

Caller: Ive lost my f**kin bit of paper so I dont know.  It had the number on.

Me: (Thinking ‘so obviously this bit of papers gone awry in the last 30 seconds and you dont know where you got it??’) Well it doesnt matter. Would you like me to call you back with an appointment?

Caller: Yeah

Me: So can I have your number please?

Caller: I dont know it.

Me: Well is it not on your phone?

Caller: Oh yeah hang on…..  CLICK

Suffice to say Im still waiting for this genius ringing me back cos obviously the f**kin bit of paper never turned up.


3 Responses to “Eeee mind…”

  1. Pete Judge Says:

    Thanks for congrats…..funnily enough I do feel good this week. Next week will be even better. I hoped that when I gave my notice they would just tell me to go home and pay me up – no such luck but buggered if I am actually going to do anything useful on my last week!!

    Your conversation is similar to a number I have had over the years and one of those conversations that leave you wondering – how the fuck do they survive!!

    Have a god one and I definitely have plenty of ‘it’ in me……whatever it is!

  2. He didn’t say, thinking about it. I can’t remember what J said either to be honest though… at that point I was two pints in so the details of the actual event are a bit fuzzy other than what was going on inside my own head, which was the mid thirties apiffany, probably mixed with ‘wow it’s really dingy in here’ or ‘oh i quite like this song’.
    Also, who rings up a business and starts casually effing down the phone? Crazy folk. xxx

  3. So this is what you do for a living? Drive people insane? I bet that man was fine before he started talking to you! I bet you left out the other bits of the convo!

    LOL! I know of a few people like this. Would be nice if they could be stopped from breading and producing new dim-witted sprogs. I think it’s just as well he hung up, wouldn’t like to be in the car with him while he’s driving! Look at this as a lucky escape!

    Oh, don’t worry about the art blog, as I said last time, do it when and if you have the time, no need to rush for the likes of me! Ok?

    I e-mail ya mah addy later! But for now, mucho love and huggles matey! 🙂 xx

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