Chillaxing to the max

This morning I had to be up at the crack of dawn to get my butt to the docs for a blood test.  Having managed to cause an atmosphere between the nurse (who’s really nice) and the receptionist (who was being a right jobsworth) and given em an arm full of my blood, I was back and full of crumpets and coffee by about nine. 

At this point I had a conversation with my daughter about the long and difficult task she’s been having getting her electricity meter read.  Problem being that her meter isn’t actually in her apartment and the building management company are never there to let anyone read it.  At this point I thought… sod this for a game of soldiers. I’m fed up of ringing up the electricity company and them being lovely and understanding, and then never ringing me back or actually doing anything helpful, so we decided to take the easy option and pay the cleaners to read the meter for her.  Now usually I’d be far too stubborn to do this,  but at the end of the day it’s my daughter that’s suffering the stress caused by all of it and quite frankly sometimes I think you just gotta let things go for the sake of your sanity.

Then again this lack of bloodymindedness (which probably isn’t a real word) is possibly down to my generally chilled mood at the moment. I’m kinda vaguely thinking about the twenty million things I should be doing (ok so maybe a slight exaggeration) and having no problem at all telling myself they can blummin wait while I listen to some massively chilled choons and drink copious amounts of coffee.

So my plan for the day is;

drink coffee

push hoover round

drink more coffee and fester some more

take boychild to school and meander round shops before picking him up

take ages cooking something scrummy for tea (cos Ive said before I find cooking really theraputic)

go out and drink wine with the OddSquad and sit in the corner sniggering

Tomorrows plan is to rush about like an eejit doing everything I didn’t do today. ;O)

Gonna leave you with this cos it’s fitting in with my whole chilled vibe.


6 Responses to “Chillaxing to the max”

  1. Pete Judge Says:

    I have been let out for good behaviour so I better make it quick before they realise what a dreadful mistake they have made!!

    YOu’re right…we are all a bit too feckin nice sometimes when we want something done – usually by someone else who for their part, should be doing it without asking anyway, but when we build up a head of angry steam about it – you start to think life is way too short to start worrying or getting worked up about things.
    You’ve probably guessed by now that i do let a lot of things get me down. i know i shouldn’t and as your sentiment says, life is too short to ever let things make you unhappy but they do, and I let them. I am working on it though and it al states with the new job, more money, more self esteem and positivity just oozing through me.
    I like the idea of a few glasses of wine too but to be honest, I am determined not to drink so much during the week in future. Sure it has the capacity to suddenly make your woes disappear but I don’t know about you, if you drink enough the following morning the woes seem to become even worse…..and i really don’t like that at all. It would be so easy to become an alcoholic, wouldn’t it?
    You’re right! For sanity you sometimes just have to let it go, cook some food, listen to some great music and be with people you love….

    OK, I’ll agree to the compromise – jelly/pint breaks it is…..better go now, I think I hear them coming and they are looking for me….

    Keep chilled…’s all god
    Pete XX

    • ‘It would be so easy to become an alcoholic’??? I think your tense might be slightly out in my case cos I fear in my case ‘it was so easy’ ;O) Actually totally know what you mean about too much beer making you a bit blue the next day. I used to drink gin and the next day I was as miserable as sin. Sadly it took me about 6 months and many bottles to work this out. I still need to check occasionally Im still the same!
      And Im just kidding, I was told by someone that knows about these things Im not an alcoholic just a pisshead, which is something entirely different!

  2. Helloo,
    I had such a relaxing day that I had an afternoon nap to make up for the early morning I’d had, at which point I woke up grumpy (as I do) and demanded we go to tesco because I’d run out of wholemeal bread.
    While out, I bought some couscous and a sweet potato. What’s happening to me? I don’t even know what I can do with sweet potato, which leads to your cooking bit. Do you know what I can do with sweet potato? I’ve got that, some philly cheese and some jalipenos. That’s pretty much it that I can think of that woudl go together 😛 xx

    • couscous, sweet potato and curry soup. Just shove your jalipenos and a couple of veg stock cubes in there. have it with some crusty bread and I guarantee youll be delighted, massively full and have the happy feeling that comes with fat free cooking :O) xxx

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tiz Daf! 😀

    Why you causing fritction between the receptionist and Nurse? Do you like stiring the pot? Bad Daf, very bad Daf! Go and sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done! Actually they’re like that at my local Docs, all the receptionists besides one are miserable cows in the midst of vaginal dryness or something! The Nurses on the other hand are nice!

    I HATE it when you talk to people, be it Gas, Rent or others who have obligations to you and they say: “Yeh, we’ll ring ya back/do it soon!” No you wont you annoying wankers! You’ll put the phone down, forget or mis-file the complaint somewhere and continue gossiping in the office! It’s sad you had to pay cleaners to read the meter! 😛

    You’re a procastinator! Makes sense really, just another predictable level of tha Daf, along with wind surfing with monkies and paraglinding with pigs! What ye like thee knows?

    Have a good day mate, and much and hugs as always! 🙂 xx

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