the Rock has come back to Monday night Raw, having made a surprise entrance on Monday gone. 

Ok I’ll be amazed if theres one person that reads this that gives a rats ass,  but seeing as I love the wrestling,  and seeing as Id already said I was gonna stay up all night watching Wrestlemania this April, clutching my popcorn and my beer,  I am over the mooooon about this. Obviously the rest of the wrestling world  is too  judging from the first five minutes of this..


6 Responses to “Finally…”

  1. Pete Judge Says:

    You’re right….don’t really give a rats ass.
    On the plus side, if he is wresting again, at least he won’t make any more films……;-)

    Have a great weekend
    Pete XX

  2. Oh yeah… not the worlds finest actor. Let us never speak of this again.
    Have a fab one yourself!
    Hugs Daf xxx

  3. Really? You like Pro-Wrestling? LOL! So do I! 😀 I’ve liked it since I was kid in the hay days of ’80s WWF!

    These days though I never watch WWE, I could easily DL it on-line somewhere, but I find the shows lacking in talent, unless it’s the older guys. The mid-carders and jobbers are completely lacking for the most part! They’ll never make another Big Show, Austin, Undertaker or Rock.

    Or should I say Vince will never make them? He brings in shit loads of new talent, some that just need a push and a good gimic, and he makes them job to Tripple ‘hyped 2 da max’ H! How you supposed to make new talent when you make them look like cunts in front of Tripple H, Shaun ‘the hairbald kid’ Cena and others? There comes a time when you have to pass the torch, like Hogan did with Rock. Instead it’s all the old and semi-recent (post2001) talent that are holding the belts and feuding with each other with the occasional Mid-Carder like the Miz holding the belt. Get’s boring.

    For the record, I aint a fan of the Rock, I was never fond of the ‘Attitude’ era. I think msotly because I couldn’t watch it cos we couldn’t afford Sky Sports. So I watched WCW untill it went under, then I started watching TNA, which is getting somewhat tiresome now, but still a little bit more unpredictable than WWE, but still alos lacking and realying on old talent to bring in the viewers!

    As for Wrestlemania, nah, not sure I’ll be even DL-ing it, let alone pay to watch it live! Just don’t think it’s worth it these days. Btw, Rock must’ve fallen on hardtimes to be back in WWE, even in a hosting capacity! His acting is baaaaaaad! He said he’d never go back to the WWE? LOL! Maybe they’ll make him job to Triple H too? lol

    Huggles matey! xx

    • Oh he said he’d never go back more and more until just before he did. I reckon it was just to make the surprise bigger when he did it on monday. Anyway he was just following in the footsteps of his granpappy Hogan who also made a couple of truely dreadful films before returning to where he belonged.
      I could have guessed youd have been more of a WCW man cos it was always that bit more raw and the audience was crazy!! ;O)
      Huggles xxx

  4. 9 minutes just to say a few words? 😀 Makes me laugh. but I think He meant it, so it’s kind of nice 🙂

    All I think of whenever I see the sport is my sister. I smiled when I read the first line of anachist-phil . I never actually got to see much in the 80’s all I could see was my sisters head. sat with her legs crossed about 2 inches away from the screen. Although it wasnt funny at the time, even though I didnt want to watch it, I fondly remember now. I used to try and figure out whether it was pure acting or whether it hurt. It looked painful to me. Then the other day I saw freddie flintoff v’s the world and that question was answered, It rather does Hurt! haha. Im not sure I fully understand the attraction to it still, can u clear that up for me.. is it (the type of men women want) and the (type of men , which men want to be) ?


    • Heeeeeeey Mazi! Nah I think youre thinking far too much like a grown up there. I think what I like about it is its kinda more like a game. Cos you have your goodies and baddies and daft story lines. Its almost like cartoons come to life. I mean thats why its Sports Entertainment and not real sport. The number of times Im sat watching and end up laughin my ass off. And some of the promo stuff is so good cos theyre just stood there making it up as they go along but it makes me howl laughing. Thats one of the reasons the Rock is so loved, cos he can come up with the daftest things when hes having a pop at someone and he’s really quick.
      However over the years I have come to realise how good at what they do they are. I mean yeah they get hurt. Really genuinely hurt and sometimes killed cos its just stunt after stunt and some are really quick and its all happenin in the moment. They go in knowing whos gonna win and lose but everything is a reaction to what the other person is doing. The best wresslers are the ones who really look after their opponents and Ive seen moments in matches where theyre clearly asking eachother if theyre ok or making sure to steer clear of genuine injuries.
      I think Ive waffled enough but what Im saying basically is, I can admire how could they are at what they do but mostly I just find it funny and entertaining. Brings out the big kid in me!!
      Hugs Daf xxx

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