So this is just a wee thing I promised to do for Phil to show a couple of watercolour painting techniques. Hope it helps ya amigo!


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  1. Pete Judge Says:

    Don’t you look different sideways on!?!
    Really educational stuff Daf but I still have trouble drawing a straight line…..I’ll leave it to the pro’s…

    Pete XX

  2. I wish we’d actually been taught techniques in school, we were basically just left to it so watercolours are not my thing, and I also think I’d probably have been taught not to stick my fingers in the acrylics like I do 😛

    • Oh see but I encouraged the finger painting from an early age. I think its in your genes now. Im sure at some point they musta told you not to eat glue though and that didnt make any difference ;O)

  3. YAY! Thank you, Mate! 😀 I do understand, even though I couldn’t see much of what you were doing. You should have done a looking down angle instead of side. I’m assuming you didn’t take this logical approach because the cam is fixed inside a Laptop?

    Anyway, I get the idea, it’s similar to building layers in photoshop, have whatever background/colour you want, and build on top of that, only it’s done with paints and water. Oh, and you have to wait for the back ground and other later layers to dry. I did entially think that waiting for it to dry would put me off, but when I think about it, most projects I do, even with Photoshop, I end up leaving and coming back to them at a later date. So this may be ideal!

    How long does each layer take to dry? I’m assuming 20 to 30 Minutes, based on how wet you made the paper?

    What do you use for the enitial outline? Do you use normal pencils or do you use whatever colour you want to be in that area? For instance, if you were drawing an eye, would you draw the outline first with pencil or would you lay down a base of white, and then paint on top of that when dry?

    Another question, what stops the previouslt dried paint from running when you use a new colour and wet it?

    I will be giving it a go and will post whatever I make. Just have to think what to paint now, I’m already wanting to do something difficult instead of simple. Though I think I may be setting myself for a fail if I do that. I want to paint something that I want, with a message, or just messaging about, hmmmm we’ll see where this leads.

    Thank you so, so, soooooooooooooooo mucski for making this for us! (^^) It’s much appreciated. I try not ley you down bud!

    Much love and hugs as always! 😀 xxx

    • Yeah sorry about the angle of the camera, its not exactly fixed but the wire on its dead short so it might as well be.
      So anyway for the base yeah it probably takes roughly that depending on how warm the room is and how wet things were. If your painting more detailed stuff and only doing little bits you can often get quite alot done in one go. And yeah I do a faint outline in pencil but just very faint cos you shouldnt be able to see it once your finished. oh and the previous colour seems to kinda set so it doesnt move much. Thats why its beter to work on the bit you are til your happy with it cos if you come back to it once its dried you can be kinda stuck with it.
      If you dont wanna do something too easy or hard why dont you start somewhere in the middle :OP Just a suggestion ;O)
      Huuuuuugs xxx

  4. 😀
    Hello. yes exactly.
    See why I like acrylics more?
    I do not like the patience required for water colours to dry. Not only that but a person might lose their inspiration whilst waiting. Also I like colours Bold.
    I like pastel chalks too though.
    Some times, I have so little patience that they go on the radiator for a while. Or.. my hair dryer comes out.

    Maybe I need a lesson in patience? haha
    Noo I think Ive just been through having to learn that, but thats a different story.

    Maybe u should start a new blog, do lessons, and see how it takes off ? 🙂

    • If Im honest Im not at all surprised you like your colours bold HEHE! And I suppose its only a matter of patience if your really wanting to whizz on with something. When I do it Im happy to pick it up and put it down again cos I never have more than half an hour or an hour to spare anyway. I just find it very relaxing. Now painting a room.. Gaaaa thats the kinda thing I hate doing and think takes patience. Sitting waiting for one coat to dry before you do the next is a pain in the butt. Im a bugger for starting the next one before the last ones dry, then it doesnt work and you end up patchy. Maybe I should try your hair dryer technique!
      Oh and if you need a lesson in patience I suggest you borrow a child off someone for a week. ;O)
      Hugs Daf xxx

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