Is it that time already?

Tonight and Dan the monkies (my affectionate term for his friends) are having a bit of a shindig.  I’ve batoned down the hatches,  hidden the breakables and shopped for enough breakfast things to sober up a small army. 

Tomorrow night I’m goin to a fancy dress and am planning on mostly being Audrey Hepburn doin the Breakfast at Tiffanys look. Hopin to get a few pics of everyone in their gladrags.

Oh it must be the weekend!  ;O)


One Response to “Is it that time already?”

  1. The Young Daffling will make a mess! Good on him, teach Mama Daff to go off to these constume parties and get drunk herself! Anyone got the number for Child welfare? lol

    Hope you have a smashing time, mate, don’t go falling on ya face though, tiz not good for thee ole beak! 😉

    Hugs Mateski! xxx

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