Quick update.

Friday night my idea was to lock myself in the bedroom and blitz it while boychild and co partied in the living room.  Unfortunately I also thought it would be a good idea to ease my way through this by taking a bottle of wine with me.  So nothing got tidied but I enjoyed not doing it.  Then at two in the morning one of the girls decided to stand on a pint glass in her bare foot,  causing glass to spray everywhere and a bit of a blood bath.  Fortunately no real harm done.

Moving onto Saturday, had a great time. Birthday girl seemed to reeeeeeally enjoy herself,  plus my friend was there that lives a million miles away now,  so it was really good to have a catch up with her.  Sadly my camera died after one photo so I didnt get the pics I wanted but this is one I swiped off my friend. I need to point out I do remember getting this taken cos Marilyn had enjoyed much birthday wine and was pretty much pulling me over she was so drunk.


8 Responses to “Quick update.”

  1. robert eccles Says:

    Still looking fab HRH!

    • Hey hey Bobbles!
      Why thank ya and obviously!! This next bits the reply to your comment on my profile cos apparently it was too wordy for MSN.

      Oh yeah Emz is still about!! Scrag bag??? Scrag bag??? Eeeeeesh…. well I suppose Ive known you long enough for you to get away with that. And its goin fiiiiiiine thank ya very much. You gonna move the Space Caf over to WordPress then? Cos from what I hear you dont have long before its gorn forever! Or are you enjoying pastures new on Facebook?
      How you doing your good self? Still got a housefull of furry friends? Still travelling far and wide? Still doing… well just eeeeeeverything? ;O)
      Enquiring minds need to know!!!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  2. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo Matey! 😀

    Sounds like two nights of madness! Which is exactly what I expect when the Daf one is involved! You have this effect on the area around you. My Aunty has the same thing, her’s is called “The Aunty Whiz Effect”. Which basically means bad things happen for her. For example, she walks out the door, starts raning. Things spontaniously break when she needs them etc. Your’s is sort of chaos. Anyone within a square mile has funny accidents befall them! Hence the poor girl who cut her foot and the birthday girl being drunk! Ya need to be qurantined mate! lol

    Glad you had a good time, talk soon and hope the week is treating you well so far! Much love and hugs mate! 🙂 xxx

    • Heeeeeeeeey I resent that!! Things may get a bit eventful sometimes but it’s not aaalways bad ya know and anyway that girl would have done that if Id been there or not. I wasnt even in the same room. Maybe she has your Aunty Whiz effect? Thats my excuse anyway and Im sticking to it :OP
      I see you’ve updated your blog so Im gonna have a zoom over and see how your doing.

      Moocho Huggles Daf xxx

      • There’s a one mile radius rule! Your influence spreads that far from the central point of where you are. However, drunkeness increases this radius by x10! So, it WAS your fault! Man up and take some responsibility, woman! haha 😉

        Moocho love back at cha! 🙂 xxx

      • Psssssssssssssssht! Thats all I have to say on the subject and also Im gonna stick my tongue out at you! Who said serious debate was dead?

        (Oh and I already manned up cos couple of fancy dresses ago I was a male waiter so there!)

        Hope your having a splendiferous evening!
        Huggles xxxxxxx

  3. Pete Judge Says:

    That sounds like a weekend – I have been known to take a cup of tea to the bathroom with me – might chance a bottle of wine next time.
    ON Saturday I enjoyed a few beers whilst finding theme tunes for tv shows from the 70’s and 80’s – which was actually quite good fun and very sentimental!
    ON sunday it was one of my brothers birthday. We went go-carting – which was brilliant – and then for a few pints. Went closer to home and like an idiot, decided to stay out. By 10pm I had completely lost control of my legs, talked utter bollocks to everyone and spent money I really didn’t want to. Needless to say Monday I felt ill, bruised, embarrassed and a tad skint. Some might say that was a great weekend I suppose…..
    Hope all is well and you make a gorgeous Audrey..
    Pete XX

    • Hey Pete!
      Well Id be one of em. If you weigh up the bruised, embarrassed and skint and still come out thinkin it was a good one then its definitely a good weekend! Although can I just point and laugh a bit and say 10pm???? sheeeeesh… lightweight! (Ok Im getting ready to run away if you look like you feel a slap coming on).

      Oh and funnily enough Sunday night I watched the original Starsky and Hutch film, which not only catapulted me back to my childhood, but had a crackin theme tune which I thought was better than the later one cos it had a lot more meat on its bones than the pimp song they came up with later ;O) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN1grF2rXpM (Just in case your interested) :OD

      Hugs Daf xxx

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