Holiday Days.

So obviously its half term or end of term or something like that (Im such a good mother)  and the kids are off (well boychild is anyway)  so this weeks routine has been somewhat different from the norm.  Much later nights,  much longer lie ins (yipee) and the chance to catch up with a few people I havent seen for a while.

Yesterday afternoon went over to see my ex sis in law (although the ex is only there for technical reasons cos I love her to bits and as far as Im concerned shes still totally family regardless of divorce cos shes lovely). But anyway that was a slight digression.  She has recently got herself two miniature jack russells and theyre just the cutest things ever.  How I stopped myself from walkin out with one in my handbag I dunno cos like I say… shes got two Im sure she can spare one.  One is called Mazi (and they call her crazy mazi cos she zooms about like a nutter) and the other is called Skye and is alot more timid… until your drinkin tea which she loves. I was sat on the sofa and she was stood on the back of it giving my shoulders a massage with her paws getting more and more frantic the less tea there was left so in the end I let her have it. Gawd that dog could drink for such a weeny thing.  Anyway turns out my sis in law is putting her house on the market and when I asked her why she said, ‘well the neighbourhoods being goin downhill a bit cos theres two families having sort of a drugs war,  and there have been a couple of cars set on fire and the final straw was when three doors along someone got stabbed in the head’.  When she first moved there the place was really nice and quiet and friendly,  but I think thats a pretty good reason to move.

So then yesterday evening popped round to see some other friends and have a bit of a catch up and it was a good night cos theyve been having a bit of a tough time this last year but its all over with so they were in good form and ready to just have a beer and a laugh.  Apparently they’d been out the night before with a couple of friends and not had such a good time.  Theyd gone out for a meal and it was steak night and when the meals had come everything was well done. So when the waitress had come back and asked if the meals were alright, one of em had said ‘well Im not being funny,  Ill eat it but I did ask for my steak rare’. Thought nothing more about it then it got to about five to eleven they got another drink, literally sat down and the barmaid rang the bell and said ‘see ya drinks off’. So when shed come over and said the same thing to them one of em had said ‘we wouldnt have got these if we knew you were immediately gonna call time’ to which the barmaid had replied ‘Oh all youve done all night is twist your face’ and walked off! Whatever happened to customer service???

Right anyway I think Ive rambled quite enough for one day so Im off.


3 Responses to “Holiday Days.”

  1. Hiya Dafski! (^^)

    Since I left school I can’t remember when the kids are off school or not. I could used to tell when my sisters were in school, but they’ve both left school now. Is it just me, or do kids these days seem to have more holidays than we did back in our day? haha Did I just say that? Makes me sound like I’m 58, not 28! 😛 lol

    Not really a fan of Dogs, but maybe that’s because we never had one growing up, we always had Cats and Rodents. My Dad hated Jack Russels anyway! lol “Yap! Yap! Yap! It’s all the f**kin’ do, they’re stupid!” He said LOL! Next door had one, he didn’t like it, I didn’t really, it did really used to Yap at nothing! However, doesn’t mean I hate Dogs though. If I ever had one it’d have to be one that was a valuble and usefull asset, like protection. Bit like this guy: That guy is hardcore! So is the Dog, which isn’t technically a Dog, but still looks hardcore!

    Never had a trouble in resturaunts because I never go! LOL. However, did get a funny look from the Indian cooks when I went back for more food at an all you can eat! LOL! They thought: “Shit Abudl, we’re outa business. Pack ya bags we’re going home!” haha

    Huuugssssssssssssssss 🙂 xx

    • Ok so I haaaaaave to be honest I thought you were gonna have shown me one of these awful fighting dogs or something. Underestimated you there I think cos yeah… totally hardcore! Although I think Id be terrified of running out of dog food in case it got peckish!
      More hugs (cos I left the other reply first) Daf xxx

  2. woof woof !!
    U aint got a stalker,its just me, having to go through all yer blogs because its been a while and i’d forgotton where I had posted 😉

    Hug x

    well u might have a stalker I dont know, heh heh, but its not me 😀

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