Dunno if you heard about this…

But I think its kinda a nice way to end the week.



8 Responses to “Dunno if you heard about this…”

  1. Yeh, I knew about this. It’s just a shame more people piolets didn’t do it. Some did carry out their their orders and bombed some areas in Libya. However, a lot of the Amry refused to fight the people, so Ghadafi (no relation is he?) brought in Algerian Mercs! haha The mercs got their arses kicked! lol Go people of Libya!

    Sad thing is the West fostered and put up with the regimes in North Africa and the rest of the Arab world. Now they’re brekaing free, what will the people make of us now? Especially when Cameron, or whoever, swans over again when they have a elected government and says:

    “Do business with us! We support freedom and democracy! What can we sell you? Weapons? Tanks? Ammo? Aircraft? And in return you let our fule companies operate in your country?”

    In fact, I’m sure he’s already said that when he went this week to soften the blow, for when the people vote in a new Government that will look for someone to blame for the past. Which, is as much the West’s as it is their own ignorence and fear.

    I just hope when they do vote that they don’t vote in hardline Islamist wankers in cecular clothing, or, just plane old Islamists. It would be bad for us in the West and themselves.

    Hugs to thaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaff! (^_^)xxx

  2. Oh, and about the Hyena! Scary, right? I think it’s all about domiance and the way he uses that stick to beat it with! If I was him I’d carry an extra stick not an extra can of food! Not that I’d keep one or ever beat it! In fact you’d have tokit me up in the right gear and give me a gun before I’d even go anywhere near the damn things! 😛 x

  3. Aye up Saus….
    No idea how it happened. I got a notification telling me it was up and ready to add to ?
    Anyhoo – they reckon you live in Bristol ?
    I’ll have to think whether or not to start blogging again…
    Hope all’s fit and well with you and yours.
    Later Chuck

  4. Helloo,
    Trying not to think about what’s up the wall to be honest :/ you’ll see it on sunday anyhoo. Stu was telling me yesterday that the army are abandoning Gadafi (hence the mercinaries), and Sweden said he was using money from a bank account there to hire them an dthey were going to freeze everything, to which he responded by threatening to sue Sweden. The Americans are threatening to remove him by force if he doesn’t stop being a facist dictator-y nutter.
    On a lighter note, I had an experience in boots yesterday that included two makeup counters, a fingerprint, and a very nice scottish woman but all will be revealed 😛 … sounding like grandma now haha
    also, the last comment you sent me just automatically approved itself :/ not sure what’s happenign there like xxx

  5. hello daffy, Happy War day .

    I’ve had enough now, really I have.

    Also.. Ascension .. I thought it would be a simple thing which just comes ‘naturally’ but on paper it looks harder than any other science degree.

    dunno ?
    got any ideas of what to do with my time? heh heh


  6. Hey hey Mazi!
    Had enough of what missus? Cos Im assuming you didnt type that with a half eaten plate of breakfast in front of you. Oh no! LMAO! See I assumed you left it this morning but turns out it was last night which means its massively unlikely you were having breakfast of any kind.
    As for ascension I honestly dont know that much about it, but if your meant to keep following that path you will and if youre not then something will leap out at you and take you in a new direction. Such is life dont ya think?

    In the mean time things to do with your time… Hmmmmm… well dont do anything desperate and take up crocheting or scrapbooking. I just dont see you as ready to accept that stage of your life yet. Im not either if Im honest although I hear those scrapbookers can be vicious so I should probably shurrup now ;O)

    Have you thought of takin up tai chi or yoga or something like that? Cos being a spiritual person I really think you’d enjoy it. I love a bit of tai chi. Not very good at it at all but it’s seriously good for chilling you out and clearing your mind.

    Anywhoo must crack on but hope your ok!
    Hugs Daf xxx

  7. It was a prediction for today, had enough of ‘what was admitted today’ Infact, Im suprised it was admitted atall, which means we dont care anylonger how open we are about agendas to our own Nation, and still be able to enforce them without objection to them
    I say ‘we’ because unfortunately, decisions they Take, seem to represent me to the rest of the world.
    This worries me.
    Do u feel the hatred? I read on your recent blog, someone thought u were foreign , well I’d like that, thats kind of what I mean 😉
    In the past, it may have meant, get me off this planet, this place cant be home?. Although Im sure by now thats how the rest of the world feels about us too.

    Yeh paths, Oh thisss Did Jump out at me, yeah heh heh . well 2 things did actually. The first thing which jumped out, made me realise the 2nd thing… eventually. but onto the second thing, well the thing is.. u have -skirtboy- to natter with. Nope, I dont have that and it probably would help. If it was supposed to be my path, then I would have somebody to share it with by now. It feels a bit pointless to know on my own to be honest with u.

    Hey, I wotched ‘take me out’ the other night, and some guy said on his date (he laughed) although he did mean what he was asking-“something about Aliens opperating from other dimensions, and did she believe it” .. Funny, theres hope for me yet, grins. It was waisted on her, she didnt understand it.
    noooooow u see how tricky it is ? Also it sounds different spoken, than when its read,in other peoples heads..

    Nahhh haha, I tell u what I did do, go to move around everything, the back of the TV isssssss , Madness, Quite remarkable actually. You dont see these set ups in manuals Ive gotta hand it to him, he really made it so I’d never understand it hahaha. There seems to be much more to it than audio in audio out. In any case, I dont think I’ll risk it, I might one of the thousand wires around my neck and die behind the TV for a year before anyone even notices me 😀

    View to a kill, I always thought that was one of the best. were u a Duran duran fan then ? Lmao .. I thought the earliest album was one of the best, the one with planet earth on I thnk? of I dunno, the one with ‘friends of mine’ on, friends of mine, waisting time, summat like that… oh I better go, I my talking rubbish now ahhhhhhh.

    hugs X crazymeeee

  8. I’ll write u a quick example before I switch off, because Ive just remembered one.
    About a year ago, the last time I was down the pub lol..
    I said something about DNA, unlocking parts of it, I cant remember what we were actually talking about but anyway.. My friends girlfriend starts getting rather angry, saying how she works in a vet, and therefore knows all there is to know about DNA, I said nothing to that, I could have done but I didnt, because I knew it was pointless if that was her perspective. My Friend just laughed and said, sorry carol, but you Are talking shite haha.

    I didnt have a problem with that. but, so when I opened my facebook, I put up various information because of how they acted towards me.. but no-body said a word about it. and I can guess, that none of them even looked at it.
    It should have been me who was laughing at them, but I dont because its all about respect . innit


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