Physics is our friend


Look what happens if ya start messing with it. 

(Or maybe this is just an excuse for some Friday chaos.)

Thanks to girlchild for showing me this clip :O)


7 Responses to “Physics is our friend”

  1. Physics ?

    n n n n n n
    o o o o o o
    w w w w w

    u u u u u u

    s s s s s s
    e e e e e e
    e e e e e e

    m m m m
    e e e e

    now u see me, now u dont, now u see me, now u dont. etc, on & on.

    heh heh x

  2. Which is a bit different to this video I know 🙂

    • Yeah just a wee bit. Have a great weekend Mazi n see ya on the other side. Oh by the way I dunno if you read it but the blog below mentioned my friends woofer being called CrazyMazi and I immediately thought of you!
      Hugs Daf xxx

      • woooof wooof ! yes I did haha
        but this gravatar thing wouldnt let me use my mazi name, apparently theres another one out there, its probably me before.
        so now Im anamazinu longer Mazi. Crazy,? I dunno though, perhaps I’d prefer to think so.
        The other side of the weekend or ‘The’ otherside ? 😉
        Im currently learning about ‘The otherside’ and its a little more complicated than I originally thought. Its making a lot of sense though..more sense than I ever could have thought.
        I just wish I’d found it 10 years ago . Its the science part of it all which I was missing from what I already felt I knew.

        well, well 🙂

  3. hahahahahahaha! I’m assuming this is some kind of chear for GTA? I’ve only played the game a few times, I never took to it.

    What’s the point of it? Are you supposed to try and dodge the cars, or get people killed with them or what? Just looks like Chaos! haha And fun!

    Hope you have a good weekend mate. As always much love and hugs to ya! xxxx

    • Heeeeeeey Phil! Its just a daft cheat that changes the gravity of the cars. And to be honest it just really made me chuckle and is totally pointless!
      Have a great weekend yourself!!
      loveskis and hugrollerskates (see what I did there? yeah I didnt really think I was funny either ;O) Daf xxx

  4. Hello you,
    It was always my treat when I finished the actual GTA game to enable all the mad ass cheats. I did GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty City Stories but sadly, I didn’t really enjoy GTA IV and never finished it. Although if I had known about this little gem, it might have been worth it.
    I love watching some of the GTA stuff on you tube. Apart from thinking ‘have people got nothing better to do’ there are some mazing sequences especially the little cheats and tricks I had never heard of.

    Sounds like you had a fun week like me. I had a week off between jobs and tried not to waste it too much. Did everything I planned except sorting out the household paperwork…..I haven’t touched it for 12 months now and I already regret not getting into it sooner but hey, it’ll still be there in 6 months.

    Regards to last blog…..know how your friends feel about decline of an area and a need to move. I hope they can afford it though…..I would love to move but a little out of my reach at the moment…..well unless I want to go much, much smaller and probably not a much better area.

    Anyhoo, have a cracking weekend – you look awesome as Audrey by the way!!

    Pete XX

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