Whoever designed this costume was just too innocent for their own good..



9 Responses to “Whoever designed this costume was just too innocent for their own good..”

  1. LOL!!! Gotta love the Asians! They don’t seem to grasp western humour, or maybe they do and they’re taking the piss but everyone’s too embarrassed to say anything?

    Reminds me of the time my friend Kyoko was telling me and a few other friends about a band called ‘The Cunts’ or ‘The Twats’. She liked them so much she came to my page and said: “This band is really good! You heard of the cunts, Phil? I really like the cunts.” LOL! And that’s a true story.

    I think the Monday of dirt and smut is now over! Bring on Tuesday of terribleness! lol Huggles to tha Daff one! :O) xx

  2. Btw, the girl in the orange seems to want to stand as far away as possible!

    She’s thinking: “When I entered show business I assumed it’d be all famous people and glam! Instead it’s a fish with legs and a pair of huge knackers!”

  3. LMAO…… yeah your right we’ve hardly been high brow today. But seriously have you heard of the cunts apparently theyre fab ;O)
    Oh and I think its the first time Ive seen someone oriental afraid of sushi!!
    What you planning thats so terrible?
    Love and hugs amigo!!
    Daf xxxx

    • What I had in store would make you blush and maybe get me banned and deleted from WordPress alltogether! The idea is a little out of date, but it’s still funny. I made it for a friend who hates the certain people and problem. I may e-mail you it instead, I dont wanna lose my blogs to some moralistic xtian!

      I’ve heard of the Cunts, but I’ve never gave them a listen as far as I know. Though it’s possible I’ve heard them before somewhere. I’ll give them a listen later and give thee mah verdict!

      Love and hugs back at cha Dafski! 🙂 x

  4. Hello,
    Yeah, the finished article probably wasn’t quite what the designer of the costume had in mind….a fish with udders…..they are udders aren’t they?

    Hope all is well in Daf land – things have been a tad hectic for me new job and all, hopefully my head will stop spinning sooner rather than later!!
    Take care

    Pete X

  5. helloo
    Thought I’d drop by, see how your paintings coming along ..was wondering, have You ever tried painting symbolism? I finished a painting yesterday, as I was painting it, I felt altered effects. I hadnt even smoked anything, haha.
    Spirals ~ round & round, round & round, my eyes were like the snake out of the junglebook.

    I quite like this picture.. I may have to make myself a snake costume yeah .

    I like the floor, I may have to paint the same thing.. heh heh just kidding, although I do like painting everything ..perhaps I need to play ‘twister’ perhaps thats it !

    catchoo later xx

  6. …actually, d’know what this reminds me of..
    Do u remember ages ago, when I did a movie blog. and u came to the cinema to watch nemo gif haha. Wasnt it called, 2012 is not the end of the world.
    I smile now, what a journey it’s been.
    I think that must have been the start of it all, the final blog which really made me want to know something.
    I said it wasnt the end of the world, althought at the time, I did not know why I felt it wasnt, so I had to look into it…because I was curious.


    …:.;….>: as I remember, None of you cleaned the Popcorn Up 😉
    Im going to swim away now


    • Heeeeeeeey Mazi! Actually I doooo remember that blog (but only cos you just reminded me :P)
      And I think thats the best reason for finding out about anything, just cos your curious.
      Oh and you can tell me…. was that the real reason you closed that blog? Cos you couldnt get the smell of popcorn out the curtains?
      Hope youre having a fab start to the week!
      Hugs Daf xxx

      • anamazi Says:

        Funny enough Ive just closed my email accounts too, so I wanted to see if I will still be able to post to you.

        heh heh yeah, the smell of pop corn did hang around.
        Well, I think I probably just didnt like the subjects I was starting to write about, and I didnt want people having the same nightmares as me. Thats the Real reason . ..but when I vanished, I didnt spend the time doing nothing.. so I continued with the nightmare..the rest is history, haha I think too long a story 😉


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