Time for a bloggy.

Yeah,  I know I’ve been a bit remiss over here lately but Ive been busy ok so get off my back will ya :p <- This is gonna be the first sentence in my book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People the Daf Way’.  It’s amazing anyone still talks to me really.

So hmmmmmm what have I been up to? Well apart from the usual drunken debauchery,  girlchild came over on Saturday after having a minor bad hair dying day last week and we sorted it out.  It’s now a really lovely deep reddy brown.  She’s dead lucky cos she has the kinda colouring where she can get away with anything, from bright blonde to black and all colours in between including pink and purple.  I may have hair envy.

Anyway we’ve challenged eachother to a cheesecake cook off,  which I feel quite frankly we will all use as an excuse to stuff our faces.  Having said that my daughter is a really good bakey kinda cook having learned from her grandma (not my mam I hasten to add who, Gawd love her couldnt make mashed potatoes until after she retired.  Obviously she was kinda busy before that too). 

I really have no idea where I’m goin with this blog today.  So I should probably just leave now and come back when I have something even remotely interesting to say.

Ooooooooh Panic at the Disco went steampunk…. (Well I think thats interesting anyway)


7 Responses to “Time for a bloggy.”

  1. I’m actually loving this song which surprised (is that spelt (is that a word) right) me immensely.

    My spelling is shite these day!

    Anyway, I feel a bit better at the moment 🙂 so I’m actually looking forward to Wednesday 🙂

    Loves xxx

  2. When you bring the cheesecake in, pokemon battle music will play 😛

    You know, Panic at the Disco going steampunk explains why all of a sudden claire’s accessories has a load of steampunk acessories in, because I had though it was a bit weird. On the one hand, cool! Affordable steampunk stuff, but on the other hand booo now there’s be a load of 12 year old girls running around dressed like the weasles from that adaption of wind in the willows that was on TV that time, difference being the weasles looked cool that way! 😛 xxx

  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mate! :O)

    First off, ya book will be a flop ‘cos it only appeals to the anti-social Nihilist kind of people, but only for a laugh. And they wont buy it because everything is meaningless and pointless.

    Second, only you, the Daf, could have hair envy! I bet you’d get envious of my leg hair, oh, and of my moobage! Moob envy, ’tis a bad thing!

    Third, CHEESECAKE! I loves it I does! That and Carrotcake! You should make one of each and drive it down here, just for me, so I can taste it! Yes, I AM that special, and you know it!

    Four, PATD? CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!! And it’s just typical of that bunch of unoriginal wankers to use some other style that someone else invented in their video!

    Much love and hugs to tha Daf one! :O) xxxxx

  4. Pete Judge Says:

    What you stop talking for….I enjoy any conversation about food.
    When’s the book coming out anyway….I seem to have a knack for pissing people off so I need a little bit of help, especially being a manager and all.
    Hope all is well and life is good
    Take care hun

    Pete X

  5. Well I’m thinking of writing a book on ‘How to loose all friends’ 😉
    I managed this in only a couple of years, I think we start with..
    Having an indifferent belief system.
    Possibly having Goals in Life which nobody can comprehend. I find it quite interesting to think about actually.

    Funny thing is, I rarely speak of the subject, that is to say, I dont enforce an opinion on anybody, If I’m asked a question, I might answer the question with a question, because they say you should never do that, but I go on what I say, not on what ‘or so they say’.

    haha.. Im not bothered anyway. Its not like ..I recieved any respect or anything along the way, therefore, I havent really lost anything 😉

    I think my book could be most useful, coz from what I see, most people are sick of their friends, or atleast they behave that way.

    haha kiddin, Im off now , got some stuff to do, cachooo later xx

  6. The only thing Ive always known, is that I write completely different to how I speak. So I kind of quit writng. cuz I prefer to just speak without having to think, when I speak, I feel~speak. When I write, thinking changes how it comes out. I probably should have attended school more, just for that point if nothing else. X

  7. Hey Mazi!
    Oh I know what you mean about writing… Its so much easier to have a conversation with someone. The tones completely lost and so are most of the things you mean as a joke. Gotta be so much more careful not to offend people when youre writing. I think thats one of the things I like about my longer term blog buddies. They know me well enough to know Im not trying to offend anyone, so I can be a bit more free with what I say if ya know what I mean. Where as strangers that land on your blog can just get the hump about nowt! ;O)
    I think there’s another comment off you somewhere on here so Im off to see what you said!
    Hugs Daf xxx

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