Does it Offend you? Yeah.

Last night I went to see Does It Offend You? Yeah. It’s the second time I’ve seen them and was pretty excited cos they were bloody good first time round. Turned out I was right to be cos they were aaaaawesome. Funnily enough what I didn’t realise was that the last time I saw them it was their first ever gig headlining, and last night they were drinkin champagne on stage to celebrate the release of their new album, which was cool. I love a live band, and I have to say for atmosphere these are just one of the best out there! Sadly I bopped one of my fave earrings out in the crowd, but it was sooo worth it!

This is just a wee clip I recorded last night. Quality is awful but ya get the idea.

Oh and in other news,  the cheesecake cook off went swimmingly. There was no winner declared but we were all happy and full!


5 Responses to “Does it Offend you? Yeah.”

  1. What an apt name for what just happened! LOL I just offended one of my friends in the last hour and he’s deleted me from Facebook and not answering the phone! What’ve I done? I’m not really sure! But it’s a man I’ve know for 4 years and knows what am like and about! So, um… yeh, hahaha

    Not fond of this band either, I heard a few of their songs on the TV and they just don’t appeal. Then again, as you know, a lot of things don’t appeal to me anymore. I just listened to it, and you called that band I showed you the night bad? lol How much did it cost you to get in and have you ears blasted by that?

    Moooooooochoooooooooooo loveski! 😀 xx

    • Oh Phiiiiiiiiil! What did you say? Or is that a conversation for another time? And I seem to remember saying I did like the band on that vid you made so shurrup :OP What were they called again? I may need to get a hold of some stuff.
      Was only a tenner a ticket to get in the gig the other night and quite honestly they’re just a great live band Id pay alot more than that so I found it pennies well spent (although cos I went with the boychild you have to double the cost of the tickets and then chuck in the cost of a t shirt. It’s like a maths problem… If a mother leaves the station at 7 oclock and the gig finishes at half ten, how skint will she be the next day? ;O)

      Hope you made it up with your mate anyway!
      Huggles Daf xxx

      • All sorted! He was drunk and pissed off from work, and because I can wind him up he wanted to try and wind me up by deleteing me. Didn’t work! LOL!

        Tenner? Not bad, I remember a gig I was going to go to here, Alec Empire! Was £20 quid a ticket I think! Can’t fully remember but I know it was more than £10. All this from a anti-capitalist! lol

        Huggles budski! xxxxxx

      • I mean the band you didn’t like, the one you said was “badly produced”. We all know you’re a supporter of the polished studio sound (PATD) and not the raw sound! Pah, call ya self a music fan? lol 😉

  2. Eeee you’ve got a cheek considering how many live bands I see. Being badly produced doesn’t mean Im after a polished sound, but ya gotta get your levels right so you can hear everything youre meant to… but then didnt you say it was made in a bedroom or somethign so I suppose theyre allowed ;O)
    So are you gonna tell me what the name of the band I liked was or are you withholding information by way of punishment? :OP Youre soooo mean to me!
    Loves ya reeeeeally!
    Daf xxx

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