I hate thinking of titles.

Well I do,  cos I never have the first clue what to put. I mean my blog tends to be murbling on top of more murbling.  I should probably call it something inspiring or earth shattering,  but I tend to blog during a wee bit of down time,  so you get me at my most chilled and braindead. Ya lucky people!

Anyway finally got round to finishing my 80s style pic.  As I mentioned before it was my first forray into acrylics.  Not sure what to make of em.  I think maybe with a bit more practise I could get into the swing of it.  Gotta say this aint one of the best things Ive ever painted but I dont think its that awful for a first attempt with a new medium.

Gonna go back to something I know how to handle next I think!


6 Responses to “I hate thinking of titles.”

  1. Hiyaaaa matey! :O)

    Well, that is a fine picture! You should’ve put the original picture up there so we could compare the two. It does look very ’80s! Who was the Musician the art work was used for? Reminds me of the Human League for some reason!

    I haven’t tried out the watercolour pencils yet, but I will, I just have to be in the right mindfor it. Forcing myself to do it wont produce something I’m half happy with.

    As for naming ya blogs? Well, you could name them after your favourite songs like Pete does. Not perfect, but it gets it done. Um, on the other hand you could do the infinitely more exciting thing and name “Random Rant/life/quick/art blog # ?”? Simple enough? You can come up with names for the blogs, you’re just being lazy because you’re too busy correcting the use of words in mah blog! lol

    Moocho loveski mateski! 🙂 xx

  2. It reminds me of the duran duran rio cover, yes very 80’s 🙂

  3. Aaaaah give that Mazi a fat cigar, cos that’s exactly what it is. It’s a collage of various paintings by Patrick Nagel who was the artist that did the Duran Duran Rio cover.
    And as for naming blogs Phil… I think I may go surreal and call the next one Cloud in a Jar or just Ball of Wool or something. ;O)
    Hugs Daf

    • Dance! Into the Fire, ..the Fatel sound, of broken dreams~ Dance!

      heheh, well I didnt like Rio much, I liked the video though. I havent seen that cover for yeaaars, its funny how images stick .


    • Its says quite a lot when u think about it.
      You should look at it for a while, until the title comes.
      more interestingly, is why u have chose it ?
      It never really appealled to me. I dunno why but it did not, I shall have to think about that.



  4. Pete Judge Says:

    I hate thinking of titles for comments

    I really like your picture hun – really captures the time and the mood. Seriously, it is something I would happily hang in my house. It would look good on my stairway of stars where I hang pics of icons and people I like to look up to….well you do when you’re walking up the stairs.
    Marlon Brando, The Rat Pack, Audrey Hepburn. The Jam, Eric Cantona, Sylvester Stallone and Laurel & Hardy are all there and there’s a couple of spots I could fill. I might well commission something from you……if I ever have any money!!
    Take care hun
    Pete X

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