Since Ive been doing this blog it’s always looked wrong to me cos I miss my pink writing (something that disappeared due to this whole new richer blogging experience) so I finally thought it was time I got my thinkin cap on and worked out how to bonny it up a bit.  Now I’m fully aware this page looks more like it belongs to a 15 year old girl than an adult woman but I don’t care… I like the bonny!!

I do not like the beige writing that came with this here blog,

Beige is only alright when it’s on my dog.

I feel the urge to suss out a bit of codey stuff,

Just the basics thank ya, I feel that that’s enough,

I hope that this works out ok and Il’l be happy when

Ive posted it and know that my writings pink again.

Oh and this is for you Phil….



9 Responses to “Ahaaaaaaaa”

  1. It was an incredibly bad move! Had nowt but trouble since it happened! Black holes everywhere for a start! lol! If you wanted some help mate I would’ve told you how to do it, I have a few codes to help you long, but it seems you sorted it. Tis lookin’ like ya old space now! 🙂

    Much luv materssssssssssssssss :O) xx

    • Aw I know ya would Phil, but I kinda like the challenge of workin stuff out for myself sometimes! Although really I should have got some help off you, cos if it went horribly wrong (which it often does) then I could have pointed fingers and laid blame ;O)
      more huggles (cos IM sure I just left you some somewhere else… its all these various conversations all over the place I tells ya!) Daf xxx

  2. jennyozzy Says:

    luv this space will be back for another look xxjen

  3. Hi Daf!!! 🙂

    Thanks for popping by!!! 🙂

    Yes Einstein was a dude and he made maths popular – E=MC2 is now so well known even if a lot of folks don’t know what it means!!! LoL!!!

    Fukushima is the nuclear nightmare come true – as it gets worse the more desperate are the measures taken and the people working at the plant are already so irradiated that the company are asking personnel over 50 in age to replace younger people so they don’t end up having two headed babies!!!

    While this isn’t as bad as Chernobyle (Thank God!!!) we’re talking three, Three Mile Island events and a possible Level 6 Emergency if the fuel ponds dry up!!!

    If they get the pumps running – fingers crossed – then they’re in with a chance, but if they don’t then Lord help Japan…

    I have no love of Nuclear Power – the CANDU Canadian reactor design is the best in the world, but expensive, so America and the UK didn’t use it – but I see the need for it until fusion powered reactors can be built.

    Natural sources are grand, but the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine – tidal though looks like a good option!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!!!


  4. Hey hey Prenin!
    Yeah I haaaaaate nuclear power! Seriously seems to me one of the dumbest ideas ever! Cos I love my science but I think you gotta work with the planet not against it and to me anything that’s so dangerous and poisons the planet for so long is just a stupid idea. Totally with you on the idea of fusion. Have you read anything about JET? Joint world venture into fusion research? It’s really interesting stuff, but the problem seems to be keeping the plasma stable, and in the short term it’s not gonna solve any problems.

    I know that they’re saying Fukushima isnt as bad as Cernobyle (cos theres no risk of China Syndrome) but what’s being said at the moment about how under control it is Im taking with a pinch of salt cos reports seem to be varying wildly.

    Anywhoo Im off to bathe in a barrel of rainwater. Thats how green I am (and also you should probably know Im prone to telling the odd fib ;O)

    Hope your having a great weekend!
    Hugs Daf xxx

    • Thanks Daf!!! 🙂

      Yeah I grew up with Nuclear power being touted as the best thing ever!

      They had a ship called the Savannah which was nuclear powered, but they mothballed her when nobody would let her dock at their ports!!!

      Interesting thought: Who insures all American and European Reactors?

      Eagle Insurance.

      Who OWNS Eagle Insurance?

      The US Government…

      I hadn’t heard of JET – makes sense though because Britain has been leading the way on Fusion with a test rig they are planning on building as a full size prototype in France called ITER (Just a sec while I look…

      Yeah: The ITER project: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fusion_power

      I knew my brain hadn’t failed me (again!) but IF they can sustain fusion for 400 seconds at a time, then a fully fledged Fusion power plant WILL be possible!!! 🙂

      I just hope I live to see it…

      Yeah the Fukushima situation is a mix of poor PR and seriously bad problems!

      First they lose the pumps, then they get inventive and use anything from a fire suppression pump to granny’s bathtub to get water into the cores of 1,2 & 3 while they wait for a road to be bulldozed to the power station so that they can get fire trucks in and a power line strung so they can get power back to the emergency systems.

      These folks are not only brave, they are also incredibly smart!!!

      Needless to say, bugger all about this was reported until after the event!!!

      Now they have reactor 1 stable, reactor 2 has suffered a structural failure and lost pressure while reactor 3 – really bad juju because it uses MOX (a mix of Uranium and Plutonium oxide fuel) – has suffered containment damage and a leaking fuel rod storage pool.

      Please God let them have some good news and manage to get the pumps running!!!

      God Bless Daff!!


  5. You really want to know about all that codey stuff? Really? I once asked a computed geek friend of mine to explain and give me a bit of a crash course and frankly I really wish I never bothered, it made no feckin sense whatsoever. Although a clever bird like you would lap it up!!

    Doesn’t matter What colour you write in to me…..your blog is worth a visit
    Take care X

  6. Androgoth Says:

    This is my first visit to your Space but guess what? I like it, I also like the flowing wickedness within the lines, the zany and upbeat additions, the many interesting subjects, the… Yes I do tend to witter on a little, okay a lot, well actually quite a lot, well just a bit anyway… lol

    I hope that you can call by for a bit, I mean for some, I mean… for a look around my Space… Glad that I sorted that out or you might think that I am some sort of a loon, or something even worse… lol

    Yes I’m going next, have a wicked start
    to your weekend hrhdaf I have heard that
    the Planets sing you know? But it could be
    just a rumour… Maybe?


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