This is why robots will take over the world….

I did watch another video similar to this one,  but it was one of those creepy Furby’s and I thought it was too disturbing to post,  cos everyone knows they were demonic!

So hopefully out tomorrow night cos its two of the lads birthdays and were heading into town to partaaaaay. Should be a good laugh.  Oh and I finished another doodleydoo.  This one only took a wee while cos its all pencil so no drying time required.  Didnt fit in my scanner so I had to do it twice and join it together,  hence the line.

I really will do a proper talky blog soon. Damn the time eating monsters!!


7 Responses to “This is why robots will take over the world….”

  1. Hey didn’t know you were creative.. you kept that one under your hat..! Exellent drawing btw.. I’d love to see more… Loved the vid.. made me chuckle.. I can see your point there… 🙂

  2. Pete Judge Says:

    You’re a talented girlie aren’t you?? Admit it, you just love to show off?
    A doodlydoo? It’s a fecking work of art!!
    Have agreat weekend and be good
    Pete X

  3. Hiya Dafferssssssssssssss

    I’ve seen this video before! lol Made me think of that scene in the Simpons when elmo was in Prison for being a communist. When the Simpsons escaped from prison they said: “I don’t wanna end up like elom and hang myself!” lol OK, not fully realted to your piece but it’s still funny!

    Tis a minted pic! Did you draw it from out of your head did you copy from something you’d seen? Either way, tis good stuff. Btw, can’t you get those hand scanners these days that you can run over the paper, no matter how big it is? Or did I just invent that? I just invented it, I’m gonn apatant it! 😀

    Much love matey and enjoy your weekend! 🙂 xxxxxxx

  4. Hey Phil,
    Drew if from a photo I found. And I think youre a bit late to patent the scanner thing cos yeah you can get em. To be honest though I havent heard good things about em. I think you need a massively steady hand and have to do it at a certain rate or something. All sounds a bit complicated for something Id barely use!
    Glad you sorted things with your mate anyway!
    Huggles xxx

  5. Androgoth Says:

    I hope that you are going to be adding a whole page of your Doooooooooodly-Dooooooooooooooooos my friend, as you have definitely got a talent for those, now I wonder if you’ve added more of these somewhere? I will of course be hunting around your Space looking for these so there… lol

    Androgoth Xx

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