I think I may go back to bed.

So lets see… last night consisted of


turning up and realising I was in the wrong pub

finding the right pub

being told I sound foreign (thanks for that)

a God awful smell

getting lost

a man throwing himself in front of the car

more drinks

drunken hugging

eating my own body weight in pickled onion crisps (classy)

more drinks

flaking out at stupid oclock in the morning

waking up feeling like a stray cat slept in my mouth….oooh I feel rough



11 Responses to “I think I may go back to bed.”

  1. I’m going to take the moral high ground now and look down on you…

    *Looks down on a haggered Daf*

    Surves yourself right young Daf! *wags and points finger* You will go out and drink like a fish wont you? *wags and points somemore* If you go around acting like Charlie Sheen you’re gonna end up feelin’ and lookin’ like him mah dear! *Folds arms and tuts*

    You sound foreign? Do you develop a different accent when you’re drunk? Btw, was the bloke/girl a Geordie? If s/he was that’s the pot calling the kettle black! lol

    haha you’ll be back on ya webbed feet in no time, Mate! Just chill out and stay away from my new blog while ya feel bad, cos um… it may make you up-chuck! lol

    Much love and hugs mate! :O) xxx

  2. I’m really really sorry we didnt get to spend more time with you, things didnt go exactly to plan for us really… 😦 xxx

    • Hey dont worry about it missus. Hope you had a great rest of the night! There’s always next time (or Wednesday for that matter :O)

  3. Must admit I felt much the same this morning although my night was not nearly as entertaining.
    Just sat at the table, ate the chicken fajitas I had prepared earlier and listened to Absolute80’s whilst playing cards with Mrs J, drinking industrial amounts of lager and continually munching on the sour cream and chive pretzels I now have an irrational addiction to.
    Sore head followed naturally but I wont be going to your other blog. Whilst you look gorgeous in your pic I can really do without that song…..really i can.
    Take care
    Pete X

    • Aw maaaaaaaan pete… Now your talkin my language. Chicken fajitas OM NOM NOM!! But then I gotta say Im a massive fan of all foods mexican!
      And actually that sounds like a really nice chilled night in! As the beer went down did it turn into strip poker or shouldnt I ask? ;O)
      Anyway I believe you may have a new post so Im gonna hop over!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  4. Aaaah those were the days!!! LoL!!!

    Waking up to a cold pizza breakfast, a slug of JD to ease the headache and then rolling back into bed ‘cos it’s Sunday!!! LoL!!!

    Sounds like a night well spent!!!

    Huge hugs!


    • LMAO! Oh Im a bit of a one for the morning munchies after a heavy night! Crisp sammidges are my current weapon of choice. Im so healthy ;O)
      Hugs Daf xxx

  5. Sounds like a typical night out daf hehehe… Hope the head’s ok now… 🙂
    Big hugs!

  6. Androgoth Says:

    It all sounds a bit Ghoulish to me HRH Daffy,
    but still it’s another week with Sunny times
    ahead, lots of wickedness and a chance to…

    Have fun now…
    And a very nice day today

    I hope the Cat has gone
    and the drunken hugging,
    while somewhat naughty
    is also a distant memory…

    How do you mean
    I am being a tad familiar?
    Okay then I apologise…

    Who said that? lol


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