8 Responses to “VB34”

  1. My ear-phones are fooked! I’ll have to listen to the video on my upstairs PC!

    Nice Owl! Tawny I susspect? I was gonna ask if that was you, but I think it’s your Girl-Child! She doesn’t look 55!

    Moocho loveski mateski! :O) xxxxx

  2. Just watched with glorious sound! Yeh, ya dropped ya phone, which is the same as my sisters old phone. She had problems with it from day one! She ended up buying a different model because of it. Will you be requiring my number again?

    I’d like to grow Toms this year, I keep saying I will but I never do. They’re always better off in pots or grow-bags than straight in the ground. The little beasties will ‘av ’em if ya don’t!

    Talk son and much hugskissssssssssssssssss :O) xxx

  3. I was telling Phill about my tomato growing escapades last night ’cause we went to the pub, and him and Stu convinced me that weeing on them was a good idea because they used to do that to their grandad’s.
    After some breif research this morning I descovered that a mixture of urine, water and wood ash can increase the size of tomatos by four times. I ran into the bedroom and told Stu, saying something along the lines of ‘eeee yous were right, I thought you were just winding me up!’ Turns out they were winding me up, they used to just pee on the tomatos because they thought it was funny, even though it turns out it’s real and they were actually doing their grandad a favour 😛 xxx

    • Stick to Potash, Tatome… it’s much more sanitary! Then again we use manure to beef-up the soil… so why not! Actually though, Miracle-Gro works just as good as either. Well, I assume it does having not done any tests where Toms are conserned! 😉

      • I think I’ll stick to conventional tomato feed 😛 not really wanting to pee on plants, and not owning any pot ash! x

  4. I see your knowledge of birds is as extensive as mine hehehe… 😀

  5. cute, yeh I held a kestrel once, loved it, it was suprisingly heavy, my sister had a go but she ran off crying, she didnt like it haha. I have to think, I think must have only been a kid 🙂

    • well I wouldnt have minded having a go myself, but the bloke was messing about like we had all day so there wasnt time. Mind you the bigger one did look like it could give you a nasty peck!
      Hugs Daf xxx

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