I fear I may be suffering from a wierd kind of jet lag due to my insomnia, which is back with avengeance,  and a slight intake of wine.  Since the clocks changed Ive been averaging about four hours sleep a night. Add to that the occasional intentional late night and the fact that last night was WRESTLMANIAAAAAAAAA!!! (yeah I know I shouted that but allow me my little idiosyncrasies cos I loooooooved it) and you end up with me in a slightly befuddled state so this may not make a great deal of sense…. but then there’s no great change there.

So jumping in to what Ive been up to….

Obviously Friday was April Fool’s Day.  My fave of the day had to be the offering from  Google.  I dunno if you saw this, G Mail Motion? http://mail.google.com/mail/help/motion.html Oh my word,  LMAO at the pics and vid,  but I particularly loved  the pic on the google docs link http://www.google.com/google-d-s/promos/motion.html for drawing. 

So Saturday my husband finally managed to break into our shed (dont ask) so I now have access to my gardening tools and stuff .  I spent a happy hour building a wee patio ( in this context I mean small. It’s not a patio to pee on)  to put my garden chair and stuff on,  and planting a bunch of seeds.  It did occur to me that while I’m in the garden I have a totally different attitude to bugs than I do in the house.  Maybe it’s just cos they look wrong scuttling across your carpet, but outside I’ll carefully move em so they dont get squished,  where as in the house if I came across a snail wandering across my carpet Id be appalled.  The notable exception to this is Darren the spider who lives in my bathroom, and has been  cunning enough to avoid being caught long enough to turn into a trusted friend.  Well ok,  I  talk to him when Im drunk, but thats nearly the same thing.

Sunday,  obviously,  was Mother’s day.  I toddled up to see mine at about quarter to 11, because I didnt wanna get there too early in case my folks were having a lie in,  but I knew they were going to my brother’s for Sunday dinner.  When I got there, they were both sat dressed up to the nines. What is it that happens to people as they get older that makes them think being on time actually means you have to turn up at least twenty minutes early? When my folks come over here to visit I always tell them to turn up twenty minutes after I want them to arrive,  because their ’20 minute early thing’ is so routine if they werent 20 minutes early Id wonder what had happened.

Got back in time to make Sunday dinner for my vultures and spent four hours getting rid of a b**stard virus off our laptop… oooooooh I hate those bloody things and really wanna give whoever makes em a good slapping. Or at the very least tell their mams on em.

Evening I went to visit my daughter, where there was cuppas and presents and chatting.  Was very nice and got back here just in time to have a quick shower, cosy PJs and get out the popcorn to sit and watch Wrestlemania. 

Ya know what makes you sleepy?

Hot shower and cosy PJs.

So it started at 12 and by half one I was totally f**ked.  I mean seriously not able to keep my eyes open.  So I thought… Ok power nap. Fell asleep,  missed the commentator match, which I wasn’t bothered about and then awake again and feeling much better for the rest. Aw man… I know I’m a kid for it,  but I reeeeeally enjoyed it.

So today (and I fear this blog is turning into a massive ramble but hey ho) I woke up at nine (bearing in mind 8 hours sleep in three days) and thought… oooooh I feel fine! Which lasted for about two hours and then I felt completely knackered.  So this afternoon I was feeling more than a tad lethargic,  and ended up reading this book . Which was terrible.  Basically there’s a film coming out soon called Beastly, and its based on a book,  which is written by an author who loves fairy stories and I thought… this has potential.  I love Company of Wolves,  which is an 80s film based on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy story. It’s nice and dark and appeals to me. So anyway,  enthusiatically downloaded the book and read avidly,  and then came to the conclusion… there’s a couple of hours of my life Im never gettin back. What a heap of drivel!

So anyway I think thats enough waffle out of me. It’s the wine loosening my fingers don’t ya know. I think I’ll have a wander round and see what everyone else is up to now.

Leaving you with my latest offering.  It’s done in pastilles and is kinda a copy, but not a likeness,  of the work of Syd Brak who painted the massively famous Athena posters in the 80’s.  Oh and for the record Im not stuck in the 80’s but there are a couple of styles from then I really liked and seeing as  I’ve only taken painting and stuff up again in the last few months I thought I’d ease myself in with stuff I like.  I am however at the point I feel like doing something totally my own, outta my head if ya like. So thats what I’m planning on next.


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  1. Great stuff Daf.. Love the pastille drawing and think you should go for it with the next one… just let it flow out.. you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results… I think it’s much more fun than copying.. that can be quite tedious in itself… No way did I know you’d only been doing your art for a few months…! Your work is exellent and you defo have real talent there girl… 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your next creation… 🙂
    Big hugs!

    • Thank ya for the encouragement Jen! It means alot to me how nice people have been. What happened was I got a git big box of art stuff for Christmas and Ive just been messing on with it trying things out. Last time Id done anything properly was for my O level in 1985! But I have really been enjoying it! Only thing is you blink and several hours have gone by!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  2. I’m with you on the weird sleeping pattern!!!

    I sleep badly more often than not and end up awake at all hours – tonight I got up at midnight after about 8 hours of broken sleep – so I feell your pain! 😦

    Hope the sleep pattern gets better hun – and love the piccy, you are a true artist! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  3. Oh yeah… I hate it when insomnia strikes! Sooo tired but its like that wee switch in my brain just wont flick to the off position, and it always happens to me this time of year when the clocks change. I think Ive tried everything over the years, where as these days its just something I accept. If Im awake I just am. During the night Im too tired to do anything, but it just feels better festering and watching a bit of tv than actually lying in the dark thinking… still awake… need to sleep… still awake. Lot less frustrating when you just accept it I think.
    Anyway I hope we both get a better nights sleep tonight!
    Hugs Daf xxx

  4. Hello ‘Dissin’ Daf’ <— That's ya Wrestlin' name! Actually it sounds like a gay wrestler's name! lol :O)

    Aye! April Fools! You know what WordPress did for an April Fool? It gave everyone 500 views on their stats for the day. I assumed I'd become VERY popular in the last 5 minutes since I saw the stats on 50 something! I, actually it was 'we', did play a crule April Fool on my brother though. We pretended his hamster had escaped and the cat killed it, cue me in the garden back filling a hole when he came downstairs! lol He was gutted, but then relieved when we brought Ted the Hamster out of hiding! lol

    Your parents are 20 mins early? All the time? When does this old people on time business thing kick-in? My mam is nearly 60 and she's late for almost EVERYTHING! lol!

    Ya insomnia has re-emerged? Should be glad it only happens to you once a year! Happens to me once a month, and then I usual stay that way with fucked up patterns for another 3 weeks to a month! But, like you said to, I haven't really fought it, but I do feel tired all day anyway which makes it that bit easier to sleep for a few hours. Though that isn't a good thing in my book.

    I read the Wrestlemania results, seems like another crap Mania to me! HHH was SO hard, that when he lost he STILL won, cos 'Taker had to be strectered out of the arena. It was obviously fake but made to make HHH like super hard. WWE hasn't got a future if it keeps up with stuff like that. Hold on, am I being serious about Pro-Wrestling? lol

    Yay! More art, not to my liking but still… TALENT!!! Can't wait to see your own stuff, should be interesting! Which reminds me, I STILL have to do something with my stuff! Just not been that mood, you know? If you force it doesn't come out right and you end up hating it anyway. 😛

    Anyway, I think I've rambled too much this time! Hope the day is treating ya well, Dafski! Moocho love to ya! :O) xxx

    • Hey Hey Phil!
      Aaaaaama gonna layeth the smackdown on your candy ass! Actually Im not I just thought if I have a proper wrasslin name then I should practise my trash talkin and I didnt think youd mind not being overly touchy or anything.
      Well I totally missed that April Fools thing, so the extra stats were completely wasted on me. Never check em anyway cos Im not really bothered who’s reading. Just enjoy the rambling!
      Oh and I WISH my insomnia only happened once a year! Its just that usually its totally unpredictable but the clocks changing definitely sets it off. For me its definitely a physical thing cos Ive been like this my whole life (even when I was a baby torturing my parents with lack of sleep). When other kids had bedtimes I was allowed to read til waaaaay into the night cos it shut me up. To be honest it doesnt really bother me anymore the way it used to, but then being 60 now Ive had a long time to come to terms with it ;O)
      Totally agree you should wait til your ready to start your doodling cos it’s supposed to be fun. Oh and thank you for the email, totally get what you were saying. Wasnt sure how much to say on your blog, but I wont mention it again there. Ooooooh and while I think on I keep meaning to say… yeah if you want random phone calls on your birthday I do need your phone number again!
      Oh and whoppers/big macs…. Id settle for either cos Im not allowed em! Stop posting pictures that make me drool!
      Moocho love n huggles Daf xxx

      • You’d best open a can of whoopass or you aint going to get very far! haha My wrestling name is ‘The Original’, well, it is on WWE Smackdown! vs Raw! lol

        Daf, you’re 70 now, ya gotta stop tryin to make yourself out to be younger! *tuts and shakes head* haha

        You told me about your insomnia a few times when you’ve had it or when you were a drunken monkey! haha I took your advice an I’m going with the flow, though it doesn’t feel right to do so. My body just rejects sleeping at night and takes a while to slip back in to it.

        It’s OK about the comment, I wasn’t angry or anything! lol I may stop writing about that subject anyway. I’ll connect the ‘low-mood’ too the UC directly so it’ll be a direct conection to the UC and nothing else. But with it all being interconected anywya… i don’t know.

        I’ll e-mail you may number! :O) I’m not supposed to eat them either, but I have one now and again, but my next one will be after I’m of the tablets! And no deal, I will post drool-worthy pics whenever I want! *evil laughs*

        Much love back at mate! Oh, and hugs! :O) xx

  5. ..well You could be right, I guess I could try naming em, it might make me like them more. Doubtful though . Although I did like the book charlotte’s web ..when I was a kid ..it kind of helped. haha.

    Why Darren ?
    I think I’ll give mine an Italian name, I have no idea why 🙂

    • Weeeeeell if Im honest Darren is still growing, and Im starting to suspect Darren is a girl (cos you know they get so much bigger). I fear I the end of a beautiful friendship may be in sight cos if ‘he’ gets much bigger he’s goin outside. To be honest I see you with an Italian spider. I have no idea why either (but then I have no idea why Darren is called Darren… one of those things that just amused me at the time I guess!)
      Hugs Daf xxx

      • anamazinu Says:

        Nahh it din’t work for me lmao.
        but to be honest, I kind of only remembered to name him afterwards, after I’d killed him 😀
        Its sort of an automatic reaction to quickly kill them u see 🙂

  6. Hi Hun! 🙂

    Unfortunately this was the beginning of years of persecution which led to my downstairs neighbour Bob (a paid informer) moving into his flat and deciding to wire my home for sound so he could sell me to the Police, Press and Media over a period of two and a half years leading to my nervous breakdown, insanity and suicide.

    He wired my home for sound, beat me up in my home, my tormentors turned everyone against me (friends, neighbours, family) and I was sold repeatedly until I had a nervous breakdown and became mentally ill.

    As long as there was money on offer everyone turned against me, but to no avail.

    Having proven I was innocent they tried to tie me to four child murders in Denmark because I once visited the country and when that failed they tried to tie me to a Scottish Pornographer because I once told a joke in a Scottish accent.

    When that failed they got into my childhood and drove me to suicide with the able assistance of my mother, father and step-father who is a Police officer who retired – but didn’t.

    After I came out of hospital my God daughter was used as bait in a honey trap (Her parents will do anything for money and her two brothers both did time for drug dealing), but I’d rather die than harm her so it failed.

    Eventually they poisoned my water supply with a fungus that turned my skin yellow – a trick used by the Triad to mark someone for execution – to force me to go to hospital so I could be examined for the injuries I suffered when I was raped at the age of eleven.

    With all the answers they were going to get and my step-dad in a wig acting as my next of kin, they had no choice but to send me home.

    They sent apologies via my so-called friends and Bob sent me the message that ‘It was nothing personal he just needed the money”, but Bob gets his kicks out of bullying people and the Police were willing to turn a blind eye to his actions – even when he beat me up…

    Today I am the proud possessor of an Advance CRB check certificate which shows my pristine criminal record, but my tormentors contineu to harass me every time they get an opening.

    Last time my Neighbour Doug sold me to the Ward Gangster Family who were tied into the media who persecuted me amd tried to put the frightners on me, but I just laughed at him.

    There have been three incidents since, but so far nothing I needed to worry about.

    If anything DOES happen I’ll blog about it, but so far so good…

    Love and hugs!


  7. Oops! Missed the rest of your comment! LoL!!!

    Yes, this thing with benefits IS persecution of the vulnerable – Doug was put on JSA last month, missed an appointment so they stopped him a week’s benefits, then when he made a mistake with his paperwork they stopped his benefits for SIX MONTHS!!! :O

    Fortunately he was able to sign back on the sick with insomnia, but he’s terrified he’s going to die of starvation.

    He may have set me up, but he’s still a human being…

    We have a guy with a family of teenage horrors who is faking illness, in fact he was photographed working on his roof while supposedly being unable to walk.

    The photographs were used to blackmail him into reining in his evil brood, but if the Social Services catch on they’ll be right back to square one… 😦

    The idea is to re-assess as many people as possible off benefits so they can save money – regardless of fitness to work.

    All I can do is pray I get through it OK – I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I fear the consequences if I don’t…

    • Heeey!
      Good God thats shocking stuff! Seriously, not surprised youve had problems, considering you seem to have spent your life surrounded by complete rat bastards!! Just pleased you came out of the other side with your reputation in tact, cos justice doesnt always prevail sadly. Glad it seems to have for you in the end.
      Yeah I can totally understand you being worried about this assessment, but surely they check your doctors records and stuff, and I assume your illness is well documented. It’s just bloody rotten theyre gonna put you through it in the first place. Ill be keeping fingers toes and eyes crossed (except when Im driving ;O) for you it goes well.
      Hugs Daf xxx

  8. Thanks Daf! 🙂

    Yeah it has been quite a journey, but all I have to worry about is the assessment – and I made sure two of my poems (posted on my blog) were included in my notes!

    Let’s hope I make it – right now I’m quaking in my boots!!! LOL!!!

    Have a great weekend my friend – I plan on buying a bottle of brandy as I’ve been dry for two weeks – including that disgusting artificial Bourbon ‘Black Star’ which didn’t even make me tiddly! LoL!!! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


  9. Hey,
    Even if you were stuck in the 80’s I wouldn’t care – wasn’t the worst time to be around was it? The drawing is really good and really did make me think of a better time – surprisingly powerful your images didn’t you know?
    I’m having a bit of an odd time with sleeping at the moment. I have never been particularly good at it and only ever remember having 2 post lunch time lie ins in my life but recently it seems to have gotten worse. I usually have to be up for around 6 but no matter what time I go to bed or how tired I am, I always wake up about quarter to 5 and just cannot get back to sleep no matter what I do. Then during the day I never seem to feel tired…..maybe it’s true about the older you get the less you need.

    Thanks for your thoughts on my last blog. Suppose I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself recently and not really seeing the wood for the trees. I am not in such a bad position least of all as it could well be much, much worse and as well, having more wouldn’t make me necessarily any happier. I think I would like to have achieved more and I have always wanted to live in a better area and the two do really go hand in hand and as I don’t really see how things can improve for me any time soon – well not something 6 numbers could take care of – I started to feel a bit down about what lies ahead for me and sometimes the thought of growing old in this house does send a shudder down my spine……
    Anyhoo, hope all is well in daff land and you’re enjoying the good weather.
    Pete X

    • Funny thing about the 80s was that there was massive unemployment and the cold war goin on, and yet your right, I think there was a totally different attitude to things. Freer, brighter time for alot of people. And if you must grow old anywhere, make sure you do it disgracefully ;O)
      Hugs Daf xxx

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