Its Friday Friday… well no it isnt but you probably know where Im goin with this.

You’re probably aware of the Rebecca Black song  ‘Friday’,  if only because it’s so terrible that it’s one of those things goin round the internet.

(Little link just in case you dunno what Im talking about..)

but it put me in mind of something Ive meant to post for ages.  While I get the sentiment of this one,  the lyrics just kill me. Whadda ya get if you cross a couple of thick thugs,  a recording studio,  and some reeally Godawful lyrics.  Ya get this… (oh and I would particularly draw your attention to ‘f**king rainbows’ and the look he does at 1.30 where he’s trying to look thougtful.

‘f**king magnets.  How do they work?’

For the answer to this and many other easy science questions, try crackin a book! Duuuur!


11 Responses to “Its Friday Friday… well no it isnt but you probably know where Im goin with this.”

  1. ‘elloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    ICP are a bunch of contradictory, inconsistant pointless pricks! One minute they’re saying “Fuck the world!” The next they’re all “Wow! How magical is it’?” The reality is they havent got a clue, and they wont look in a book because books are too hard to read! So they’ll rather say “Fuck all you scietists, you’re liars and making me sick!” So they’d rather do what a lot of humanity has done for 1000s of years and remain ignorant and call it ” Fuckin’ Magic!” Seriously, what a bunch of pointless twats!

    Yes, I’ve heard the Friday song, tiz also a pile of wank! lol

    Much love to tha Dafski oneski! :O) xxx

  2. Hi Daff! 🙂

    I watched the movie and I think it conclusively proves that the enemy of the United States – is its own government and it’s insane military!!!

    Ditto Russia!!!

    Just be glad they never used them in anger – the damage they’ve done already is bad enough… 😦

    Love and squishy hugs!


    • Oh yeah… its insane what they do to our lovely planet in the name of testing! First time I saw that video I was really shocked!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  3. Friday?

    If I had to listen to this on a regular basis I’d be pulling my hair out!!! LoL!!!

    Still: The kid done good – maybe she’ll improve with age???

    God Bless!


  4. Hi Daff! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    The diet is OK, but I now need to save up for a new wardrobe – thank God all my pants come with draw strings… 🙂

    I got a good few hours in, but I woke about 2.53am, so I had a long, dark, morning which was really pleasant! 🙂

    No my friend – I go overboard with the exclamation marks so often it seems rude to stop!!! LoL!!!

    Have a great weekend sweetheart! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  5. anamazinu Says:

    ha ha, just read all the comments. Thing is, I kinda liked it . I think I must have missed something, so I’ll wotch it again.. x

  6. anamazinu Says:

    Listened again, I still like it. I havent heard it before, I havent heard their other stuff either. Rarely listen to charts.

    but, I dont think Im missing something, so I am sorry but I have to say I like it, I think it’s quite profound. True to a point.
    Except for, I dont personally feel its a miracle,.

    I agree about the scientists. and I think they know how magnets work, consider theyre being sarcastic. .. about scientists,? because scientists are missing a huge otherside to this story…whilst their looking for facts, rather than inside themselves.

    im not sure whether you’ll get me, I mean where im coming from, this is sooo tricky in writing Lmao 😉

    Hugs~Mazi X

    • Heeeeeeey Mazi! Well if you like it you like it 😀 S’fair enough. I always say music is a totally personal choice so kinda glad you did! Although I have to say… they dont strike me as bright enough to be being sarcastic ;O) Hope your having a fabulous start to the week anywhoo!
      Hugs Daf xxx
      Oh and at least if you name your spider after you kill it you know what to call it at the funeral. Just not funny am I?

  7. anamazinu Says:

    I mean.. when they talk about rainbows, and what other proof do you need. I agree. The spectrum there to see


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