Doooooo dooo doo do do do dooooooo

That was me singin Star Trek by the way.

So happy day of Monday fair bloggy folk. 

Had a bit of a scare today cos girlchild was taken suddenly veeeeery poorly this morning,  but having had a slight panic by the time I got there she was still laid up but considerably better.  Poor thing was so ill she couldnt walk but still couldnt get a bloody doctor to come out and see her.  Makes me growl in a mammy-bear kinda way. 

Anyway moving along Ive had a rather nice weekend,  although was reminded this morning of arm wrestling in a restaurant on Saturday night (after Id just been thinking we were quite well behaved). LMAO! Thats what you get for rolling in there a tad worse for wear already.  Aw maaan… but isnt everything  just better when there’s sunshine?

The only blot on my sunny horizon is that not a single one of the seeds Ive planted is peeking through the soil yet,  even though if I could make it happen with sheer will power they all woulda.  I think Im probably just a tad impatient.

Anywhoo I think its time I dropped round a few places,  so Im gonna leave you with a few videos. First ones an oldie song, but Im kinda back into it cos its got a nice sunny vibe, and the second and third are Part 1 & 2 of a rather brilliant job of editing a bit of Star Trek (dooooooo dooo doo do do do doooooo) that made me snigger alot.


5 Responses to “Doooooo dooo doo do do do dooooooo”

  1. Androgoth Says:

    You know I never realised how kinky that Captain Kirk was, but if one clicks on the top right of that fake monitor screen it instantly changes to the naked version… lol How Ghoul, I mean how Cool… Not that I agree with it you understand? lol Right I will watch the second one now and see where it takes us…

    Vulcan-Porn… Well that just about sums it all up I guess? Perhaps I should offer my slant on Star Trek in the guise of one of my old Nonsensical Scripts, it is just a jovial offering, but it could be a laugh I suppose… well maybe?

    I hope your girlchild is much better on the morrow and thank you for adding these Star trek vids, as they are rather amusing those… And of course for venturing into my space… Be good now

    Androgoth Xx

  2. Thanks Daff I needed a good laugh!!! ROFL!!!

    Love and hugs always!


  3. Sorry to hear about your girl.. hope she’s ok now… Glad to hear you had a good weekend… 🙂

  4. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf! Ello matey! :O)

    Um, just so you know, you missed a “do” out of the title! Just before the last “doooooo”. Don’t want you looking stupid now, Daf! 😉

    Oh Noes! Girlchild is sicky? I hope she gets better very soon, I know what it is like to be sicky for a long time, tis not nice!

    “Makes me growl in a mammy-bear kinda way.” That was so cute that it’s: WINNING!

    Arm Wrestling? Did you let the recent Wrestlemania go to your head? Or was it my giving you a wrestling name that spured you on? haha It’s typical of the Daf that is, bit of sun and she thinks: “Right! Time to drink and arm wrestle with peeps!” Only a Geordie would think that, and I don’t mean the kind from Star Trek!

    Some seeds can take up to two weeks to germinate! Could take longer depending on whether you’ve sown them at the right depth, in the right soil, right place (i.e in a green house with heat) and right time of year.

    I’m going to sow some myself this week after doing the garden on Monday and letting myself recover for a day or two. However, I’m not very optomistic about it. I’ve sown seeds in my garden many times, in good soil and conditions and bad soil and conditions, doesn’t make much difference! They refuse to grow, or when they do, they don’t grow to the right height, the cats dig them up or the slugs, snails and other garden beasties declare war on them! They also have a knack of coming up a year or so AFTER I’ve sown them! In a place I DON’T want them to!

    That’s why I gave up and grew them in seeds trays, indoors, where I could control conditions and predators! Unfortunately, not got much space for that these days!

    Oh, I want pictorial or video evidence of these seeds and garden work or it DIDN’T HAPPEN! Which would be: EPIC WEAK!

    The Star Trek videos were great! I watched them yesterday and they cheered me up and made me laugh! haha Also pissed me off a little because I didn’t do a Star Trek FB page first! grrrrrrrrr lol

    Anyway, hope to talk soon mate, much love and hugs as always and hope you’re week is kick arse and WINNING! so far! :O) xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Phiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil!!! Youre back!! I was just getting ready to send out a search party! (Well ok it would have consisted of me and Darren the spider, and to be honest I think Darren’s gone walk about so it woulda probably just ended up being me, but you get the idea ;O) I was starting to worry about ya mate!
    Oh and the armwrestling was over paying the bill, although not in a trying to wriggle out of it way, in a trying to pay it way. I dont think it was inspired by Wrestlemania but then maybe it was and it was just subliminal ;O)

    I knooooooow my seeds still have plenty of time to come up, I just cant help myself from watching them constantly, cos I have as you say had seeds in the past that just never bothered. I got em in grow bags at the moment, so Im not bothering taking pics of that. Bags full of soil do not an interesting picture make. Once Im on top of things and theyre actually in soil and flowering though I may take a few pics. You gonna do a bit video of your gardening efforts this year?
    Im just poking you about that again, cos it occurred to me that if your disappearance was down to you being ill or your internet getting cut off I had no way to get in touch n see if you were alright.
    Oh and it was Androgoth doubting my wicked credentials (ya might have known what with him being an expert on that kinda thing) but he was only teasing Im sure!
    Anywhoooooo nuff of the rambling,
    Talk sooooooooon!
    Moocho love Daf xxx

    PS Yes girlchild is very much better. Thank you for asking :OD

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