Proof for them wot needs it….

So these are both pics of my tats,  which I have blogged before,  but just for the doubters out there ;O)

Oh and noones seeing the other one! LMAO! :OP

Need to add this cos its epic…


14 Responses to “Proof for them wot needs it….”

  1. Androgoth Says:

    What delicately placed wings my friend, and YES I can
    see that WICKED tattoo, in fact what a fangtastic one it
    is too… Now as for the hidden one we can but imagine,
    of course one with X-Ray sight would instantly locate the
    said vision but alas… We shall not even go there… lol

    Thank you for re-adding this posting as it has definitely
    proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that thy tum has
    the Wicked Tattoo of Mischief… Well something like
    that anyway… lol

    Have a Ghoulishly fine rest of evening now HRH Daffy

    Androgoth Xx

    • Oh yeah definitely just mischief… cos I suspect you and your t’other half are the very definition of the fun kind of wicked!
      hugs Daf xxx

      • Androgoth Says:

        Who Us? lol Hey seeing as you are such a wicked Star Trek Fan… Hmm… I have added a new page called ‘Scribblings’ of which there is a scrawl of your favourite Star Trek to be found, well I only said… lol

        Have a fangtastic rest of evening now

        Androgoth Xx

  2. Where is the other one?

  3. Hi Daff! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    Yeah it was a good weekend – lots of sun and the occasional heavy shower…

    I had lasagne twice this weekend and tucked it away with two slices of bread! YUM!!!

    Mind you, right now food is ALWAYS on my mind… 😛

    Mmmm… Vino and snacks… Droooollll…

    Have a great week hun!

    Love and huge hugs!


  4. Interesting choice of theme – naughty AND nice!!! LoL!!!

    Huge hugs Daff!


  5. anamazinu Says:

    I was doin 7g rocks

    borrow my brain ya cant handle e’t !
    Lmfao. absolutely Nuts , I gotta listen again, I need another laugh 😉


  6. anamazinu Says:

    well.. very nice 🙂

    I shall drop by next time after I’ve re-booted my computer several times. Its barely running.

    In the meantime

    I’M Bi-winning ! heh heh x

    • Well I always knew you were a total freaking rockstar from mars, so Im really not surprised your bi-winning!
      Hope you manage to get that puter sorted, cos its veeeeery frustrating spending half your time rebooting!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  7. First Picture: WINNING!

    Second Picture: WINING!

    Video: WINING!

    Daf: WINING!

    Phil: GOING! lol

    p.s BTW, who was doubting you?

  8. Hi Hun! 🙂

    Yes, it WAS a tad disconcerting as I’d had no warning what was about to occur – but on the plus side no damage was done thanks to me using a towel as a seat cover because my computer chair is somewhat worn!!! 🙂

    I’m fine now – everything working as normal – and in future I’ll be washing my cutlery in boiling water!!! 🙂

    The phone is tres weird: I report a logic error that was letting PRIVATE past my block only to get a text saying they had done a LINE CHECK!!! :S

    Talk Talk provide a normally great service, but when it comes to contacting them it all falls apart… 😦

    Have a great week sweety – hope daughter dear is better! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  9. Androgoth Says:

    Just busy checking out the locations of your tats… lol
    Have a lovely Friday Daffy and do try to be good, even
    if that will be an impossibility for you… lol

    Androgoth XXx

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