This might end up quite sensible so you’ve been warned.

What’s got me thinking about this is a rather long and convoluted story.  Lets just say it’s because of a blogger,  her nemesis blogger,  and a completely different blogger that unwittingly got dragged into the middle of it for daring to express an unbiased opinion.  I’m not gonna provide any links because I think theres enough drama surrounding it all. 

The upshot of it was though,  that it posed a question.  How much are you comfortable sharing on line? I’ve been doing this for a long time now,  and it really does surprise me how far people are willing to go.  I can understand the temptation.  If you have a close knit little group of on line friends it can quickly feel like it’s just them you’re talking to but the reality is that your sharing with anyone that happens to stumble upon you. 

 One of the biggest problems I have when I’m blogging is that the things that happen to me day to day generally revolve around family or friends and I always see my first responsibility as respecting their privacy.  The only times I mention them is in a way I’m 100% sure they won’t mind.  For example,  I know girlchild wont mind me mentioning she was poorly,  or that we went and bought some chilli plants,  but most of the things that happen to her are her business and not for me to discuss. Ditto with my son, husband,  rest of the family and my friends.  To be honest that’s probably why I spend so much time talking about my dog and Darren the spider,  cos I know the dog doesn’t mind,  and as far as I know Darren doesn’t have internet access.  Nothing I say here is ever a lie,  but it would be fair to say it’s generally pretty trivial and an incomplete picture.   

However I love blogging and wouldn’t want a private page cos I do enjoy being stumbled upon occasionally.  I love sharing the daft little things that happen or silly things I come across on line,  and while it may be an incomplete picture of my life,  I think it’s a fairly accurate picture of me and my attitude toward things. 

What’s right for me may not be right for other people obviously,  and  so I’ll go back to my original thought. How much are you comfortable sharing on line?

Here endeth the musing ;O)


23 Responses to “This might end up quite sensible so you’ve been warned.”

  1. jennyozzy Says:

    hi daf well this is a right ducking dilemma lol i think blogging what your comfy with and feel happy about is how far i would go but we do learn to trust the people we have got to know online and i think you can get a good picture of their charactor but who knows im goth and people in the street get the wrong picture so who knows i get faint seeing blood and lots think thats what goths are about no religion full of death and weird lol im just the opposite hey im off to give grimm his tea lol in my crypt have fun daf xxjen

    • Hey Jen,
      Yeah I suppose there is that side of the coin. That here people get to read what you feel like writing without making snap decisions based on how youre dressed, but dont go shattering my illusions telling me youre not wierd at all! I kinda like a bit of wierd here and there ;O)
      Hugs Daf xxx

  2. Oh dear.. bet she didn’t see that one coming… I tend to stick to my creative endeavours.. ramble about my thoughts and I may mention my lot sometimes.. but as a rule I don’t write anything that may upset or offend them and certainly wouldn’t talk about their personal stuff…
    I like my little rambles etc though and like you.. don’t mind somebody stumbling upon my spaces… I’ve made some good friends as a result of having them too… 🙂

    • No she didnt! Poor lass posted something never thinking in a million years anyone involved would read it. One party stole it and reposted it and the friends of the other party left her comments giving her a hard time, and to be honest she’d only said she didnt think it was a good idea to say as much as they were on line!
      Strikes me you have plenty to post without having to go into personal detail anyway, and I will definitely take you up on that offer of visiting the house in person if I ever happen to be passing by!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  3. Pete Judge Says:

    Hold on….just having a little sit down whilst I digest what has just happened here…..a sensible blog. I here what you are saying though.
    To be honest I don’t divulge too much simply because this is a piece of me I want to keep away from family and friends, yet don’t say too much about them. It’s just a little place for me to be me, have other friends, share a few thoughts and a few chuckles without the crap that families and friends bring into your life. NO hassle, no dramas, just a harmless bit of fun.
    It’s the one big reason why I don’t do facebook. I care little about what others are doing or think and in my own little world I have seen it cause so many arguments and problems….and for what, just to be on the internet??
    I went through a time on spaces when i got pissed off with people just trying to get a little too close and completely getting it all wrong when i asked them to back off a little…..I even stopped for a while – some people are just a little too sad and too serious about their on line profile, friend count and self importance.
    I am enjoying it for what it is and when it becomes something I don’t enjoy any more I’ll stop….it’s that simple really. I certainly don’t make any posts about jobs etc…….you just never know who is watching??

    Pete X

    • Heeeey Pete!
      Well I do apologise for making you need a sit down ;O) It’s not often I feel the urge to go serious, but it was just hot on the heels of something I’d read.
      I think your attitude is fairly similar to mine about blogging. It’s nice to have a place to sit and chat that feels like somewhere to have a time out, plus I love the huge variety of subjects my bloggy friends talk about. Never know what theyre gonna say next!
      Gaaaaah to Facebook ;O) Had one for a while but it’s really not my kinda thing!
      Oh and no, in your shoes I wouldnt be posting about your job. I mean so many incidents filled with shame…. where would you even start ;O)
      Hope your having a great week!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  4. Androgoth Says:

    Yes this is a very interesting question and one that is very easy for me to answer in the sense that I am rather like you, I don’t add anything too personal, and unless I know it is absolutely okay to do so. The disputes that can follow by peeps passing by can be very upsetting but I guess everyone has an opinion, I think that when we as users of this network, or indeed alternative vehicles in which to write upon that we should show a little consideration and not be too blunt in our responses.

    However it does depend on the subject matter offered, if it is something of a personal nature then we should show a little respect, of course on the flip side of the coin, if the blog is something that one feels strongly about and the blog is open for debate then one can offer a valued opinion based on the knowledge of a given subject.

    There are other instances however, and one of these could be that a blogger writes something completely untrue of another blogger, or takes credit for writing something, say a poem or story for instance and instead of giving credit to the original author they give an impression that the said piece of writing is their own and so as a direct result of this causes a flare up by a passerby that knows that the writing offered is not written by the user of the blog.

    Well I have gone completely off subject here I know but there are lots of reasons why arguments would ensue within networks. Getting back to your original question of whether or not one should offer a blow by blow account of their personal lives then to be honest I don’t think that this is a good idea, but then again it all falls into the preferences of each individual blogger.

    I bet that you’re glad this comment is over with? Pheeeeeeeeew

    Androgoth Xx

    • Oh no, I love a nice long comment! Thanks for youre thoughts on this one! I think its quite interesting that both you and your other half brought up things that hadnt crossed my mind when I was posting it (you the sticky subject of plaguarism cos I have seen rows over that in the past) and your badder half the idea that here, people can get a different view of you not based on your choice of dress.
      It seems to me you both give alot more away about yourselves in comments, but then I do too. Guess its cos youre talking to a specific person you know rather than just in general, so you know how theyre gonna take it.
      Bet your glad this reply is over now cos I seem to be rambling ;O)
      Hugs Daf xxx

      • Androgoth Says:

        On the right of my front page you will see Categories click that, then click on Various and then once it opens it is the fourth one down… lol Hey it’s like hide and seek this one, my wicked friend Icywolfy couldn’t find it either… lol

        Happy Hunting

        Androgoth Xx

  5. Well… I have to break the news, We are all doing more than sharing it with simple passers by.
    my opinion on it is.. I dont give a flying f *
    heh heh
    Infact, I’ll prove it, here ya go 😉

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    I didnt know you are a star-trek fan, so tell me wotcha think .
    Although, I’ve never watched star-trek was too slow, I often fell asleep .

    but my opinion is, regarding those who worry, No writing space should be permitted as private, its a false misconception, because people are conned into actually believe that it is.

    Also if people write stuff which offends people they know, its just part of a social learning process, they will get over it. same as we will learn to put that view better, im still learning that part I think, lmao, but I think you know I always have good intentions at heart .


  6. but if u mean the picture at the end, people who scive off work etc and write about it.
    well thats just plain stupid innit.
    I have to say, I think they desrve it.

  7. As for your kids.. I think its great you talk about your kids, youre always proud of them, and thats really nice to see. X

    • Hey Mazi!
      Well Im downloading your links so Ill have a read in a bit and get back to ya, but on the subject of privacy I think I know what youre getting at. That feeling of safety is an illusion. I mean I can remember a couple of years back when MSN changed all their settings and suddenly everyones email addresses and real names were on show. There was hell on! I think what Im saying is that I dont think you should post anything your not happy with the world in general seeing.
      Oh and the picture at the end was just an example of how dumbass people really can be about what they post, not really meant to be taken seriously.
      OOoooooh and on a totally unrelated note, I made your soup!!! And it was OM NOM NOM NOM (but youre right there was loads!)

      Hugs Daf xxx

  8. Androgoth Says:

    BTW –

    Only Slightly Pervier? lol Thank you for calling by and reading my Star Trek send up, it certainly has the Uhura affect on one doesn’t it, especially in the nauseous sense of the word? lol but I am pleased that you liked it nonetheless…

    Perhaps then, you would like my impression of the Frankenstein’s Monster, of which I have a Script added on that one also… ‘Lady Frogenstein’s Recipe to Die For’, it could be a bit of a chuckle for you… Well maybe? lol

    Have you noticed how some bloggers are blatantly hypnotising other bloggers into reading their Scripts these days? It is positively shocking… lol

    Have a wicked rest of evening HRH Daffy

    Androgoth Xx

  9. Its a false misconception because everything is stored on a data base. That was the point I was making.

    hahaha, I’ll shut up now, I am about to watch the full charlie sheen interview for entertainment value, you reminded me 😉

  10. I ran across this same thing last year in my email and it was still funny then! :o)

    It’s amazing what people will write, forgetting that this community is a lot wider than our friends – and this facebook entry included her boss as one of her readers, so DOUBLE dumb!!!

    All I write here is warts and all, but I aim only for readers in my group and their friends, as I’ve blocked search engines.

    Even so I think twice before posting!!! 🙂

    God Bless Daff!


    • Hey Prennin!
      Yeah I think your blog is probably the most personal I read regularly, but I suspect sometimes you feel the need to get certain things out of your system.
      The point is though that you never post anything that’s meant to hurt anyone or vicious. The blogs that set me off on this musing are basically two women getting a kick out of attacking eachother. That kinda washing your dirty laundry in public is just bang out of order I think, specially when other people get dragged into it through no fault of their own!
      Hope your having a great day!

      Hugs Daf xxx

      • I agree!

        But people get their kicks out of doing stuff online they wouldn’t dare to your face – and that kind of cowardice is just plain sick…

        Hopefully we’re fireproof because we limit access, but it’s always best to be careful…

        Love and hugs!


  11. Hiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dafski! :O)

    Well, as you know, it took me over four years to even write one blog about my UC! I didn’t want to write it for a few reasons.

    (1) I didn’t want it to distract from my opinions.

    Also didn’t want people using it against me in many types of debate saying: “Ah well, you think that way because you’re Ill…” I wanted my opinions thought about without people taking in to account any other factors so they can dismiss what I say.

    (2) When you tell people you’re ill they tend to baby you and feel sorry for you, and I didn’t/don’t want that!

    All in all I don’t divulge much publically on-line, unless it’s in my UC Diary, and people don’t find it that interesting anyway, a man talking about using the bog and logging, um… not the sort of thing you wanna be reading about! Unless you have UC of course!

    As you also know, I keep a lot to myself as I don’t want other people finding out where I live or what I look like (unless I trust them 100%), not at the moment anyway. But still, why do people need to know what I look like anyway? I’m writing a blog, not running for government!

    Don’t know about you rambling on, I’m doing now, so I’ll stop now. All the best for the weekend and much love and huggles to you mate! :O) xx

  12. I love that Facebook thing! It did the rounds via email sometime last year – NEVER fails to crack me up. I mean, can you IMAGINE! Very harsh.

    I’ve only just stumbled across your blog. I like it! Consider me a regular visitor from now 🙂

  13. Hi!
    I’m going a bit ‘back in time’ posting on this blog. But, I’ve been thinking about it and, I have another perspective on what she said – he said. I believe that there was a positive outcome.

    Her comment is very brief but outlines clearly that she dislikes her job and her boss. I see the positives in this rather than seeing the ‘oh goddd… That was sooo embarrassing’ I just wanted to write because you did such a great job of this post and your thoughts on privacy etc and what we should reveal and conceal.
    There is a few people in real life who read what I put and they know fully well that me and planet nicola are two different girls.. We laugh about it. One is my sister although she doesn’t comment because.. um, not sure, possibly because I bring the family to shame lol

    Anyway, this girl who writes: First off she clearly writes to the universe and all that reads – she “hated her job” Hate is a strong word and usually represents the fact that you feel helpless. When you say that you hate a person – it’s more than likely you feel helpless to do anything about them. You feel stuck, desperate.. And then you simply lash out.

    So.. Then she gets angry with her situation (and it’s always a situation that you’ve put yourself into – you can’t blame no one else) She gets frustrated and angry – so she starts to criticise her boss.
    Critism is simply a cry for help. When you criticise it actually means – I wish I was as good as you. She doesn’t hate her boss – in fact, she quite envies him and she feels a little bit inadequate in comparison. That’s why she calls him a wanker – just to demoralise him – and to make him feel as useless as she feels.

    The good thing about this is: she isn’t in a job that makes her feel happy or comfortable. Maybe he would have got rid of her after her six months contract – or maybe not and she could have wasted her life staying there for an whole lot longer. Keeping all the frustration and hate to herself. Not good either.

    Personally, I don’t think she showed herself up – I think he did. And believe me, he will be the one who remembers that event for far longer because she told it like it was. She spoke the truth about the company. Who knows, He may have been an incompetent employer? If she screwed the simplest things up…what does that say about him? He may have screwed up teaching her correctly what to do?

    I think everything happens for a reason. And in this case she only got out of it what she truly wanted – to be out of that job! She asked the universe – wish granted – she got sacked.

    What I don’t understand is: why was he reading what she was writing???? :S

    : ) makes you wonder…. I think.

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