Evree day Im shufferlin or..

abandon hope all ye who enter cos I feel a total ramble coming on. 😀

So first apple-ogies for my prolonged absence but its just been the best easter hols ever ever ever!  Started with a wine and cheese party at my mates house (not the other way round :OP) and is ending officially this evening with a meal with mates.  Much partying in the middle and a wee sojourn away from home.

First I suppose I should backtrack a bit and let you know how the night went with fox hunty lady.  Aside from the fact the woman talked about horses all night (yaaaaawn) it went ok.  Dont think  either of us particularly liked the other (me cos shes a killaaaaa and her cos Im a very long time friend of her BF and fabulous ;O).  If I can just avoid goin to the wedding I can probably put off meeting her again for another year.  It’s great when you just click with people isnt it?

So easter Sunday had some folkys round for sunday dinner which was faab.  Word of caution though… dont buy crackers from the £ shop.  By way of explanation,  at Christmas the group of mates I always refer to as the OddSquad did a secret santa.  The rules were whatever you bought had to cost no more than a £ and could be as ridiculous as you liked.  Much merriment ensued so we decided we were gonna do a Secret Bunny for easter.  So aaaaaanyway while I was wandering about the £ shop I saw these crackers and thought… well theyre only to make the table look bonny,  which it really did….


 So anywhooooo the crackers were pulled,  each containing a tat toy, paper hat and ‘motto’.  It’s the motto part of that last sentence I would draw your attention to,  because as we worked our way round the table reading them out it transpired that they weren’t mottos at all but facts about cats.  Whyyyyyyyyyy? Are cat facts easterish? Have I missed something? But we did snigger. 

So anyway once lunch was done sat about a bit and then headed out to the OddSquad easter party. Which was faaaaaaaab.  My mate put on the most lush buffet and even though I had kinda thought I was full,  turns out I had room for several more plates of grub and at least a bottle and a half of wine. Huzzaaaah! So we then swapped presents. The way we do it is we open them and then have to guess who gave who what. Follow me? I think the ones I thought were funniest were:  someone got 20 metres of rope (??) and the fabulous Emz got a DVD entitled something along the lines ‘Lorries of Yester Year’.  How we snickered.  I got a CD of Irish Drinking Songs.  I have yet to listen but gimme time and beer!

So later that week (eeeee I know I did warn you it would be a ramble) had some of my other mates round for a meal.  Was a really nice night cos they were both in top form and they never ambled home til about half two. 

Spend last weekend getting some sunshine and Saturday evening culminated in a rather nice meal and festering in the pub, musing over the musical stylings of whoever came on and necking more wine and sniggering alot. Aaaaaah good times!!

So anyway,  having a meal tonight with friends just to round things off and tomorrow I diet! (Cos seriously all I seem to have done is eaten and drunk for a fortnight solid!)

 I cant leave without putting in my two pennerth on the Royal Wedding. Wasn’t it nice to see the queen looking so made up about the joyous occasion?


And it’s good to know that good taste and dress sense go hand in hand with wealth.

So I think it only really remains for me to wish everyone a happy belated easter! Hope the bunnies didn’t getchya!

Will be zooming round tomorrow to see what everyones been up to!


10 Responses to “Evree day Im shufferlin or..”

  1. Hi hun! 🙂

    I wish I’d had YOUR Easter!

    Mine ended up as host to my neighbour Geraldine ‘cos her asswipe b/f threatened to kill her in the pub, so she was stone cold sober before she reached my door!

    Called the Police – Natch he had taken both sets of keys to HER flat – and she didn’t want them involved in case it made things worse (my Mom’s excuse when six PC’s offered to go around and deal out some summary justice to my dad) so in the end she kipped on the couch until a 3.20am phone call with mister high and mighty begging her to come home after trying to terrorise her all night.

    She went home at 3.40am and left me a note the next day to say all was a bit better and it looks like they’re breaking up.

    I asked Doug to give me a knock if it kicks off, but so far so good…

    Happy Easter!!! LoL!!!

    Love and hugs!


  2. Hehehe them pics had me chuckling big style.. still laughing here… 😀 Sound’s like you’re having a great time Daf.. love it.. happy days eh… 😀 I’m on a creative buzz here.. the fireplace is looking fab.. can’t wait to get back on it tmoz… 😀
    Big hugs!

  3. What the feck was that she was wearing on her head…..one of fergies daughters, looks like something I once say through a microscope.
    Sound like you had a fun packed easter/royal weeding/bank holidays

    The secret bunny thing sounded like a blast – I just wish I had a couple of friends who shared the same sense of humour and play along – all they do is moan and groan nowadays and although certainly one of them has every right to, they need to let go sometimes.

    Mine consisted of much the same – certainly food and drink wise. Had family round over Easter………and then things got better when friends came round for Bank holidays. Putting things into perspective two days before Easter Friday I purchased 12×12 packs of lager and 6 bottles of wine…….all gone and guests brought their own too!!

    At least the meeting with fox hunty biatch didn’t go so bad…..talking about horses all night – what a drag? Unfortunately you can’t like everyone you meet – life is life…..

    Apart from that good to hear you on top form…….
    Take care

    Pete X

  4. jennyozzy Says:

    hi you had a great easter then i had a bbq and family round i think fergies two girls are frumpy no taste for two teens didnt watch them get wed wasnt interested one bit looking forward to the next holiday now as whitby is calling got a busy weekend coming up have fun xxjen

  5. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafersssssssss! ‘Ello, Mate! :O)

    I haven’t been around because I’ve been doing nothing but study, sleeping and eating, well… mostly sleeping! However, I am a week in front with my study, first TMA due in in June, should go OK!

    Speaking of study, have you caught up with yours yet after the epic Easter you’ve just had? Sounds like it was a good one. My easter was a normal weekend, though I did go to a family friends house on the bank holidy for a change. Sat in the garden and got sunburned there, I’m still sheding skin from my forearms! 😛

    The Royal wedding? Um, I say this a lot but I think on this occasion it is apt, ahem… It was a LOAD of wank! I escaped out of the living room and went up stairs, fell asleep untill it’d finished and then came back down stairs. Only my Mam was sat there watching repetes of it over and over again! Urgh! 😛

    Anyway, I hope the Daf one is OK and kicking arse she always is! Much love and hugskiiissssssssssssssssssss :O) xxx

  6. Androgoth Says:

    Hello HRH Daffy are you having a wicked time somewhere?
    Well wherever you are I hope the weather is very hot, maybe
    you are in Hawaii or some other dreamy place…

    Well just you have a ghoulishly excellent time and call into
    My Gothic Realm on your return, watch out for the Ghoul with
    the nipping fingers though…

    Be good now HRH Daffy

    Androgoth Xx

  7. planetnicola Says:

    That was a brilliant blog, I laughed all the way through (so much so that I’ve just inhaled orange juice up my nose!) Mostly suffocated at:
    A) cos she’s a killa and b) because I’m fabulous … and the Queenie pic! Yes, wasn’t she just a barrell of laughs and emotion?! I wasn’t going to watch it but, seeing as there wasn’t anything else to oggle and take the preverbial out of, I put it on. Um, I thought it was nice actually.. (not cos I like the Royal Family mainly because I felt less guilty about being at work that day and the rest of the UK were arsin about too!!!) 🙂

    Anyhoo’s, did you find out what the rope was for? I know a few people I’d like to give rope to as a birthday pressie but.. maybe there was a specific purpose for it?? :S Perhaps to tie a frisky goat!? Or pretend to be a cowboy for the day… Who knows!

    Glad you’re ok anyway, I missed you

  8. jennyozzy Says:

    hi daf yes goth weekend was a bit mixed this yr the first dates ere the ones to be at the bizzarre was split till the weekend later because of a dispute over the stalls so you missed the best weekend but not as many there this year the organizers need to get their act together theres one at york on the 6th of july love whitby though id live there if i could have you enjoyed your time away nice to see you back have a fun weekend xxjen

  9. jennyozzy Says:

    id love to go to pendle witch house i saw it on most haunted they all freaked out scry place im going to have a night staying in chillingham castle when i get a chance so haunted that one and maybe a night in bagdale hall whitby its corridors are haunted prob scare myself senseless but who wants to be sane lol xxjen

  10. Ooooooh my friends go to Chillingham castle all the time! If you should happen to see a bunch of lunatics parading about dressed as pirates tell em Jacqui says hi (cos theyd probably just look really confused if you said Daf ;O) Cos seriously people think theyre part of an act or something but they just go and shoot stupid home vids! I cant remember which room they were talking about but apparently one of the en suites is massively haunted. They reckon you walk out and go back in and your stuffs on the floor!
    Spooky but cool!
    Have a great rest of the evening! Hugs Daf xxx

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