Its been a while…

So bonjourno fair bloggers (and I nearly just typed floggers… what you do in your own time is your own business.  Lets not go there shall we?)!

So I know I’ve been sadly remiss around here,  but if I’m dead busy  I find that it’s a bad time to write a blog cos my brain likes to be all meandering about with nothing much to think about so ideas just pop into my head.  It’s kinda like how you have the most astounding ideas when your in the shower cos your minds just wandering (and by astounding ideas I dont mean understanding the nature of the universe,  although that did happen to me the other day. Sadly soon as I got out I forgot what it was).

Anyway Im totally digressing.  See what I mean about the meandering?  So this week my pute went kablooeee (actually my internet kept dropping too for which I can only shake a fist at Virgin).  I’m kinda hoping it holds long enough for me to post this. So having reinstalled Windows and all the gubbins that go with it,  I got on to reinstalling all my music and photos and pics and stuff.  Have you ever noticed you save so much of that stuff on your pute you never look at it all. That is until your doing something like a complete re-install.  Now usually when I save a pic on my pute I have a definite reason in mind. It’ll be for a user pic or cos it fits in with a blog or just cos I think it’s funny.

What I really dont understand is what was going through my mind when I saved this…


I don’t even remember doing it and  can only assume I was either (a) very very drunk or (b) having some kind of mental episode.

Ideas people? ;O)

Oh and it’s nice to be back!!


21 Responses to “Its been a while…”

  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafskiiiiiiiiiiii. Hello again! 🙂

    You’ve had pute trouble? Orly? Just admit you tried to open a tin of beans with your pute while drunk! I don’t know how someone would go about doing that with a PC, but I’m sure you found a way. Dat Daff! *tisk tisk*

    Because I do a lot of photo manipulations, designs and posters I have a lot of pictures. However, I keep on top of them and delete what I wont be using and only keep a small folder of stock photos. I usualy remember saving pics and what for, I don’t usualy find things I’ve saved that I’ve forgotten about. If I do I usualy put it down to the family!

    Having said that, I do have a lot of stuff on my PC that isn’t mind and isn’t needed. Just waiting for the family to take it off. Maybe then my video editor will not lag!

    Your offering though, is just typical Daf yet again! lol You probably did save it when you were drunk and thought it was funny. It sort of reminds me of that film Roddy Piper was in where you could see aliens with a pair of special sunglasses.

    I’m relieved you’re back. I thought the rapture had got you! But then I realised this:

    So I assumed you were busy with stuff and stopped worring. Btw, he DID stop it you know! Only Randy Savage could own Jesus, let’s face it… Chuck Norris wont cos he’s a Xtian anyway!

    Anyway, looking forward to catching up with you soon. Keep safe, keep happy and moocho love coming at tha Dafski one ski! :O) xxxxxx

    • LMAO! Looove that pic! Now Im a bit sketchy about what the rapture actually is, but isn’t it something to do with all the really good people getting taken to heaven and the naughty people being left here or something? Cos maybe it happened and we just didnt notice ;o)

  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    Yes, ‘puter trouble gets us all from time to time!!!

    I don’t know where you got the piccy from, but be assured he’ll be arrested as soon as it’s posted on the most wanted website!!! 🙂

    Thanks as always for the visit and the comment!

    Yeah I’ve had a few posts go the same way, but I’m on Talk Talk!!! 😦

    Yeah the Omen films WERE scary – I had to watch them with my ex (VERY into horror movies she was) and I wasn’t allowed to hide behind the couch!

    Oddly I have a few CD’s of horror themes and one (Gregorian Dark Side) which still creeps me out!!!

    Yeah the Crazy Pastor has redated his prediction to October 21st, so I plan on having a drink beforehand – not being absolved of my many sins I have no doubt I’ll be headed for Hell!!! 🙂

    God Bless sweety and be well!


    • Hey Prenin!
      Well to be honest in the long run that pute epic fail probably did me a favour, cos obviously having done a complete re-install Ive cleared out a lot of the crap and it’s running like a dream again.
      Gotta confess to being a big fan of horror myself, although I prefer the older ones to the new, I prefer jumping out my skin to just gore.
      Oh and some of them have absolutely brilliant soundtracks, you should check out the soundtrack to Brahm Stoker’s Dracula cos that’s a cracker!
      Hope your well!

      Hugs Daf xxx

      • I used to love the Hammer Horror movies back before they went for nudity and gore for shock value – my favourite has to be Hell House though – seriously creeeepy!!! LoL!!!

        Love and hugs!


  3. planetnicola Says:

    she’s back! x

    Hi busy girl,
    well, I’ve heard quite a few people on about Virgin (obviously they weren’t referring to my innocence..or lack of it, but of the Branson empire!) so maybe there’s been a national Virgin broadband technical issue goin on last week??
    Just while i’m thinking about know, before my mind wanders to what I’m going to drink tonight..OH look! A squirrell!!.. my greatest ideas, thoughts and creativity usually happen upon wakening or mid afternoon.. and in polite society I wouldn’t like to say what I think about while in the shower. I know one thing I do think about and that’s, this is a disgusting amount of water I’m using – and where does it come from? And where does it go?? And then that strange feeling that someone could be watching me or if I have a funny turn and fall and split head open and no one thinks about coming to look for me.. God, wouldn’t that be aweful? Especially for the people who found me! Before shaved legs!! :S
    How random is the Abraham Lincoln/monkey face?! I would never want to rape him! 😀 I’m sure I’ve seen it before attached to one of your blogs from years ago.. might be wrong?

    Have a super bonk holiday weekend!

    • Bonk Holiday? Sounds much more fun than a boring old bank holiday!!


    • Heeeey Nicola!
      Well my daughters convinced there are cameras in her light bulbs and people are watching her in the shower because she’ll mention an idea she’s had to her boyfriend and two minutes later there’ll be a film comes out about it (actually having just typed that it strikes me its much more likely her boyfriend is a spy and passing on her ideas ;O)

      And I suppose that is the downside of living alone (the whole unshaven legs/freak shower accident thing) but on the plus side you get to do whatever the hell you like… ah Im thinkin back to times with a bottle of wine and Inspector Morse…. happy days ;O) And yeah that might be a bit tragic but isnt that the point when you live alone you can watch bad TV and drink and theres noone to mind!

      Anywhoo hop over in a wee bit to see what you been up to!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  4. I dont know what you were thinking either. lol
    It’s like a francis Baconesque piece of artwork. lol.
    Quite cool though

    • Quite honestly I never understand what I was thinking so I very much doubt anyone else can work it out ;O)
      Thanks for the visit!
      Hugs Daf xx

  5. Hey
    Good to have you back and as bonkers as ever.
    I can’t begin to think of a reason why you would keep a pic like that…..not really funny. Sure you didn’t draw it yourself when you were trying to get acctoss some lateral message which involved primates, abe lincoln and non-consensual sex??

    My best ideas occur when I am asleep. I wake up momentarily, congratulate myself on a brilliant bit of thinking, assure myself I will work on it in the morning and then wake up compeltely fogetting every last detail but infuriatingly, knowing there was something there. I know, I should put paper and a pen next to my bed but have you ever read sub-conscious writing from 4am……..??

    Anyhoo, hope you had a good bonk holiday – typo or fruedenslip Nic? – mine was OK…..just OK

    Pete XX

    • No, I didn’t slip lol I did mean to write Bonk haha

    • Actually theres a song out there somewhere by someone pretty famous but Ill be buggered if I can remember who. Basically he woke up in the middle of the night and thought ‘brilliant idea for a song’ and had actually dreamed a tun of lyrics which he wrote down. He even went so far as to turn it into a song. Lyrics are just terrible though.
      Actually that also reminds me of a competition Scott Adam’s (the guy who does the Dilbert comic strip) came up with. He basically asked readers of his blog to send in lyrics that were as non-sensical as some of the ones you really do hear in songs. Kinda that sound like they made sense but actually didnt. This is what they came up with:

      Tickled the life outta me!

      Hugs Daf xxx

  6. Androgoth Says:

    Yes well by the looks of that graphic it would suggest a strong possibility of a Ghoulish Ventriloquist Course, or some form of Loonwalk, or… well either that or a Gaga Moment… Maybe it was a combined effort… How do you mean what the hell am I talking about? Well a Ghoulishly Drunk Gaga type with a fetish for Ventriloquism and Dummies…

    Okay so I guess this assumption is way off the mark but you did ask? lol Right I will just creep out silently, grab the Skeleton and the Zombie Nurse and… If you do remember why you saved the graphic maybe you can give us all one… Nooooo, I mean an explanation silly, well not a silly explanation, just a blog on it… Well not on IT… But something along the lines of why you held on to such a weird one… Well not a… Never mind I’m out of here… lol

    Have a wicked rest of evening now HRH Daffy and welcome back to Bogland… I mean Blogland… lol

    Androgoth XXx

  7. Androgoth Says:

    Don’t tell me it was just a flying visit and you have gone missing again HRH Daffy… Well I hope that you come back soooooooooooooooooon…

    No, Really… lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Noooooooooo I havent gone! I was just planning a strategic comment attack!
      And I fear I cant give an explanation for pretty much anything I do, never mind saving wierd pictures. Sadly as I said I suspect I just thought it was funny when I was drunk! ;O)
      Hugs Daf xxx

  8. Hi Daf… Sos I’ve not been around.. been a busy bee like yourself and just trying to catch up with everyone… Hope all’s well in your world and you’re still finding time to get creative.. I was pretty impressed with what I’ve seen so far… 🙂
    Big hugs!

    • Hey Sparkly lady!
      Sadly I havent had much time for that kinda thing at all. Im half way through a picture and I reeeeally need to pick it up again soon or Ill lose the vibe of it.
      Hope that legs on the mend!
      Gonna hop over (oh God do excuse the pun) and see what youve been up to in a tick
      Hugs Daf xxx

  9. Androgoth Says:

    Hey have you gone AWOL HRH Daffy?
    it is time to pice together another one of
    your zany blogs… Well I hope that you
    are thinking of adding something, as we
    are wondering where you are, what you
    are doing and more importantly… Well
    we won’t dig too deep or the shovel will
    snap under the strain… lol Okay call by
    whenever you are in the neighbourhood,
    just watch out for any of those naughty
    Ghouls and bum pinching Skeletons… lol

    Androgoth XXx

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