And Im back in the room

Ya know I have a sneaking suspicion Ive used that blog title before. Is it possible to plaguerise yourself ya reckon?

Anywho lets see… been a massively busy bee lately (although Im gonna stop saying that cos it seems to be how I start all my blogs). Biggest news is that my daughter got her results yesterday and is now a fully fledged BSc.  Im sooooo proud of her cos shes worked her butt off.  I think she handled the news alot better than me cos I was practically in tears on the phone to her.  Its just I have seen her floggin her guts out over assignments and things,  stressing to bits over exams and its just so nice that her hard work has paid off.  Now if she can juuuust find a job itll all be peachy.

Last couple of weekends been out drinkin and boogying.  The first Saturday I was out with the Odd Squad cos it was one of their birthdays.  I think my daughter was starting to get disturbed cos every wierdo on the dance floor was trying to dance with me.  It was at that point I had to teach her the ways of what me and the girls call ‘the twat magnet’.  You can guarantee if you go on a girls night out,  one of you will have it.  You can never be sure who because its something  you unknowingly pass round eachother,  but on any given night one of you has it and every freaknut in the place will be drawn to that person. I think it’s just probably more disturbing when that person happens to be your mam.

Saturday after I was out drinkin and boogying again,  but it was a bit of a bizarre night cos I think alot of the teenyboppers had confused the word ‘nightclub’ with ‘fightclub’. Easy mistake to make to be fair but there were bouncers draggin people out and blood splattered shirts aplenty.  It was still however a rip roaringly good night and randomly there seemed to be loads of people dressed as pirates. Not even in one group. Just lots of em all over the place.  Course it could just be a new fashion thing Ive missed.  It was also one of those nights you think your drunk til you see some girl finding her way round the toilet wall by the sense of touch alone.  I really wish Id waited til she got to the door cos Im sure she was just gonna fall on her face.

 Spent the end of that night ranting to the taxi driver about Geordie Shaw. Dunno if youve heard of it but its a bloody travesty and I got half way through the first episode before getting so annoyed with it I had to remove it from my life forever! What was nice was that even though I was drunk and the taxi driver hopefully wasnt he completely joined in with my raging about how people from the north are always portrayed as half wits.

Last night had the fabulous Emz and her hubby round for a meal which was really nice.  I really love sitting round the table chewing the fat (thats a metaphor by the way and not what I fed em) with my mates.

Anyway I shall leave you with this little gem cos it reminds me of being on the dance floor on Saturday with my mate sayin ‘Im not dancing to Snoop Dogg’  and them goin ‘but this is Snoop Dogg’ and me goin ‘noooo Im not dancing to Snoop Dogg’ in a totally windy up way.  Ok not funny now I know but when I was drunk I thought I was hilarious.


7 Responses to “And Im back in the room”

  1. Hey Daf…..good to see you again
    I dunno Daf…..surely there is no boring way of getting rich whether you choose a few numbers or go around holding the stagecoach up dressed in a frilly shirt……got ‘Stand & Deliever’ in my head now and it isn’t going away!!

    Congratulations to your daughter and I really hope she has look following her dreams and her chosen profession. It is really, really tough out there especially for grad – fingers crossed.
    I know what you mean about the ‘twat magnet’ Guys pass it around too except we attract the guy who wants to fight/cry/harass or annoy you. I have a scar on my knuckle from a time long ago. I was making great headway with a girl i I had fancied for ages but this guy just would not leave me alone – best pals, he thought for some reason – things got a bit heated and I uncharacteristically swung for him – I only managed to catch my knuckle on his unfeasibly large fang and I ended up having an operation to repair the severed tendon in my hand. That’s why i never fight and no, I didn’t get the girl!!
    I refuse to watch shows like this Geordie share……It will show the lives of a few geordies and will do everything to make the rest of the world think you are all like that – which is probably not true….joking!
    I don’t do night/fight clubs any more – much rather stay in and do the fat chewing theing round the table – and it is what what I feed my guests!
    Hope all is well
    Take care
    Pete XX

    • Hey hey Pete!
      See stand and deliver reminds me of being about 12 at a disco with a white stripe across me nose with it running in the heat. I wasnt always this cool youll be amazed to know ;O)
      Ouch on the tendon in your hand. I presume thats why youre not at Wimbledon and never became a professional pianist, because its well documented that before you had the potential.
      Apparently youve posted a new blog so Im orf to read.
      See ya at your gaff!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  2. Planetnicola Says:

    Hello Mrs Daffskiiii,
    Do you mean Geordie Shore? I’ve heard of it, but never watched it :S I’m sure it paints an unrealistic view of Newcastle upon Tyne folk.. So I wouldn’t want to watch it. And understandably you’re peed off.
    Why is it, I was on about this last night, why is it taxi drivers are the wisest people going? Everytime I’ve ever got in a taxi it’s like sitting with some great sage! Until someone gets murdered… That is…And then it’s like all fingers pointing at the dodgy taxi bloke –> :S *dodgy taxi bloke*
    Urm… I’m a bit frightened to write, actually, cos usually when I do, you go missing – which makes ME feel like a twat lol
    I’m really pleased someone else (you! Lol) had a share of ‘The Twat Magnet’ I thought it was just me hogging it!!!

    Ahhh…But… What a fantastic life you lead…?! Dancing and bopping away to snoop doggy dog – I dance hoovering up.. Or just look like I’m dancing when I try to manoeuvre around the cat 😦 I feel so old now lol I used to own the dance floor like Ricky Gervais out of the office (or in the office should that be?!?)

    Anyway, congratulations to miss taryn (just typed Taryn in.. I think that’s how you spell it, apologies if not I’m still peed up from last night.. And spell check replaced it with ‘tartness’ I’m sure she wouldn’t like that! Haha!) I’m not sure what BSc is.. I’ll be honest.. but it sounds verrrry good and clever 🙂 bachelor of science or something? No, I give up..
    Well done, her x

    Snoop dog song has a clip of Felix in it one of my faves
    from the late 80s/early 90s 🙂 me likey – I might put it on my iPod for when I go walking.. And sweating?

    Okay, that t’was epic 😉
    Have a great weekend, Daffy

  3. Planetnicola Says:

    And yes… You have used that Paul McKenna/little Britain thing before roflao!!! :O)
    look into the eyes.. Not around the eyes.. But into the eyes *clicks fingers*
    anddddd…. You’re back in the….. Nightclub ha!

    • Heeeeeey Nicola!
      Honestly my comings and goings are nothing to do with your comments. I just get easily distracted by shiny things.
      Oh and youre right. It would appear that taxi drivers are either unappreciated genius’ (should that be genius’s? geniuses? geni-ii?) LMAO… youve probably guessed never used spell check in my life! (Mostly cos I have no idea if I even have it) Im so computer literate.
      Oh and you were spot on about it being a Batchelor of Science. Got her graduation soon so shell get to wear a gown and chuck her hat in the air. Sort of thing we do everytime were drunk basically!
      Actually you saying about that snoop song has nearly made me rant, cos your right. Its basically an oldie and goodie that hes murbled over the top of. Theres alot of it about at the moment and it bugs me cos the ‘artists’ act like its all their own doing when really theyre riding on the back of giants. GIANTS I TELLS YA *shakes fist at the sky*

      Ok I should probably go and take some deep breaths now.
      Hugs Daf xxx

  4. Hi Daffikins! 🙂

    I for one cannot do the club scene – demophobia – but I have done so in the past and seemed to attract prostitutes looking for trade! :S

    Never been desperate enough to pay for it, but still…

    Thanks for the visit and comment as always! 🙂

    I love Pat to death, but she and her family will do anything for money and set me up after I came out of Psychiatric with my God daughter Becky as bait in a honey trap.

    It failed, obviously, but even though it happened over a decade ago it still hurts.

    Right now Pat and Emily call me their best friend – even though they set me up again a couple of years back.

    On the plus side I passed with flying colours, but I brought Emily and Becky up from birth so what did they expect???

    Still: Pat is 60 on the 11th and no doubt we will have our own little party at her place and have a great time!!! 🙂

    Just hope the grandkids aren’t there – I get dreadfully paranoid when they’re around…

    As for the piccy: I used one of Pat with eldest daughter Rachel while both were sober! LoL!!!

    Love and hugs!


  5. Androgoth Says:

    Yes well first of all let me congratulate your daughter for this most wicked achievement, it is always very nice to be awarded something for such very hard work and a BSc is definitely a worthy reward at the end of years of her learning… Of course I am not too sure what ‘Snoop Dog’ would make of it but hey who gives a ‘Snoops Dogs Bottom’ what they think? lol

    It would seem that your Boogying Nights are filled with a combination of Excitement, Thrills, Twats, Taxi Drivers, Drunks and Wickedly Chosen Phrases but I bet you had a Ghoulishly Excellent time and that is what it’s all about Daffy…

    Okay my Busy-Bee-Buddy we need much more of your Fangtastic offerings next so get your thinking cap on and give us some… Nooooooooooooooo not that, I mean more input… lol

    Be Good Now Daffy, But Never Too Good Okay? lol

    Androgoth XXx

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