Tatty Tats.

Next week I’m gonna go get another tattoo. Now I love my ink but I have a few very definite rules I follow before I’ll get a new one; have to have seen the tattoo artists work before,  always design it myself so its a one off,  sit and look at it for weeks and months to be sure I like it and never let the price be a factor or you’ll end up with a compromise you didn’t really want etc.  I know they aren’t to everyones tastes but to each his own right?

Having said aaaaall that…..

Daffy’s Guide to Getting a Tattoo

1. Be sure to check your spelling. 



Mistakes are almost impossibile to correct later…


2. Id you have a short attention span and are prone to wandering off then a tattoo may not be for you.


3. If you are a religious person,  don’t be afraid to let it show through your body art.  In fact why not guess what Jesus fave sport was while you’re on?

Or why not take a stab at guessing his sexuality?

4. Don’t be afraid to get a little sexy with your tats (and when I say little I really mean it)




5. Tattoos are also a great way of commemorating a beloved pet or two.

(sadly these likenesses are completely accurate and the poor horses had to be destroyed due to horrible head deformities)



6. And what about those beloved children?

(just remember to keep it appropriate people)


And don’t forget, even children raised by wolves need to know they were loved.


7. Don’t be afraid to state the obvious.


 or be afraid to educate those around you

8. Don’t worry if your finances don’t stretch to that top rate tattoo artist,  any fool with a needle gun will do if your a bit skint.


9. And probably most important of all my tips… so long as you keep it classy you really can’t go wrong.


Yeah… now lets all go pour bleach in our eyes….


16 Responses to “Tatty Tats.”

  1. Gave me a chuckle there Daf… 🙂 I keep getting pestered to do tattoos from my two and their mates.. think I do enough already.. might have a go one day though… Be good to see a pic of your new one when it’s done… 🙂
    That’s great news about your girl too.. sos I never commented yesterday I was shattered… Tell her well done from me and I really hope she get’s a job soon… I was chuckling at your descriptive murblings about your night out.. brought back memories that tale.. it’s been a while since I experienced a night out like that… 🙂

    • Hey Sparkly Lady!
      Yeah I probably will post a pic but once its all healed and not lookin like a war wound!
      You would be soooooo good at doing tattoos! Could get yourself a nice little sideline.
      Oh and thanks on behalf of my daughter… gotta admit Im sooo proud of her!
      Hugs xxx

  2. All good reasons not to have a tattoo!!! LoL!!!

    Love and hugs Daff!!!


    • Yeah I have to be honest they make ya stop and think. But then if you got one as awful as they are why would you ever take a photo of it???
      People never cease to amaze me!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  3. jennygoth Says:

    hi daf had a laugh at the tats i havent got any but i like them on other people if i could have one thats not permamant then i would id like a dragon on my shoulder tat i mean lol i know a few old dragons id like to give the final needle too hmm thanks for the welcome back xxjen

    • Hey Jen!
      Well I got em all off the same site. There were masses of truely dreadful ones to choose from, some of them had me howling laughin and others just made me go ‘WTF? You did that in your right mind??’
      You could always get a henna tattoo. Ive heard they can last for aaaages.
      Hugs Daf xxx

  4. Hi Daffykins!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment!

    Doug is a mess and keeps getting himself in deeper despite all I do for him, but then booze rules his life!

    Trouble is he’s not trustworthy and knows the wrong kind of people, so I have to be VERY careful what I say around him!

    All I can do is give him a hand and keep him alive – soon even that may not be possible…

    God Bless sweety!!!


  5. Oooh, very nice, what you having? And pleaaasse don’t say a tattoo:)
    I watched a YouTube video the other day, (you know, one of those what you don’t know how you got to find – but wish you hadn’t?!) And it was a girl having a ‘V 4 vagina’ tattoo – the tattooist was all very plucky about doing it…like so. And then, he got down to doing it…and It wasn’t no where near her V, it was on her stomach! :S I mean, If you’re going to have directions on your body then atleast get it right! It’s like bad satnav!
    So yeah, did you design the wicked tattoo and is that a real picture? I can’t make it out.
    Picture 15 makes me lol
    Really. There’s some placement issues goin on there, it’s gotta be David Cameron’s arse.
    The I like cheese one looks like it’s been done by an inebriated mouse. And the lost one gets my votes.
    Yes, I’d like a tattoo, but I’m frightened of the commitment … As with most things in life! 🙂
    Tc, glad to see you on form!

    • Hey hey Nicola!
      Yeah my wicked one is real, but that pic is seriously messed about with cos I went through a ‘being artistic with photos’ phase ages ago and when Andro asked about it that was the only one I had on the pute. Thats the only tat I have with any colour on it, cos the triangle of the devil tail is red.

      You sound juuuust like my daughter. She really fancies a tat, and shell come up with a pic she really likes, and then two minutes later she changes her mind. Think its probably better to be cautious if youre not sure.

      As for the vid you were talking about. Maybe the girl was just a bit dumb and not awfully good at anatomy? LMAO! Once youve seen it you cant unsee it… thats kinda the problem.

      Have a fab weekend!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  6. jennygoth Says:

    hi daf hope you had a good day good luck to your girl hope she gets a job that she loves soon might try a henna if my fair skin allows it xxjen

  7. Androgoth Says:

    So does this mean that you will be showing us (In Detail) all of the locations of your tattoos HRH Daffy or is it just a Private Affair? lol Well at least you can show us the designs sometime… Well I only asked… lol Have a great day today and thank you for adding such a wicked posting… Don’t forget the / your tattoo pictures… lol

    Androgoth XXx

  8. The baby with the rat in his mouth looks awesome.

  9. Hi Daffs!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and visit – you are ALWAYS welcome!!! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


  10. Androgoth Says:

    Any sign of that tattoo yet HRH Daffy…
    Well I have to keep asking for everyone,
    it’s not every day that one has her / his
    own designed tattoo’s added so we are
    bound to be keeping up to speed on the
    progress… Where did you say the siting
    of this new tattoo was again?

    Oh you didn’t.. lol

    Have a wickedly excellent Friday now

    Androgoth XXx

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