The headless tatsman.

So happy Friday folks.  Hope youve all had a crackin week.  Mine’s been a bit of a mix of up and downy-ness,  but it’s Friday so nearly time for some weekend drinkin.

So lets see.  I was just thinkin about this earlier and Im sure I must come across as having a dual personality,  cos there’s the stuff I blog about my kids where Im all mummsy then theres the stuff I blog about playing out which is all beer and boogieing.  I like to think its about having balance in your life (and in my ideal of the perfectly balanced life theres not alot of dusting or hoovering… just sayin ;O)

So anyway on Wednesday I did indeed troll off and get my tattoo done.  Ive been tryin to get a snap of it,  but its all gone a bit Pete Tong cos my phone takes completely crap photos and my webcam isnt alot better,  and I appear to have lost my proper camera. 

So before I post these Im just pointing out that the blurriness is the camera and not the actual tat.  To be honest when the guy was done and I had a look I just about hugged him cos he always gives me exactly what I want.  Take him a pic and he puts in on your skin exactly as it looks on the paper.  That was a mean feat in itself cos his friend was there and she kept wagglin her fingers through the blind at me and pullin faces,  makin me giggle. 

So anyway its still a bit pink and mank but you get the general idea of what itll look like healed.


8 Responses to “The headless tatsman.”

  1. Ahhh! A fine Dragon methinks???

    Don’t go to Japan hun – tattoos have a VERY different meaning over there!!! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


  2. Bugger – forgot the notify box!!!

    Love ya!


    • Heeeeey,
      See now youve piqued my interest.. What would my tats mean in Japan?
      Its gonna be something bad isnt it LMAO!
      Well to be honest I have no particular plans to go there any time soon so I reckon I can cope.
      Hope your having a good Monday!
      Hugs Daf xxx

      • Hi hun! 🙂

        Yes, Tats are VERY bad in Japan – only criminals and the Yakusa wear tattoos and they also apologise by chopping pieces of fingers off, so if you meet a Japanese person with a missing finger be VERY wary!!! LoL!!!

  3. Androgoth Says:

    Now that’s definitely some wicked photographic evidence right there HRH Daffy, the tat is showing rather well and you have also managed to offer us a nice close up, now how cool is that?

    Of course we will be insisting on a weekly update on your progress, as in how it is developing but don’t worry by then you will have sorted out your camera and will be adding a whole album full as a special treat… lol Just kidding, it is a fangtastic dragon design and adds a touch of wickedness to your collection…

    Have a funtastic weekend of boogie boogie boogie and a few drinks thrown in for good measure… Be good now, but not too good okay? lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • LMAO! I think a weekly update would get a bit dull. Its really not gonna change that much from here on ;O)
      Hope you had a fangtastic weekend too! Oh and theres no danger of me ever being that good… not so much of the boogie woogie this weekend but definitely the drinkies!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  4. I prefer to use the term multi faceted… 😀 Love the new tattoo too… Hope you have a fun weekend… 🙂
    Big hugs!

  5. Planetnicola Says:

    Very nice… It’s a butterfly sitting on a dragon’s nose – where there was once fire – now reigns the promise of change. Okay, that was just an artistic interpretation! 🙂
    Have a you seen/read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?
    It’s really good. Yeah, there’s subtitles, but they’re fairly easy to read along with the film… and in my opinion it’s a fairly brilliant film. I’d really like a massive jaguar (the cat variety not car) tattoo on my back but then I suppose people would say I was a big pussy!
    You’re very brave to have this done, musta costa lotta moola ?
    Glad you had a good (and balanced) weekend!
    Hugs *and slightly having a small grope of tattoo!*

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