Jeebus H Crust…

Its dusty in here….

Thought it was about time I put in appearance just so everyone knows I havent been kidnapped by pirates or anything (not that I fancy their chances what with me being a ninja).

Girlchild is currently back home.  She is mid moving house and dates havent quite worked out as they should have so we currently have boxes piled all over the place.  My hall is like a giant game of tetrus and how shes managing to find anything I have no idea,  but hopefully keys will be in her hands mid week and itll just be a case of moving stuff over there over a period of a couple of days. We’ve been doing alot of kicking about together,  hence my lack of computer time.

The other day we went to this kinda indoor market thing,  and were browsing round one of the kinda jumble shops (cos I cant resist those places for books) and having picked up an Ngaio Marsh I havent read was at the check out and the very nice middle aged lady said to us ‘You both look sensible.  Are you interested in DVDs?’ and proceded to grab a handfull from under the counter.  First thought to cross my mind was ‘God whats she getting out?’ bearing in mind I was with my daughter,  second was ‘How does looking sensible mean youre into 18 videos?’ and then to add to my confusion they were perfectly innocuous ones like Lawnmower man and there was a Nicole Kidman one in there. Hardly massively dodgey.  Some people are just wierd.

So over the weekend I was out and about.  Was just coming out of the loos in the pub when this woman came in. Place was very small so as she came in she stepped to her left to let me get to the door,  and sadly her bum set off the hand dryer on the wall.  I have never seen anyone jump so high! LMAO!

Right I will leave you with this review I came across on Amazon cos it made me snigger rather alot. 

This has to be one of the best masks ever made, in the long history of mask making. As my profile says, I’m from Michigan, and what do Michiganders enjoy more then anything? Hunting!! I mean, why go to the store and buy some steaks when you can spend $800 on a high powered rifle with a $500 scope, and then sit in the freezing cold all day to hopefully get some meat?

Every year on opening day of rifle season, my son and I go out into the woods. Not to shoot deer, but to mess with the hunters. He wears brown pants, a brown shirt, and brown mittens, and tops off the outfit with the wonderful “deer furry plush animal hat”. I show up armed with a 130db megaphone.

We arrive at the biggest, busiest game area just before dusk and we both stay in our tree blind, and wait until it starts to get dark. Then I lower my son to the ground, and tell him where to run. As he is on all fours, running like a deer through the brush, I’m scoping the area for the hunters who are eying up the “deer”. When they are ready to fire, I grab my megaphone and yell “LOL, IT’S MY KID IN A DEER COSTUME” and they normally crack up laughing! So far we’ve tricked at least ten hunters, and they absolutely love it!

We are planning a trip out west, and I am very interested in finding a moose hat to purchase for my son’s 6th birthday. He would absolutely LOVE running around with those big antlers on his head.

I would HIGHLY recommend this product. Thanks for reading.


15 Responses to “Jeebus H Crust…”

  1. And you let these people own guns???


    Love and hugs!


  2. Just caught your comment! 🙂

    Yeah I heard of ‘Firefly’, but I have yet to see it – a lot of stuff gets trashed over in the US and we never get to see it here – like the latest series of ‘Stargate’ and ‘Stargate Atlantis’ which we get on DVD, but not on TV…

    Hope you have a great week!

    Love ya!


  3. Androgoth Says:

    I hope that he doesn’t come into
    contact with a DEAF HUNTER then
    or his young son will be stuffed high
    on a wooden plaque one of these
    evenings 🙂 lol

    Hey I bet amongst those DVD’s were the Fakawi Tribe its a long story this one so don’t be getting too bored as I type it all out… Okay I will give you it in… I mean I will give you it in the shorter version.

    Basically the film starts with a bunch of Hunters looking for a tribe of Thindians, well thinner one’s than normal, and not the Fat one’s with the big ears and little you know whats? 🙂 Anyway as they look in the tall grass they keep hearing the unique jingle of the Fakawi so they instinctively know that they are on the right track, of course when it comes down to the crunch it’s just a tribe of smaller one’s, and because the grass is so tall they can’t see where they are going and so the jingle was shouted out like this… ‘Where the Fakawi, Where the Fakawi’, if you catch my drift? 🙂 lol

    How do you mean what has this got to do with my blog? 🙂

    Well sweet F.A. is the answer to that one but at least you enjoyed my Crap story while it lasted didn’t you HRH Daffy and let me just say how wicked it is to see you back here in WordPress blogging away and being sooooooooooooooo wicked 🙂

    By the way I hope that those keys come through sooner rather than later, and that your Tuesday is a truly Fangtastic one…

    Androgoth XXx

  4. Planetnicola Says:

    Well, you seem to blog then disappear – so it makes me wonder if this is really worth it?
    But of COURSEEeeee it is!!! 🙂
    Can’t not write to my little bloggy chum can I?
    How’s it going? Is she still there or has she gone? Have the tetris blocks now vanished to a ‘game over’ or did you rejoice with the little rocket, some Russian music and a new high score? Obviously you’d only get that joke if you were a tetris player extraordinaire … Like me! haha. You always knew when you’d over indulged in tetris cos you’d see the little blocks piling up in your sleep and wondering where the next 4x line block would come from! 🙂

    The nutty sales assistant sounds like a great idea for a book.. I can see it now: sensible customer goes in to buy some sensible novels and then gets tricked into buying dodgy DVDs that, once viewed, makes the sensible customer morph into very un-sensible book reader!
    Yes, it’s a Stephen King novel in the making!

    Having a chuckle about above comment ‘Fakawi’
    I’m surrrreee they have a sister tribe called ‘Fakami’
    Cos I’m always wondering:
    where the friggity am I?
    Okay laters! Hope you’re week is better than mine!

    • Androgoth Says:

      There is also a ‘Fagami’ too but
      teapots and war don’t mix too well
      so they never get a mention 🙂 lol

      Just Kidding…


  5. I’ve never played tetrus.. presume it’s a game..? :-/
    Hey there’s someone stranger than me out there hehehe… I feel quite normal in comparison now.. there’s hope for me yet… 😀
    The comments made me chuckle too.. my kinda humour that… Hope your girlchild has a smooth move into her new home and is happy there.. bet you’ll miss her when she’s gone.. maybe not the boxes though eh… 🙂
    Big hugs!

    • Planetnicola Says:

      Tetris was the flagship and highly addictive, original game, for the Nintendo Game Boy. Blocks fell from the top of the screen and you’d have to arrange them before they built up and fell faster. You’d probably now know it as the Nintendo DS…
      Although I’m way too old these days for these type of gizmos – I leave these toys to the likes of Helen Mirren et al!

      • Thankyou for that info Nicola.. see how well up I am on the games consoles… 😦 I couldn’t even get the hang of sonic the hedgehog for a six year old.. decided at that point not to bother again and stick to the art… :-/

  6. jennygoth Says:

    ive had a tetrus jab lol aww enough not even a good joke i love looking around old shops that sell junk might find a picaso one day hope you enjoy moving your girl into her new home when i did with mine i did all the work lol have a fun week jenxx

  7. Androgoth Says:

    I hope that you are planning on adding some more blogs Daffy, well as soon as you have moved all those boxes out that is 🙂 lol Have a wonderful weekend now and Boogie, Boogie 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  8. Androgoth Says:

    Come Out, come Out Wherever You are 🙂 lol
    Have you gone again or is this disappearance
    just an illusion and really you are scrawling a
    new blog, in between shifting boxes around,
    I guess that you will be calling in on me again
    sometime soon, possibly within the next month
    or so, just bring along some treats when you
    do call by and we can all have a Zombie Party 🙂
    Well it was just a thought HRH Daffy 🙂 lol

    Come Back soon Now…

    Androgoth XXx

  9. jennygoth Says:

    hi dafs here i am again helllooo hows you xxjen

  10. Androgoth Says:

    Where are you Daffy? 🙂 lol

    Have a great weekend…

    Androgoth XXx

  11. Planetnicola Says:

    When the dust settles… Pledge. Lol x
    Bejebuz. It’s bloody dusty in here…
    AhhhhhhH ChooooO !

  12. Yes I agree the dust is getting thicker
    by the minute, where are you Daffy? 🙂
    Planet Nicola has spoken and now so
    have I… So get some postings sorted
    out next or I will have to send Zombies
    round to give you a good prompting 🙂
    Nooooooooo that isn’t rude either, well
    I don’t think that it is anyway? lol

    Androgoth XXx

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