Bumjourno. So how’ve you been?

Been trying to find time to do this for daaaaaaays and when I finally get round to it Im sat here feeling rough as a badgers butt and my brains telling me ‘no thinky’ but Im gonna keep typin anyway and see what comes out :O)

So to begin with…  Girl child is now comfortabley ensconsed in her own abode,  boy child has been accepted into the uni of his choice,  but has decided to live at home for at least the next year cos he knows which side his breads buttered on. He doesnt start until the 20th September so were still currently in bumming about mode.

I have been enjoying the sunshine and  partaking in the holiday vibe (which includes drinking plenty of wine and getting to splash my feet in the sea) Oh and BBQing fried eggs. I got maaaad skills I tells ya.  God I cant believe how long it is since I did a blog!

Last Monday was the wedding of the year.  Well no it wasnt,  it was my mate getting married to fox hunty lady.  Having ‘unfortunately’ not made it to the day time do,  I decided I really should show my face at the evening one. My mate was off his box drunk,  and his new wife spent the entire evening with a face like a smacked bum,  stalkin about askin where he was.  I suspect she may be a bit of a bunny boiler.  Fortunately there were a few of my mates there and we managed to have a good night in spite of things.  It was interesting to see who got an invite and who didnt though,  cos as part of his upwardly mobile climb he’s obviously decided a couple of his old mates just dont make the grade.  Some people need a slap back to reality.

Anywhoo as part of boychild’s recreational persuits,  while he’s had all this time on his hands, we’ve  been working our way through this list of mind bending films he found.  I’ll skip over the really famous ones (things like Inception,  the Machinist,  Usual Suspects and that kinda thing).  If you find yourself with time on your hands and want to spend some time scratching your head,  these would be my recommendations…

Getting the booby prize for completely wierd and slightly disturbing we have Pi (which I don’t seem to have the mathematical symbol for on my keyboard). 

Coming in third, not overly one to make you scratch your head but it was just rather good, Dark City.

In second place the somewhat confusing but very beautiful The Fountain.

And romping away in first place with its ability to make you go ‘what just happened?’ we have Primer. Low budget and written by a mathematician it explores the ramifications of time travel.  This one made my brain melt and I need to watch it at least twice more to even begin getting my head round it.



18 Responses to “Bumjourno. So how’ve you been?”

  1. Planetnicola Says:

    I must see those last two. The fountain looks particularly intriguing.
    And while on the subject of marriages and that film can’t believe Rachel Weisz has married Daniel Craig… ? she is just sooooo lucky!
    No surprises then how you turned up to the night do and missed the day out completely lol
    … Nothing to do with the booze, I bet?! hahaha
    If she keeps on how she acted she might find she’s not just spending her wedding night trying to find her bloke!
    Sorry to be bitchy, but I am on the side of my little foxy friends. Think how I feel when I visit bf’s (sorry, I know) dad’s farm. They’re all for badger culling, and I am SO against it. I literally have to bite my own tongue off for fear of causing major rift. I think there’s country practices and there’s just plain cruelty covered up with any lame old excuses for it.
    No, not my scene… I’m kinda glad her night sucked. And happy that you had a good one….Cos you’re luvurwey
    Okay, take care… See you in a few months lol

    • Oh I dont think you were being bitchy. I totally agree. I think if you can be cruel to animals it says an awful lot about you, know what I mean? If there is a humane way of doing something then surely considering we’re supposed to be civilised that’s the way we should be doing it and even then I’m talking about geniune pest control and animals reared as food.
      Would definitely recommend giving the Fountain a whirl cos I really liked it (although it is a bit sad in places). I suspect someone has a bit of a crush on Daniel Craig too ;O)

      Was just thinkin myself I’m massively remiss with my blogging these days so I’m really gonna try and be about a bit more cos I’m just being a lazy bugger really!

      More hugs xxx

      • Planetnicola Says:

        Yep, absolutely. I agree entirely! x

      • Yes I agree with that too 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx

      • See I wanna believe you two are agreeing with my stance on animal rights but I suspect youre actually agreeing that IM a lazy blogger.
        Pssssssht Ive been here loads today :OP

      • Actually I was agreeing with you on animal Rights but I was mainly agreeing with Planet Nicola on how wickedly lazy you have become… Now how about that for complete honesty? 🙂 lol
        Okay, okay let’s give you a break…

        Nooooo not from blogging as you have already had a looooooooooooooooooong break… time to get your act together Daffy instead of living it up every night and being too wicked for anything else, including blogging on a regular basis 🙂 lol

        I hope that you have lots of plans sorted for the weekend and at least one blog too? 🙂 Have fun now, I always do, well usually I do 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  2. Planetnicola Says:

    PS Pi? Um, I don’t have the mathematical symbol, either… but I do have some nice custard. If that’s any help 😀
    Haha actually for a second I thought it was the film for the life of Pi which is a great, but equally strange book. Ummm.. Ok, byeee x

  3. Hey Daf your lad sounds just like mine… He’s hooked me onto some heavy documentaries.. brill though… I don’t know how he finds some of them… He’s just started a new job.. but has decided staying at home is the best option too… :-/
    As for your friend.. not a very nice thing to drop friends like that… You can’t measure the quality of a person dependant on status of life… It don’t bode well in my eyes on the forever front as it sounds like he’s doing what she wants.. rather than being true to himself… But we all have our lifepath to travel and life lessons to learn and I’m sure he’ll learn his in time like we all do… 🙂
    Sorry to hear you feel rough.. hope you feel better soon… 🙂
    Big hugs!

  4. Glad to have you back Daffski!!! 🙂

    Sounds like the wedding was a bit weird – you may be right about the Bunny Boiler though!!! Sheesh!!!

    Have a great week my friend and God Bless!


    • It was wierd! Usually I think weddings have a lovely atmosphere, but that one was very strange. Only saved by the fact there were a few of my good mates there and there was plenty wine flowing.
      And do I detect a hint of sarcasm in the comment about the pute? ;O)
      More hugs Daf xxx

  5. Thanks for your visit and comment hun! 🙂

    The six reasons why the guy who fixes your computer hates you are all too familiar!!! 😦

    I have one more to add: When I say don’t use your computer for anything other than email until tomorrow because I haven’t installed the antivirus yet it’s for a reason and I really enjoyed installing everything from scratch because you can’t stay away from Porn sites!!!

    Next day: Oooh look – SIX Trojan programs – guess you weren’t listening…

    God Bless!


  6. Ooooooh YEAH!!! 😦

    Stepdad Hugh is a retired Police Officer who reckoned he was an expert because he was on the PNC terminal before he retired and needed no teaching – If I could burn and bury my phone believe me I would because he has come up with the dumbest mistakes you can imagine and then some!!!

    Outlook Express is one of the few programs that Microsoft wrote that are pretty straightforward, but Hugh makes the same mistakes repeatedly to the point that when he got an email from his daughter Clair, he assumed he already had the neccessary software to open a .wps file Which is from Microsoft Works.

    Even when I told him he couldn’t open it he stubbornly insisted he could because he hadn’t deleted any of the freeware programs I had installed the LAST time he played with Malware…

    No wonder I get headaches…

    God Bless!


    • Gawd theres nothing worse than someone who thinks they know something they dont, cos you cant tell em!
      I feel your pain. Perhaps you could just tell him you burnt and buried your phone though? Or when he rings pretend to be a taxi service or something. Course the downside of that is if he ever rings wanting a taxi youll have to go get him ;O)
      Hugs Daf xxx

      • Oh if ONLY I could!!! 😦

        Mum’s still mad at him for downloading porn so if she wants to rant she uses the office phone – which Hugh also uses to call me when he has a problem, which so far has been every time…

        Ooh my aching head… LoL!!! 🙂

  7. So is that new bride tea-total or does she just not like a drink or something? 🙂 😉 lol She definitely had a face like a smacked R’s by the sounds of your description and I bet their first night, I mean their first legal night was a drag too, maybe she managed to scrape her knuckles off the bedroom floor long enough for a bit, nooooooooooo I mean a bit of a kip as your friend was just too Brahms and Liszt for any of those nocturnal heroics, mind you if she had her riding crop handy I would imagine that it came in handy, if onlt to give the Butler a good thrashing at breakfast time 🙂 lol

    How do you mean what the hell am I talking about? 🙂 lol Never mind it’s not important, but what is important is that you have managed a blog after about three years of trying, and even enjoyed a bit of the wedding so how about that for wicked? lol Right I will just have a quick look around your Space and hope the dust isn’t too thick, this Cape is quite new and I can’t be having it looking like it’s been dragged through a hedge no matter how lazy you are at blogging, I mean at tidying round 🙂 lol

    Okay I am going next, so have a wicked rest of evening and don’t be taking so long before writing another blog, or else? 😉 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  8. I will be checking out ‘Primer’, I’ve already seen Dark City, which was a bit odd to say the least. The bloke who hosted the Crystal Maze was in it, wasn’t he? Richard O’Brian? Wasn’t a bad film though, would’ve liked to see more closure at the end though. Everything else looks boreing though.

    I hate weddings! I avoid them at all costs, especially fmaily ones. May as well be a strangers wedding cos most my cousins don’t even know me! 😛 haha

    Glad ya had a good time though and also glad that girl child is all set up and boy child has got in to the Uni of his choice. He aint daft is he? Stay at home for a while, save the pennies and let ole Mam and Dad support him! lol Ya so soft hearted, Daffers!

    Talk soon matey! Moocho love! :O) xx

    • You sure you fancy watching that film Phil? Cos Dave C doesnt get bummed in it. And I thought thats all you were interested in?
      Reeeeally gonna stop that now. Its gone too far.
      Oh and Ill totally kick your ass if you get all pretentious. Cant really see it myself. No one that uses the word c**t as often as you do could be considered borgeois! ;O)
      Reet off for Zzzzzs

      • I’ll give the film a go when I caught up on my studies, fell behind because of new medications and bloody illness! And if I’m gay for David Cameron then you’re gay for Anne Widecombe! You know you want some minge action! And yeh, I do say cunt quite a lot… why’d you put stars in it? You’re such a woman! lol ;O)

        Anyway mate, all the best for the week ahead, talk soon take care and moocho loveski! x

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