So today apparently my blogs are buy one get one free :O)

I just came across this and had to share it cos it tickled me so much.

Bacially two chatbots (which are obviously meant to talk to people) wired up to talk to eachother.  Text is sent back and forward between them and then turned into speach on the screen.

I am no longer afraid robots will take over the world any time soon.



9 Responses to “So today apparently my blogs are buy one get one free :O)”

  1. LOL! Imagin if Terminator was like that? Wouldn’t be big in Hollywood but the hipster indie crowd would love it!

    “Wow! It’s like… So deep! Two emotionless computers discussing God. It’s, like, SO retrospective and indicitive of modern life!”

    That’s where I’d have to step in slap one of them! Reminds me of Monkey Dust. Check this out:

    Some of text I’ve been reading and my essay’s sound like that bloke! 😛 Kill me if I ever turn in to one of those wankers!

    Mooocho loveski matey! Be back for the other blog later. :O) xx

    • Its good to be free of my borgoise signifiers.
      LMFAO! Oh I might need to watch a few more of those.
      And I hadnt forgotten where you live. Knew it was S. but my geography is beyond terrible and I thought you were closer to Leeds than Manchester.
      Course that probably offended you cos you Liverpuddlians are all the same ;O)
      Have a great day amigo!
      Huggleski Daf xxx

      • Hiya budski! :O)

        Yeh, they’re good, but they only did about four small segments of the Pretentious Wankers, but they are great. You should check out the show they come from, ‘Monkey Dust’! It’s great too, shame they stopped it after series 3!

        Leeds? Um, nah! lol When you saw the Riots where I live on the news, that was litterly right around the corner from me.

        Scouser? I’d rather be gay for David Cameron than be a mickey! Us Stockport types hate Mickies!

      • Btw… who clicked option 4 on your poll 50 times? hmmmm *scratches chin*

  2. Yes well now I have seen it all 🙂 lol

    Okay as you will probably be another month or more before you blog again I will leave my comment in reply to you from the Monster recipe posting on here, and that way you can feel at ease over your Butcher in the Basement scenario… lol

    Here Goes then –

    Yes I will have to make the recipe a bit less frightening on the ingredients however seeing as you have the meat order nicely
    secured in your basement; I mean of course your Butcher who’s Dong must be getting a tad weary by now with all that feasting and in and out… of the fridge will definitely upset his routine, maybe you could offer him some Ketchup as a reward? Now depending on how kinky he is there could be some surprises in the recipe, for instance the electrodes could need revamping, or perhaps his bolts are a bit wonky? lol

    Anyway I will have to send you the correct ingredients so that your understanding of his bits will fit in the correct sequences, well it will if you are any good at doing jigsaws? But don’t worry about that aspect for now, just keep him secured with the handcuffs, if he is a bit of a loud mouth then I can add a gag order in with your recipe ingredients, that should shut the arsehole up long enough to apply the Cork (Sorry About The Pun lol) but make sure you give it a hefty whack with the mallet just to make sure and then you can slap his arse and that’s that 😉 🙂

    Okay enough said, besides I bet you are an excellent
    recipe builder and so this one will be truly simplistic 🙂

    Androgoth XX

  3. God youre just like Jamie Oliver arent you? Make it sound so simple 😉
    And stop nagging meeeeeee! See Im here again already 😛
    Have a fab day!
    Hugs Daf xxx

  4. Daffers………how good to here from you again and you truly are back on form.

    Had a bit of a sabbatical myself recently and to think, once upon a time I managed to often write a blog everyday and funnily enough I was reading through a few of them the other night and they aren’t all bad at all…….some good stuff there that I’d completely forgotten about which I was surprised I wrote – definitely missing my way in life!

    Even if I am sent on garden leave I wont be doing any gardening. Not really the green fingered type – I leave all that to Mrs J not that we have a big garden.

    Apart from my job hopping I haven’t really done so much recently – well certainly nothing worth getting excited about. I work all week and drink all weekend and that’s about it really.

    Glad to know you are well – take care

    Pete X

    • Hey hey Pete!
      I may be back on form, but that still makes me a particularly low standard of blogger. I find WordPress alarmingly grown up and also people are reeeeeally bothered about their grammar (although it is nice to take care of the old dear…. yeah groan all ya like but its as good as Im getting today!)
      I must also apologise for the appalling behaviour of myself and another blogger who shall remain nameless (Phil obviously) as I had no wish to mention bumming on your blog but felt obliged to defend my actions.
      Know what you mean about the blogging. Im very sporadic (both in my blogging and my dance moves which has nothing to do with anything), but it is nice to have a read back occasionally.
      Hope your having a good week and roll on October and your new job!!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  5. hi dafs nice to see you back crazy vid lol my youngest gone back to college must say i miss her through the day but my purse is fuller than usual lol have a great week bummin around lol xxjen

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