Peace One Day

Having read a couple of blogs about the anniversary of 9/11,  I thought Id redress the balance a wee bit by posting this. 

“The person who says it cannot be done
Should not interrupt the person doing it.”
(Chinese Proverb)




2 Responses to “Peace One Day”

  1. Planetnicola Says:

    Yes, but don’t you think that peace is just something we’ve made up in our minds? Peace… well, it rarely happens in nature. Because nature is something uncontrollable, chaotic, volatile. I know that wars are unnecessary and awful, but they are something which animals do. Fighting is part of the process.
    However, 9/11, in my opinion, was not a territorial act, not based on defence, not based on the thought of protecting their own citizens – but to create chaos, to create a distraction. Peace won’t happen ‘one day’ it’s already in our hearts and minds… but sadly so is corruption and destruction. The universe wasn’t built out of peace – and so are not we.
    Food for thought, I think.. but I would never want to interrupt a person trying to make peace.
    Funny how we have the ability for both peace and chaos.. ?

    Over n’ out (I am pretty wrecked tonight lol)

    • Heeeeeeey Nicola!
      Well if Im honest this comment has slightly disappointed me, after you said you couldnt remember leaving it I was expecting the ramblings of a drunk and actually it didnt sound drunk at all.
      I was kinda hoping youd go ‘Youre my besssssht mate’ and then burp loudly. (Im proper sniggering at the thought actually)
      But anyway I think you do have a point that nature is kinda chaotic and also brutal, and although were supposed to be all civilised we’re a long way from being that civilised.
      It would be very naive to think that the world is anywhere close to a point of permenant peace. The idea behind Peace One Day is simply to create as much of a cessation of hostilities on the 21st September 2012 as possible, to enable aid workers to do their thing.
      I gather from your comment above that you watched the video at a later point. The bit where he’s talking about getting a letter from the Taliban agreeing to the ceasefire I thought was pretty amazing.
      Then again I think he’s a pretty amazing man cos for one person to create this kind of huge ripple in world affairs is massively cool.
      Anwhooo hope youre having a great weekend!
      Hugs Daf xxx

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