Pizza with menace.

So just a quicky before the weekend is uponce me,  and it may just be me but I got this leaflet through the door the other day and it rather amused me so I thought Id share.

Ask yourself… if you fancy a take away of an evening,  has it ever crossed your mind ‘ya know who I need a pizza off? the terminator thats who.’

So I dunno who’s little brain storm this was but Im not sure I wanna feel the intimidating presence of a predator peering over my shoulder while Im omnomnomming.  I bet they dont have any copyright deal to do it either.

So anyway it did inspire me to check out what was on offer.

I would draw your attention to the last topping there.  Sorry is it just me? Cos Ive never heard of boiled egg on a pizza and I just cant conceive of how it could possibly be a good idea.

Also if you fancy something with a bit of American appeal try the Americano kebab…

The contents of which are from many places,  but nothing remotely American.

And finally if youre gonna take advantage of any of the special offers please remember…




10 Responses to “Pizza with menace.”

  1. I take it no one ‘will be back’ then? …
    Boiled eggs on pizza, eh? what will they think of next..
    brussel sprouts on your fish and chips?! Gross…!

    Actually, I quite like the idea of anything on top of a pizza, right now, cos I’ve had no tea 😦 I could even eat a pizza on top of a full english breakfast, with a side serving of scabby arnie horse (whatever that is?!)

    anyhoos.. have a fab weekend
    Ps sorry about the comment underneath, I had no idea it came with a video.. in fact, i had no idea i’d even written the whole thing until the day after, scary really… ok c’yous xxx

    • Hey heeeeeey Nicola!
      Yeah I really shouldnt go posting pizza menus so close to tea time even when they are silly ones.
      Its just one of those things you never think youll need to say when ordering a pizza ‘Arnie Special please and hold the boiled egg’
      Oh and have you left me a drunk comment?? LMAO! They used to be my speciality, Ill have to go see what you said.
      Hugs Daf xxx

    • IWow that sounds a tad naughty Planet Nicola, anything on Pizza I mean? 🙂 lol I wonder what Jam and Cheese would be like? there is nothing like a good combo is there? lol

      Well I only said 🙂 😉 lol

      Androgoth Xx

  2. A few years back our local Indian takeaway made the BEST Kebabs ever and were the delight of a Saturday night of mates, computer games and booze!

    Today you pay the same, plus £2 delivery charge, for a light snack which is mostly Naan bread and not much else!

    I could have understood the price going up, but apparently the place is under new management…

    Mmmm… Food… 😛

    Love and hugs!


  3. Hi Daffs! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    Doug is a mess: He’s alcoholic, so when he’s sober he makes a big thing of being totally harmless, yet tried to terrorise me into guarding his flat because he’s friendly with the Ward gangster family – I just laughed! 🙂

    Next he started getting drunk and threatening to get a gun and shoot everyone who had ever crossed him, starting with the social workers who handled his case and ending with the staff at the DHSS and Job Centre.

    Then he began making colourful suicide threats, talking about going to the Job Centre and cutting his throat in front of the staff, then he faked three suicide attempts and last heard was writing suicide notes.

    For somebody who wants to die he’s making a lot of effort to stay alive!!!

    All I can do is wait for him to shove his suicide note through my door so I can phone him an Ambulance…

    I agree about Torchwood – the full series is on iPlayer – but Like you say, violence went right over their heads while they were bitching about two guys kissing!!!

    MMMMM!!! Noodles!!! 😛

    I haven’t had breakfast either so I’m looking forward to that!!! 😛

    Love and squishy hugs! 🙂


  4. i think prenin needs an arnie pizza just for protection lol sorry prenin xx pizzas dont do anything for me neither does arni now ozzy pizza id indulge in any time anything goes on top and haard crust filling lol sounds rude doesnt it ? have fun dafs xxjen

  5. I don’t eat many pizzas but I do like those that are on French toast, well I think it is French, I mean it could be Japanese or Bulgarian, maybe even Spanish for all I know but the pizzas are yummy that’s for sure, now I have not had an Arnie Pizza or a Posh Spice Pizza either now that I think of it but Pepperoni ones or Cheese and Tomato are very nice indeed, especially if washed down with some of the RED stuff of course… Okay daffy go and put the Pizzas on we are all staying for supper 🙂 😉 lovely

    Androgoth XXx

  6. Androgoth Says:

    Daffy get the Pizzas on…
    We ALL Want Some You Know 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

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