What the heckerty? (See what I did there cos its nearly Halloween?)

Its all different here since last time I did a post.  Took me a while to find my way.  However now Im here I shall fill you all in on the goings on of late.

Girlchild survived the scuba diving in Ibiza and the underwater pictures made me howl laughing cos basically the bubbles on either side of her head made her hair stand up in a point on every single one of em.  Also she’s got a job (HUZZAAAAAAH!). Its just part time but enough to tide her over til she finds something she likes more.

Boychild has settled nicely into uni so thats my two big worries from over the summer gone so another rip roaring HUZZAAAAAAAAAAH!

Moving along,  couple of weeks ago I wandered into the Monday night pub,  and it was really quiet.  Usually on Mondays they have a darts/pool/dominoes competition which they play for meat (I kid you not) and usually on Mondays I partake of the cheap wine,  free food and sit at the back taking part in nothing but drunken conversations.  However this particular Monday cos it was really quiet the girl who runs the competitions pleaded with me to have a game of dominoes just so she had enough people,  and even though Id turned up without my flat cap and pipe,  being a tad drunk already,  I aquiesced.  Im only telling you this cos even though Im deeply ashamed I know you wont tell anyone.  Anyhoo did you know the rules your grandma teaches you when your little are completely different from pub rules?? Needless to say I was appalling and got knocked out straight away,  and Ill never let it happen again.  I really have to try and retain a modicum of my coolness.

Made up for it a wee bit the following Wednesday by going to see Nero who had a bass so dirty it made your face look like you were in a wind tunnel. Got rip roaringly drunk and finished the evening with a manky chicken wrap.  Good times!

Last Saturday was at an early Halloween party.  Went as a sort of purple devil thing and this year my costume wasnt the disaster my Carrie was last year.  Dunno if I ever blogged about that,  but basically the dress and wig were made out of material that made my fake pigs blood go pink no matter how much of it I slopped on.  The only problem I had this year was getting through doors with my wings on.  Havent got any proper pics of that night yet,  but heres one I took just before I went out

It was a good night,  although there was this particularly annoying woman there who seemed to grope everyone in sight (including the women),  get stupidly drunk (and for me to think it was stupidly drunk she musta been going some) then chuck red wine on the carpet. She also grabbed Tat (girlchild) by the hand and said with tears in her eyes how lovely it was to finally meet her because shed heard about her her whole life. Ive met this woman twice and told her nothing.  Apparently after Id gone poor Emma had to carry her to the car and I gotta say this woman was not small.  I dunno what she was meant to be dressed as but she looked like Boadicea with small black wings.

Biggest news we have is the new addition to our family.  I now have the most teeny gorgeous grandkitty (Girlchild got him for her BFs birthday).  So every Sunday now when we go over I get to have a cuddle of the most gorgeous teeny bit of fluff ever in the wooorld. Youll have to excuse my sniggering on this,  but he just makes me chortle with his cuteness.  My son however had to tell him that friends dont climb up friends with their razor sharp claws,  specially when youre only wearing a thin t shirt.

Anywhooo gonna shurrup babbling now and hopefully tomorrow have a hop round and see what everyones been up to.


6 Responses to “What the heckerty? (See what I did there cos its nearly Halloween?)”

  1. Hi Daffski! 🙂

    Love the piccies and I hope you have a great Halloween!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  2. Androgoth Says:

    Happy Halloween Daffy
    and don’t be doing anything
    that I might do either 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Whoa….and don’t you look good. Halloween suits you.
    Personally not much of a Halloween fan because it’s my birthday on the 1st so I tend to enjoy celebrating that plus the fact the knocks on the door and the looks of disappointment when I offer only cheap sweets and tell em to f off when they ask for money…..gets a bit irritating after a while. But you had fun and looked marvellous too.

    Thanks for your kind words about my situation. I believe there is something out there somewhere for me no matter what it is and I have to just keep at it….Sunday and I was applying for jobs a little earlier!!! I believe I’ll get what i deserve because I certainly didn’t deserve how I ended up in this situation in the first place!!

    Take care

    Pete XX

  4. Planetnicola Says:

    Hey up!
    Long time no see!
    Is that your fayther on the video? Kitty (or I’ve affectionately, in my mind, called him ‘Socks’ looks like he’s doing a Rocky impression.. I can hear ‘eye of the tiger’ playing somewhere 😀
    Very nice outfit.. you must have been drinking some serious RedBull (hence the wings!)
    Pleased you’re feeling less anxious now all your little munchkins are sorted out with accommodation and work (pheww.. The relief!)
    and seem so settled down that you’re enjoying the delights of domino playin (yeah, it’s not the same is it? I’ve played at my local, my dads in the team – and they don’t play for fun either..! You wouldn’t believe that such a yawn fest of a game could be taken so serious.. they even have a special technique in holding the tiles! :S

    Glad you’re well and still up to your naughty partying ways. I’m on day 16 of being drink free. I’m very boring these days.. but never felt better!
    Except I wish I could say the same about my chin, I’ve turned into a adolescent boy (very spotty.. must be the toxins?)

    Take care, and happy HaLloWeEn!!

  5. Planetnicola Says:

    PS enjoyed the Nero video and tune too.. quite into the whole Dubstep thing atm and definitely into anime..(porn!) lol shhh! Don’t tell anyone 🙂 x

  6. Hi Daf.. sos i’ve not been about much.. I’m on a creative roll with my painting… I’m fit for nothing by the time I drag myself away from it.. plus life’s events and suchlike have kept me busy.. you know how it is… 🙂 You do make me chuckle.. so do your friends with their responses . makes for lighthearted reading.. knowing I’m not the only madhead around here hahaha… 🙂
    I missed the halloween night celebrations.. but made up for it bonfire night.. from what I remember of it… 😛 Glad you enjoyed it.. good piccy of you btw … 🙂
    Right I’m off to carry on with the painting.. I’ve not done any today yet as I wanted to catch up with everyone… 🙂
    Hope you’re having a fun weekend… 🙂
    Big hugs!

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