Dammit I have a really annoying song stuck in my head.

Ya remember that Billie Piper piece of trash where she just kept saying ‘because we want to’ ? Well its stuck in my head and I cant seem to exorcise it (which I feel is the right choice of word considering how God awful it is.) I do wonder  if what she wanted to do at that point in time was marry an annoying bloke almost old enough to be her dad and be divorced by the time she was 7,  but Im digressing as I have a habit of doing. 

So today I have been mostly doing nothing (aside from a bit of tidying), and as its not quite time to hit the bottle yet I thought Id fill a few minutes by typin a quick bloggy.  If youve ever considered writhing the keys off your keyboard with a knife  just to give them a really good clean I would advise you think long and hard.  My keyboard was vile and manky and had pink paint splattered on it (cos yeah I take really good care of my shit man) and I feared for the health of myself, my loved ones,  anyone that had the misfortune to use it and possibly anyone in the surrounding toxic area. 

What was underneath was a mixture of crumbs, fag ash and a sort of fluffy dusty life form that didnt wanna go up the hoover til I poked it with a pen. Thats not the point of this cautionary tale though,  the point is that when you use a keyboard every day you think you know whats on it.  When it was time to put the keys back on it occurred to me that taking a good clear photo of it before I removed them might have been a good idea.  Took flippin aaaaaages to work out where they all went and Im pretty sure theres a couple not in the right place,  but seeing as they arent ones I use (or Id probably have known where they went) I dont suppose it matters. Just dont come round my house if you have any important typing to do cos theres a fairly good chance itll go horribly wrong.

Anyway, this made me snigger….


15 Responses to “Dammit I have a really annoying song stuck in my head.”

  1. You can get a PS2 keyboard for under £7 Daffski – just order one online from Microdirect – they are pretty good at sending stuff at good prices! 🙂

    I tried Leeches, but they taste terrible! LoL!!!

    Hope you have a lovely Halloween my friend and God Bless!

    Love and hugs!


    • Im not spending a whoooooole £7 on a new keyboard when I can spend a confusing afternoon pulling mine to bits and playing nice putting it back together. Whadda you think I am?? Made of money ;O)
      Truth is I love this keyboard…. its one of the old clunky ones and it seems to be fixed now and workin nicely so HUZZAAAAAAH!!
      Hugs Daf xxx

      • Well done oh technical one – I have a habit of farking up keyboards on a regular basis, usually by wearing out the letters so I can’t see what key I am typing!!!

        Good job I cam Touch Type!!! LoL!!!

        Love and hugs!


  2. Yeah, not the smartest taking the keyboard apart but I need to do something about the PC keyboard, it really is manky. Good tip about taking the pic though….I might type at 100 miles an hour but I couldn’t tell you where any of the keys are.

    Speaking of songs stuck in your head…….mine wasn’t so much a song but a little tune from a film called ‘One Missed Call’ Basically the premise is that someone’s phone would ring a tune they didn’t know they had and when they listened to the message it was the sound of their death….or something like that. But the little tune the phone played – I could not get it out of my head. (you tube it – one missed call) I found a way to beat it though. It is the ring tone on my phone so several times a day I get a dose of it so i don’t need to have it rattling around my head all the time.

    So Billie got divorced at 7…..no wonder she didn’t want the Ferrari!!

    Pete XX

    • Oh Ive had a look at that and to be honest looks like the kinda thing Id like (cos I was rather keen on the Grudge and the Ring and I see theres an original Japanese version. Which did you watch though and is it worth a watch oooor two hours of my life Ill never get back?
      Oh and Billie did want the ferrari, and the barbie that went in it ;O)
      Hugs Daf xxx

  3. Helloooooooooooooooo Dafski! You finanly come up for air? lol

    You know what, I’m glad it’s not only me who has a manky keyboard! lol I usualy only clean the top of the board with a slightly damp cloth or alcohol hand wipe, seems to work fine! I would’ve advised you NOT to take the keys out of the board as they are hard to get back in. I did it once when my sister spilled tea on my old keyboard, I took the back off, dryed it with a cloth and then with a hair dryer, luckily I noticed the keys! But I had help, I had a plastic/rubber thing on the back of mine, held them all in place! LOL!

    I know the Billie Piper song, my sister was watching it just the other day and I called it ‘banal meaningless rubbish’. Then again, I call most music that these days! 😛 lol Oh, and on your other blog, NERO? You like Dub Step? It’s such crap, I mean, it should be something I like because it’s electornic and has lots of distortion, but it annoys me because it’s so damn simple and most of the people I’ve noticed who listen to it are half-wit scallies! Makes me want to play this song and kicked peoples’ heads in to it:

    Music starts at 1:16. So, you’re either with me kickin peoples heads in or you can be with the numpties getting owned by mah steel toe-cap boots! Pete’s already been confirmed for my team, as has Andro and Jen! Sir, Prenin’s still on the fence yet.

    You know, I saw somewhere on Youtube the Dub-Twats calling Apehx Twin Dub Step? These people have no clue about music!

    Wait, wait, I can hear Daf think “Musical taste is realtive, everything has a meaning to someone, no matter how bad it is.” Just let me laugh at that thought…. LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    I don’t know how good my last essay was because I haven’t had it back from them yet, when I get it I’ll let you know. Part two starts on nov 5th, just reading the main course book to get a head start on everything so I will have read the book at least three times before writing Essays!

    Oh wait, the fighting’s started! Taking place outside Pete’s local Job Centre, he started it! We’re crackin skulls to the beat of The People’s Republic of Europe:

    Even your new little kitteh is getting envolved by running up peoples legs and biting em! lol

    Hope you have a good Halloween mate, I’ll have a few of drumsticks and blackjacks, I only ever eat them this ime of year! I may have to make it halloween every week from now on! As the old saying goes: “Any excuse for a refresher bar!” 😀

    Much love as always mateskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :O) xx

    • Ah no no no there will be no violence on my blog Phillipeeoh, come hither and let me braid daisies into your beard.
      Actually Ill have you know Nero was a crackin gig and not full of chavs or half wits or anyone like that (unlike when I went to see the Streets where randomly not only were they all chavs, they were all about 7 foot tall. I kid you not I was one of the wee-est folk in there!
      Having said that does that mean I have to wander over to your blog to beat myself up cos I rather like the Aphex Twin too and already have Windowlicker in my collection. Did they write that about you then?? Ooooooh the cheek of me!
      See that list of kets you finished with? Black Jacks all the way for me! OMNOMNOMNOM!!!

      Huggleskis xxx

  4. Planetnicola Says:

    Why you gotta play that song so loud? Cuz we want to.. cuz we want to.. Why you gotta have a big horsey mouth? Cuz she’s an annoying call girl annoying.. call girl.

    Couldn’t resist. Sorry x
    *fetches coat*

    • If your fetching your coat so am I! Where we off to? *Crossing my fingers is the pub*
      Are you still blogging? Am I barred or can I get in or are you private?? I should really stop asking questions and go seeee. If Im barred if you un bar me I promise I wont wee on the floor in there anymore. I just get excited easily ;O)
      Hugs Daf xxx

      PS that bit about not peeing on your floor is a lie. Im gonna do it because I want to because I want to.
      Dammit back in my head agaaaaaain!


      • Planetnicola Says:

        Nah, I’ve just not wrote anything new or updated. The second I do, you will be the first to see! And of course you’re not barred – actually, no one is…… accept me. Ahhhh! Let me innnnn!

        Pub sounds like an awesome idea (Infact out of the history of all awesome ideas, it ‘s gotta be the best) let’s go!!!! 😀
        Have a bangin’ weekend

  5. I do hope that your Halloween
    was Ghoulish enough Daffy? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Was indeed Mr Goff. Although I have to confess the scariest part was how quickly the wine in my bottle went down ;O)
      Managed to watch a whole two minutes of Halloween when I got in before flakin out. IM SO HARD CORE!! ;O)
      Hope you had a fab one!
      Hugs Daf xxx

      • Hey you it is time for another posting,
        perhaps something wicked or naughty
        but definitely not too Hard Core unless
        you want to of course? 🙂 lol

        I hope that you are enjoying a nice
        week, with lashings of everything you
        like the most 🙂 Well I only said 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx

  6. Planetnicola Says:

    Just popping in to say ‘hey’
    Hope you’re alright, Daffy..

    come back soon!

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