Happy New Year n all that.

So Bonjourno fair bloggy folk.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Hope everyone had a fabbo christmas.

Mine was pretty fab with the usual eating, drinking, mass get togethers and over indulgence of all kinds.  Sadly I did manage to incur a pretty serious finger sprain playing with a cracker spinning top,  trying to get it to go for ages and ages (yep I am that easy amused),  but never fear Im almost completely recovered.  Enough to type anyway you lucky things.

My daughter’s new years resolution is apparently to become a pirate.  However having looked into this further it turns out her idea of piracy is actually stowing away on a cruise ship and eating all the shrimp. 

Did anyone happen to catch a film called the Curse of the Cat People? Old black and white thing,  with very little to do with curses and nothing to do with cats at all.  Has to be my most random bit of viewing over the hols,  although I have to be honest I didnt watch much telly cos it was all pretty much rubbish.

So Monday night just gone, went out with a bunch of mates up to the pub.  Having over indulged for what seemed like weeks before hand I was on a bit of a health kick (I should point out this in no way includes anything alcoholic just food).  So basically what Im saying was Id had a jacket spud and salad for tea and then went out and binged.  Needless to say I got completely slaughtered,  much more than at any point over Christmas.  By the end of the evening I remember being sat opposite a friend of mine’s daughter and two of her friends.  Young and impressionable minds.  Its all a bit hazey,  but I do remember thinking I was the funniest thing ever (which in the cold light of morning meant they were probably pointing and laughing at me) and also giving the lad advice to stand firm with his girlfriend… about something.  He wandered out going ‘yes yes Ill stand firm’ and I was saying ‘yes indeed you stand firm’ on what issue your guess is as good as anyones.



5 Responses to “Happy New Year n all that.”

  1. Sounds like a good night out!!! 🙂

    Don’t know if I’ve said this to you before, but HAPPY NEW YEAR DAFFSKI!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs always!


  2. Hello and a happy new year to you.
    Sounds like our respective festives were similar…..too much of everything – well except good presents – and I have been hitting the road hard to work of the excess pounds. Problem is this week that as I am still not working and my daughter is still off school I have no real reason to get up….so i am still drinking in a xmassy way…..

    I hate that feel the morning after when you know you were completely wankered and took it upon yourself to offer words of wisdom and marital advice to relatively sober and sane people…….it never ends well.

    Hope all is well in daffy land and 2012 brings you all you deserve and more

    Pete X

  3. Androgoth Says:

    Hey Happy New Year to you too Daffy 🙂 😉
    It looks like you have been tripping the light
    fangtastic as usual and enjoying everything
    wicked and naughty… Well I only said 🙂 lol
    How do you mean noooo drinks and only a
    bit of food? Oh nooooo, no, no, nooooo 🙂
    And what was that issue he had, and why
    was he standing so firm? It all sounds real
    fishy to me Daffy 🙂 Hey I hope you have a
    lovely Friday and a ghooooulishly exciting
    weekend also 🙂

    Have FUN now 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  4. Androgoth Says:

    I was expecting another posting on here Daffy but I will be calling by again soon to see what you are getting up to 🙂 Hopefully less of the boogie and more of the pen pushing, well okay then keyboard tapping then 🙂 lol More Posts Next Please 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  5. Hey another post please we need MORE posts 🙂 😉
    I hope that you have a very exciting day today Daffy…

    Androgoth XXx

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