yeah I know…

not finding time to be here at all lately which I know is completely rubbish of me, but I do read your blogs honest. I am really hoping for moments of calm come July but that is a long story.

Just letting you know Im not dead and hope everyone is well. 

Teeeeeny aside…

How many Spaniards to change a lightbulb?


As unfunny as ever aint I ;O)


ooooooooooh and also I was at this and the vid just really doesnt do justice to how mint Brendan can sing!!


3 Responses to “yeah I know…”

  1. No worries Daffski! 🙂

    We’ll still be here… 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. July? Why? Are you coming out? :O) lol
    Sounds all very intriguiging! Is it something to do with gambling…?
    I give up.

    Glad you’re OK, anyway.

    Keep safe

  3. Hiya Daf. I was looking for a new blog space to jot some ramblings down, when I remembered I actually already had one. And here it is. Well, not here. It’s a bit over there, but it’s close.
    Anyhow, I’ve just found myself ploughing through your blog, and I can’t tell you how great it is to see you once again.
    I did nearly stop reading after the second paragraph here, cos I thought, “well…. so long as she’s ‘still alive’, there’s hope for us all.

    I’m thinking of spending a bit more time here (over there a bit) cos the other social (my arse) networks are doing my nut lately.

    So, if you’ll have me, I’m here. (AND over there, but mostly here)


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