Happy New 2013!


So I thought Id bang up a new one.  Will by pass the whole overeating and drinking thing,  cos Im sure we all did it. Suffice to say its been very nice and Im now living on salad for the next fortnight to try and make up for it. Spent new year in the pub with a bunch of my mates and my daughter and her BF which was very nice.  Christmas must be a time for romance because two of my friends have new girlfriends.  One appears to be a complete bunny boiler and the other was cracking on to a couple of blokes outside.  I think they both may be Christmas flings but it remains to be seen.  Bumped into someone I hadnt seen for yonks and had a really nice long conversation, bugger of it was I couldnt remember his name.  I think I got away with it though.

Ended the evening hugging my little blonde mate and telling her how much I loved her and how we reeeeeeally must get together soon.  It all turned into a bit of a love in for everyone at midnight to be honest.

So anyway, keeping this short today but wishing everyone all the very best for 2013.  I never believed the Mayans were right about the world ending,  but Im running with this being a new era thats gonna be just fab for everyone! 

Oh and Ill leave you with a pic of my fancy dress. Went to an Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas party as the Cheshire cat. Took me days to get all this pink off!

cheshire cat


3 Responses to “Happy New 2013!”

  1. Be glad you didn’t decide to go as the hulk – a guy bathed in green food colouring to get the right coloured skin and was green for months!!! LoL!!!

    Nice paintwork though – devinely scary!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. Androgoth Says:

    The pink certainly suits you Daffy and I am pleased that you enjoyed your Christmastime, of course with the Mayans being wrong you will have a chance of extending your salad eating extravaganza to at least a month so how lucky are you my wickedly fine young friend 🙂 I wonder what you will be wearing at your next fancy dress evening, maybe Lady Godiva would be a nice thought, hey a nice thought for you I meant cheeky 😉 lol Oh go on then, for me too 😉 🙂 lol

    Happy New Year 2013 Daffy 🙂

    Andro xxx

  3. Androgoth Says:

    Hey those were wickedly cool fireworks Daffy 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxx

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