I dont know if its cos Im spectacularly drunk or if something around heres changed, but Ihave to say it took me a very huuuuuuuuuge amount of clicks before I was at the point I could actually blog anything.

So anyway
hows everyone’s new year going? Im sending out good vibes and hoping well.

Personally Ive just had an interesting night. Spent it with some friends, most of whom are oooooold friends, by which I mean been around for a long time and we have that old friend level of trust. However we have an interloper. Of late this guy has joined the odd squad. I feel he was initially invited out of pity, cos he needed some mates. Turns out hes a complete pain in the arse and also has a GF, a new GF of about a few weeks who is apparently saying shes lady something. The rest of us are feeling this is bollocks, but as yet I have never met her. But I will… very soon.

I think my people bollox radar will be bleeping and Ill have to ask her the questions no one else dares. I have no problem with this so ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa.

This is a very drunken blog I have to admit. But I have to tell you my joke….

Bloke walks into a pub.
Theres a bowl of peanuts on the bar.
One peanut says to him ‘I like your shirt’
Another peanut says to him ‘I like your hair’
The bloke turns to the barman and says ‘Whats up with those nuts?’
And the barman says ‘Oh theyre complimentary’

Sorry and now I cant work this soooooo Im trying to post my fave vid of the moment ….

does anything round here work anymore????


3 Responses to “EEEEEEEEEEEEE mind”

  1. Good joke Daffers – must try and remember it for my friends later!!! 🙂

    Happy 2013 my friend – may it be OUR year!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  2. Hiyaaaaaaa Daffeeeeersssssssssssssssssssss! :O)

    Nah, it aint ’cause you’re drunk (though it probably didn’t help), but unfortunately they HAVE changed the home page and the navigation for some odd reason. I recently got a new password on here because I missplaced/forgot my old one (Which was hastely changed after an PC infection and then hastely forgotten) and when I signed in just after Christmas it was the same as always. So, must be a New Year thing.

    New Year is as standard, aint great but could be a lot worse! So I’m sorta ok with the way things are right now. Will get on following my diet and exercise regime solidly once my back is fixed, if it ever gets fixed. Tiz a bit hard to do when you can’t physically do what you need to keep fit and mentally ‘up’ (I’m talkin’ ’bout those endorphins). Uni course is coming along fine, though I’m only getting ‘Good passes’ (74 being the highest after 2 TMAs), I must, I must, I must reach 85! I mean the mark not the age range which your good self is in.

    As regards to your mate’s gf being a ‘Lady’, why would anyone who was a ‘lady’ even mention the fact? Especially in an area of the North East! Me thinks she should have the title of ‘Lady Talksalotofbollocks of Bollockton estate’. I’m sure you’ll give her a grilling, you always have been one to ask directly, a little like me, though you ask more because you’re drunk most of the time. You must tell us how it went, and preferably film it too for Lulz at a later date.

    Mon the biffy! Uh, no, I’ve never liked Biffy Clyro. lol. I’ve gone off a lot of music I used to like, though I have been listening to new stuff. Been listening more to electronic-rock/metal/digital hardcore for the last few years though. Not sure I’ve shared Cyanotic with ye but here’s a track for you to try out:

    Other bands for Daf to possibly check out:

    (1) The Peoples’ Republic of Europe
    (2) Dead Hand Projekt
    (3) Terrorfakt (I may have already exposed you to their mintedness)

    I need to start creating my own music! Only problem is I’ve developed a problem concentrating in the last 2 years so can’t learn guitar and piano. However, I’m gonna try a PC programme and mess with it. You can do vocals if you like. The band could be ‘DeadAnarchistPhil and Daffaroo’.

    Anyway, I am off to Prenin’s and will then wonder off and do something lazy, ilegal or boring, such ah mah life! Hope all is well with you mate! Hugs and love to you! :O)

    – Phil xxx

    • Aaaah Phillipeo,
      Had a listen to your musical offerings and they remind me somewhat of combichrist, although combichrist has a bit of a dance edge to them. One of my best gigs evaaaaaaaa though.
      I do like that industrial sound though V funky ;O)
      And I resent how much you waffle on about me being drunk. Im sober right now. Look…
      I could drive and everything (well I could if I actually needed to go anywhere and it wasnt snowing and I could be arsed).
      Still not got to the bottom of her ladyship but I will soon. Bloody lady my aaaaaaarse. Then again not much of a one myself saying that.
      Oh and if we do start a band Im insisting the Daffaroo comes first. Maybe be should call it Daffaroo and a DAPper bloke. See what I did there? Naaaah I didnt really think I was funny either ;O)
      Huggles xxx

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