Well you might have guessed…

Not a peep out of me for months and when I finally post something it’s middle of the night, I’m drunk and it’s about music! 

Good night though.  Spent it with the fabulous Emz doing her hair and quaffing  left over wine. 

This wordpress format seems to have changed somewhat since last time I was here so how I managed to post anything on Monday is beyond me.  However, onwards and upwards and I will get to the purpose of this post eventually.

So a few weeks ago I went to see the Human League.  Now I gotta say I’m not one for revisiting old bands.  It’s just too depressing to see how decrepit they’ve gotten, but because I was never really a fan in the first place I wasn’t too bothered.   At one point the lead singer got down on one knee and I was a bit worried he wasn’t gonna be able to get up again. 

However the setting was fabulous.  It was part of the Mouth of the Tyne Festival and the gig was open air by the ruins of the priory.



I do love an open air gig,  and thinking about that one reminded me of one I went to last year and I found this rather cool video on Youtube that someone had made.  This was Jubilee weekend last year,  Evolution Festival down by the Quayside in Newcastle. I was there jumping about in a union jack bikini top and waving a flag which you can actually see at one point in the vid.  

ImageIt was just a really great night (although it did end with a mahooosive long walk up to Newcastle,  which wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t just spent three hours on my feet boogie woogieing on down.

This is the actual video (if it posts) and I particularly like it cos whoever made it edited together various bits of songs so you can see it get dark,  and once it is the light show was amaaazing. 


Right I think thats enough rambling on about gigs for now so I’ll leave you with these.




12 Responses to “Well you might have guessed…”

  1. Sounds like you had a great time Daffski!!! 🙂

    Haven’t been to a concert in decades, but I have fond memories!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    Just caught your comment!!! 🙂

    Yeah it’s a new wrinkle that’s for sure – if they used their brains to work for a living they’d make a fortune!!! 🙂

    I got the PS3 back, but it came back in a worse condition than when I put it in for repair!!! 😦

    I’ll have to check my video of the program – I had to get to bed early so I just taped it. 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend sweetheart! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Aw sucks that your playstation’s still knackered. Cross my fingers they sort it for you soon. Ya should have priority what with then already ‘fixing it’ once!
      Have a great weekend yourself!
      Hugs Daf xxx

  3. “I’m drunk” Stopped there and laughed! LOL. The fact you made your way around the new layout with no issues whilee druk just prooves you’re always on the sherbet! You’ve adpated so well to be drunk that you can adjust and act almost normal.

    I was going to alster your picture a little and put a little arrow pointing to the sea seeing “Everyone ended up here” but there’s no way to post it in the comment section. All the messing about with WP and they still aint made the comment section html active for guests!

    How long were you stood up at the Deadmau5 concert? I’d probably have been crippled standing for that long! 😛

    I rang up learner support and there was some good news! I will finish my degree in time, but because all funding from the gov is being pulled by 2017 I can’t take any sort of break, have deferments or fall behind. Good job I decided against a break, eh?

    Have a good weekend mate and lots of huggles and shizzle.

    – Phil xxxx

  4. Btw I used to use a pen with the top on to wind my tapes, pecils weren’t thick enough! Can’t you tell I’m 30 this year? I feel old!

  5. Pssssssssshhht 30 aint old. I can honestly say I have a hell of a lot more fun now than I did then n Im 44 at the moment (although my daughter thought I was 42 but has to be forgiven cos it was her birthday last week and I was telling everyone she was 22 when she was in fact 23. Baaaaaaad mummy needs a slap ;O)
    And as for the gig I reckon I was on my feet for about 4 hours with about two of them jumping about like a nutter and another half hour hauling ass up to Newcastle (which is a really steep climb cos its up masses of steps). Only thing that kept me going was the thought of the pizza at the top and I gotta be honest by the time I got in a taxi I was totally wiped, but then that was a lot of walking and dancing even for me!
    God!!!! Totally lucky break there with your degree! Guess that’s motivation if you ever needed it!

    Anyhoops have a great weekend duuuuude and Ill see you on the other side!

    Hugskis Daf xxx

    • ‘Sup!

      Why do you keep underestimating your age? Sorry, I had to say it! If you need anyone to adminster a slap I’ll happily do it! Sorry, had to do it again.

      Nowt like Pizza to motivate one to keep going, and you could’ve eaten it knowing you’d already worked the calories off for it!

      Yeh, it is a bit of luck!

      Hugskis and aal dat dafferoo stuffski xx

      – Phil

  6. Hey Daffy it’s great to se you, I never got any updates for your blog but here I am, late but here nonetheless 🙂 Wow concert time again, and so close to the edge, well they were, you were too busy drinking a bit further away but I know you enjoyed it 🙂 lol

    I can just picture you dancing and jiggling everything 🙂 Noooooo I meant jiggling your… Never mind too rude 😉 lol Right I will just take a look at Lady GAGA next and then it will be back to my Space to see what is going on, if anything 🙂 Have fun today and be good, like me 😉

    Andro xxxx

  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    Love the last photo. You’re hilarious 🙂

    Sounds an awesome time out. Great life!

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