It must be Wednesday (who knew there was one every week?)

On Sunday I threw fairy cakes at a cat.  It was an accident but it’s sitting heavy on my heart so I thought I’d start with that confession so I feel better and free to blog about more lighthearted things.  To be fair the cat was unscathed and the fairy cakes were only slightly dented so it was all good but poor little grandkitty got quite a shock.

Speaking of giving people/pets shocks,  there’s this old bloke that lives next door but one from me and he’s a bit of a wag.  For example when I moved in here maaaaaany moons ago I was having a party and he ended up invited in for a beer.  Just before he left he said ‘I don’t care what people say about you,  you’re a canny lass’ (Yeah no one had said anything he just thinks hes funny).  Just the other day I was stood next to him in the local shop and he says to the girl behind the counter ‘This is my neighbour.  She owes me money.’

So anyway today I was in the shop again and I noticed him at the cash point machine looking fully absorbed in his transaction,  so I snuck up on him,  grabbed him by the arm and said ‘I’m here to find out your pin number’.   Old fella jumped two feet in the air and nearly shat himself.  Revenge is sweet.


Actually though old people amuse the life out of me.  The other day my mam and dad attracted the attention of the security guard in M&S cos my dad managed to get the handle of the basket he was carrying caught in his belt loop,  and they were lurking about at the back of the shop trying to get him untangled.  He was actually there buying a new hat, which sadly makes him look very much like inspector Cluesoe.


In fact now I’ve posted that I’m thinking all he needs to do is grow a mustache and he can use it as his bus pass photo.

Oh and in other parent news my mam also managed to destroy the plastic bags in Tescos.  Came over to me sniggering like a little kid cos basically ya know the ones you use for fruit and veg? They were trailing down to the floor cos she’d had a bit of an event.

So in totally other non related news my fave news headline of the week (and thanks to a friend of mine for drawing my attention to this)…


News story is here if you’re interested ,  but honestly the headline says it all.  I’m wondering if the beer in question was Newcastle Brown cos that’s exactly what it does to me.  Well when I say exactly I mean it makes me want to fight,  not necessarily with a cow.

So finally I’m sure some of you have already come across this because it’s gone massively viral and looks like its gonna chart once it’s released,  but anyway I can’t get it out of my head and it really makes me snigger.  Thanks to girlchild for getting me hooked!




8 Responses to “It must be Wednesday (who knew there was one every week?)”

  1. Love the stunt you pulled on your neighbour! 🙂

    I think I’d shat m’self if it was done to me!!! 🙂

    Love the fox clip! 🙂

    Foxes are pests around here – they live in the brambles across the railway line and make an unholy mess when they get into the bins!!! 😦

    Love and hugs!


  2. Yeah apparently urban foxes can be a right nuisance. I’m a bit too rural for that. Or rather where I live is. Can a person actually be rural? Does that mean I have to walk about with a bit of hay sticking out my mouth wearing dungarees? Or am I just talking utter crap today? It would appear so…… ;O)
    Hope you’re well today!
    More hugs xxx

    • Hmmm… Sounds like one of MY locals! 🙂

      Mind you: The only farming that gets done around here are the Cannabis farms! 😦

      Urban foxes are a big problem because they’re losing their fear of humans.

      There was a report that one got into a house and attacked a toddler in his bed, so they’re not sweet pretty animals – and they stink! 😦

      When my grandparents had the farm we had foxes after the chickens!

      In one case granddad mentioned how a fox got into a hen house and slaughtered all the chickens, but only took one! 😦

      Love and hugs Daffski! 🙂


  3. ‘sup Daffersssssssssssssssssssssss! 😀

    Why the fuck were you throwing fairycakes at a Cat? Not only did you do that but you retreived the thrown cakes and (I’m assuming) ate them citing that: “the fairy cakes were only slightly dented so it was all good”. Wut is going on? How mean of you!

    Having said all of that I regularly spray water on the large ginger tom cat that frequents my Mam’s garden. However, this is ‘just’ as it comes in the kitchen and eats all my Mam’s cats’ food and shits in the garden! It’s also mean, if you stroke it it turns around and bites you! Vicious little sod!

    Not content with abusing Cats you also abused an old person? Have you no moral code? There are no old folks like that around my area, though there is one or two, though lovely people, are so starved of attention that if you stop to talk you’ll be there for over an hour, despite trying to make a getway!

    I remember my Dad and I used to get followed around the local Tesco because my Mam’s cousin who worked there, told security as a joke, that he was a shoplifter! Of course my Dad took advantage of this by making it look like he was trying to shoplift, but then put stuff back! lol

    As you know I’m a joyless, jaded git so I have to say, that video is shite. As for urban foxes, I aint seen one around here for 10 years, but I saw an urban hedghog on my Mam’s lawn late one night when I was going to the flat this week.

    My week is same ole same ole so far, but I got my new Open Uni books today! Will have to get a head start on them for the inevitable time when I need a little break or fall behind!

    Hope you’re week is going goodski, mateski. Love and hugskis coming at cha-ski budski!

    – Phil xx

    • Joyless jaded git? Naaaaaaah surely not you, youre like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! ;O)
      Actually Ive just realised youve done a new blog so Im gonna go have a nosey!
      Huggles Daf xxx

  4. You can throw some cupcakes my way if you like? 🙂 Well this dieting lark is just too boring, and I even had a couple of scones today, of course yesterday it was a snickers, not been so bad today yet, maybe just a few cornflakes later but the chocolate pangs are still buzzing 😦 Grrrr

    I wonder what I would look like in that hat and a false moustache, I might try that tomorrow and add a picture 🙂 lmao If I look a tit I can blame you for the crap idea 🙂 lol

    Hey I hope you are being good 😉

    Andro xxxx

    • You cant blame me if my blog gave you ideas. Theyre still your ideas ya cheeky gotheroo!
      Hopping over to your blog now anyway.
      Hugs Daf xxx

      • Next time you hop on over here can you bring me some goodies, I love everything that you like and more 🙂

        Hey and I like al kinds of
        goodies so be inventive 😉 lmao

        Andro xxxx

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