Lovely Day.

This morning I woke up determined that today was going to be a lovely day,  because yesterday was blummin crap.  It began with me finding a headless toad in my garden (thank you for my present next door’s cat) and ended with a plumbing fiasco.  So today I have been determined it was gonna be lovely.  Not just good or nice,  but lovely.  It’s all very well in theory but I had no idea how to actually achieve this so ended up in a garden centre buying scented candles and a flower pot.  I’ve come to the conclusion you can’t actually make lovely happen and it kinda happens all on it’s own.

Last weekend I spent at the beach and I have to say I was incredibly lucky cos the weather was absolutely glorious.  I don’t actually think this photo does it justice.


So while there my friend and I played the tat shopping game.  The way it works is we set ourselves a limit of a few quid then work our way along the souvenir shops and buy each other a present. The only thing is that the present has to be the most hideous and tasteless thing we can find.  We’ve played this game for a few years now,  and obviously I don’t have any of the things I’ve bought but in the past I have received the following:

Henry the Meerkat.

(lest we forget about our rodent kings)


Daniel O’Donnell Mug

(I should point out (a) I’m not a fan (b) It was chipped when I got it and (c) there is a printing error and he has a blank spot in the middle of his forehead.)


So this year my little treats were:

Very angry Squirrel

(I think he’s meant to be some kinda plant pot decoration but maaaaaaaan he’s so pissed about something!)


And finally Muslim Lady Mug

(I know she’s a Muslim not a ninja cos of the box she came in.  Not only is there a weird dirty mark inside the mug that I can’t get rid of,  but the glaze on the mug’s not quite right and it’s kinda all bubbly)


Why any of these things exist is just beyond me but roll on next time.

Oh and on Sunday night I was just walking into an Italian restaurant when one of the specials boards fell off the wall onto some poor woman’s head.  She was very British about it though and even though she possibly had a concussion she said she was fiiiiiiiiine.

Gonna leave you with this vid cos it just made me snigger….

and this little gem from Facebook.


No ones taking my Brian either!!


6 Responses to “Lovely Day.”

  1. I love Henry the Meerkat!!! 🙂

    Amazing just what tasteless tat is on sale that people actually buy!!! 🙂

    I’m glad you had a good day hun! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. Hi Daffers! 🙂

    Just caught your comment!!! 🙂

    Yes, I’m lucky I was able to call and see what was wrong!

    As a paranoid schizophrenic that kind of unknown would be weighing heavy on my mind until it was resolved! 😦

    Doug is an alcoholic who thinks he can lie and buck the system.

    His last lie was his ‘broken arm’ which got him a couple of months on the sick.

    He’s now had his money stopped for four weeks, including rent, so he’s ‘way past stupid and on his way to desperate! 😦

    What gets me is he begs me to help, then when he gets drunk (daily when he has the money) he goes around accusing me of being a paedophile!!!

    I have proof of a pristine criminal record and I’m cleared by the CRB to work with the elderly, disabled, vulnerable adults and children and he knows this, but spreads poison at every opportunity… 😦

    THAT is the reason why I have refused to help him any more and won’t be putting him up on my couch when he loses his home.

    I’m just hoping for a better neighbour when he finally goes.

    I know what you mean hun: I was in credit last year, yet still my utilities went up to £81 a month.

    Ed Millipede says he’s going to freeze utility charges when he gets back in power so the utility firms are shitting bricks!!! 🙂

    I just keep praying I win the lottery – every time I look prices are rising while my income doesn’t… 😦

    You NEVER write drivel hun, but I suggest fingerless mittens – it’s easier to type! 🙂

    Love and hugs sweetheart! 🙂


  3. Ay up budski!!!!!!!! 😀

    Why did the cat leave it in your garden? Cat’s usually bring their owners food because they think they’re feeding their family. Which means either the cat thinks you’re family or you need to put on a bit of weight!

    My Mam’s cats have brought the following creatures in:

    1. Baby Collared Dove (2) 1 alive and one dead
    2. Baby Blackbirds (lost count) only one survived
    3. A huge Amazonian Moth (it was huge so I’m saying amazonian)
    4. Baby wood Pigeons (2)
    5. Field voles (several, all dead in various eaten states)
    6. Rats (several all dead, in various eaten states)
    7. Mice (1 or 2, One was alive when I saw the cat with it, when she saw me she legged it, so um, it’s presumed dead/MIA)
    8. Worms
    9. Slugs

    8 and 9 was brought in by ‘Dutch’ the lazy scaredy cat, the others were done by ‘Balrog’, nature’s terror.

    Oh wait! Forgot two… 10. Pair of Pigeon wings. JUST the wings. 11. One adult sparrow.

    As you can see when living standards get so high that we can’t afford to buy food goods anymore we will not starve! However, Dutch best get proving her worth or we’ll eat her first!

    Mate, I could’ve told you wanting the day to be a great one does not make it happen. It’s something that happens naturally, or when you ingest certain things. I’ve been ingesting pain killers recently because I fucked my back up again, now I can’t walk properly! “Why” I hear dear Daffers asking, IF, you have a bad back, well the answer is because I can’t keep sitting on my arse. Makes me feel worse in the long run.

    That Daniel O’Donnell mug made me laugh! It amazes me you actually kept it! The Muslim mug is just fucking laughable, I’m surprised someone aint complained about it yet. Then again there’s not many Mulims in the North East or Politicians trying to make political capital out of defending them, eh?

    That video did not make me laugh at all, am I missing somert? Or is it me being a joyless jaded git again?

    I hope you’re having a great weekend, mate! Muchoo loveski and hugskis and always mate!

    – Phil xxx

  4. Heeeeeeeeey Phillydelphia (im just trying that out on you and Im not sure it works)
    I think your pussy cat was just trying to save you monies. No Red Bull for you cos you already have pigeon wings. Was he singing I Believe I Can Fly when he dropped them at your toes?

    And I dunno why next doors cat left the headless toad in my garden. I suspect it just got distracted by something and forgot about it cos we have very little to do with eachother (the cat and me, not the neighbours and me) apart from it likes to sleep on my shed roof and catch some rays in the summer. Only thing I can think is that’s where it caught it cos my garden is all big and green and next doors is a lot smaller and I would imagine has a lot less wildlife. Mind you my living rooms seen a fair bit of wild life too but that’s only when were partying ;O)

    And I dunno about missing something in that vid.. I think it just amused me cos it shows how insane small kids are and if you put their words and actions into an adult’s mouth they just appear to be creepy mental!

    Oh and I sent you an invite to yahoo but I dunno if you’ve been about to see it.

    Totally get what you’re saying about not wanting to sit on your butt. It gets really boring really quick! (I am quite worrying about what else your ingesting to have loverly days though. Stay off the hippycrack maaaaaaaaaaan!! ;O)

    Luvski and huggles Daf xxx

    • Stop! Daffers time! <— See!

      Next time you need to 'reply' to my comment so I get notified in my notifications so I can see what you're saying. I only dropped by the post on the off-chance you'd replied like you have done.

      You aint the first person to call me Philyadelphia, it doesn't stick and never has. Philipeno on the other hand has stuck with one off my Mam's friends and one of her daughters!

      Other nick names regularly used for me by family and friends:

      1. Philpot
      2. Greensworthy
      3. Philbertgruff (Philbert)
      4. Aldi Pelican (Ask my sister why cos I don't know)
      5. Philberforce
      6. Philipa
      7. Phylis
      8. Masterofdisaster (I blew a PC once just by plugging it in and I'm pretty sure I can explode PC's and Cows up just by looking at them)

      I'm sure you'll come up with one for me, Philipooooooooooo was a good one which I'm sure would catch on if you mentioned it around my family. Btw I'm making lists alot aint I?

      My Mam's cats are female and they're only just over a year old. Remember the others we had and I said they'd die within with 2 years? Well, they did unfortunately! What's odd though is Balrog has caught more thigs than the other 3 cats we used too have combined, in 1 year!

      Oh, we rescued a baby hedghog this week from a main road! It was walking odd and had two big ticks on its face. The RSPCA came out and it's going to get free bed and board for Autumn and Winter untill it's ready to be released!

      I've been on Yahoo this week twice, one early this week and just now and I can't see your invite. I'll send you an invite to the user name you mentioned and we'll see what happens.

      I'm currently not ingesting anything at the moment, my back aint too bad and I'll be doing my exercises regime again on Monday. Here's hoping I can keep it up! And no, I have no hippy crack, you'l have to enquire eslewhere for some mate! lol!

      Hope all is good for you mate! Much love and hugs! 🙂

      – Phil xxx

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    Love your determination on the day, & LOVE that video on one more cookie. Oh, that was so gorgeous!!! 🙂 And the two guys doing it was great. Loved it. Thank you! 🙂

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