Stop! Bloggy Time.


Afternoon fair bloggy folk.  Blognesday rolls round again so I guess it’s time to put fingers to keyboard.

Only thing I have done of note this week so far is make very bad chocolate muffins.  In fact they were so bad that they barely rose  at all and they spread far and wide.  In the end I took them out the cases,  chopped em up and told everyone they were brownies.  Excellent save!

I loved this…


Off to see Everything Everything on Friday night so I’m gonna post this cos Im feeling self indulgent!


8 Responses to “Stop! Bloggy Time.”

  1. Hi Daffers! 🙂

    Good to see you are still breathing!!! 🙂

    Still laughing about Dr. Hedgeh – prickly bugger ain’t he??? 🙂

    Can’t believe the video though – very definitely one I’m not going to buy!!! 🙂

    Have a great weekend my friend!

    God Bless!


  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    just caught your comment!!! 🙂

    I agree about Fukushima, Chernobyl contaminated most of Europe and the UK took a big enough dose that we couldn’t eat Scottish or Welsh lamb for over a decade! 😦

    I was doing a delivery by motorcycle and the researcher at the delivery end ran a check on me and told me to wash my motorcycle down and shower in my waterproofs as I was showing a ‘significant’ level of radiation.

    Couldn’t tell you if he was just fooling around, or meant what he said seriously, but I didn’t take the chance!!! 😦

    On the plus side I didn’t grow an extra head or develop super powers! 🙂

    The difference between Chernobyl and Fukushima is that Russia tried to hide the accident until Sweden’s nuclear power plant SCRAMmed because it detected a major radiation leak and even had the May Day celebrations go ahead rather than admit there was a problem.

    How many died as a result of their callousness has yet to be revealed, but the number of kids with thyroid cancer went through the roof!

    For a while kids from the region used to come and visit the UK for a two week holiday that gave them an extra fifteen years of life until the politicians decided it was bad for the country as it showed up just how poor they were.

    Now we have Fukushima and the bad news is that it is an ongoing situation.

    The reactors melted down and are still leaking radiation and contaminated water into the water table.

    They plan to freeze the soil to create a barrier, but have yet to go out and do it while the huge numbers of contaminated water tanks is growing by the day and even they are leaking! 😦

    Fukushima is a loooong way from being over… 😦

    On the plus side the TOKOMAK fusion power plant is being built in France.

    It’s a prototype and is costing a friggin’ fortune, but in ten years we could have the first fully functioning fusion reactor.

    It may not produce enough energy to make it cost effective, but it is the first step and looks promising! 🙂

    JET may produce cold fusion too, but the odds are against it…

    I understand your mum’s concern – she may have been closer to the truth than you’d think… 😦

    Love and hugs sweetheart! 🙂


  3. Those hedgehogs get everywhere you know? 😉 Hey I would have enjoyed sampling your chocolate muffins anytime Daffy 🙂 I like them with custard on too, well I only said 🙂

    Oh yes and I lmao at the hedgehog ‘OG’ too 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  4. Funny that, whever I see your new blogs or you on-line I think “Stop! Daffers time!” Well, I don’t but I will do from now on!

    I saw that Dr. poster on 4chan a few times in a ‘You laugh you lose!’ thread, is that where you found it? I saw this on 4chan this week and just had to share it, even though it’s appparently been around for a while:

    I was thinking of doing a you laugh you lose thread on WP but the comment sections aren’t html active!

    As for that band, I want the 1 minute you took from me back!

    However, I hope you had an absoloute kickarse time at the gig, though!

    Git big hugs, kissess and all that jazz comin at cha mah mental Geordie nutcase!

    – Phil xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey Hey Philippio (today Im making you sound Italian… I know not why 😉 )
      Cant remember where I saw that. Wont have been 4chan cos I dont really go there so probably Reddit or Failbook or somewhere like that.
      And eeeeeeeeee Id not seen that picture. Youre a shocka (although I did quite like the harness thing. Appealed to my S&M side),
      Tell you what, Im feeling generous today so you can have that minute back plus an extra 15 seconds in interest. Although I may ask you to use them watching something else you dont like too 😛
      I did in deed have a kick ass time at the gig although for all the wrong reasons. I think one of the best parts of the night was the pizza I got when we left (weeeeeell ya cant go wrong with a nice ham and mushroom… unless you dont like mushrooms cos alot of people dont in which case we can just get it on one side for me next time we share one on line 😉 )
      Hope youre having a fabulous week!
      Love and hugski and kisses and jazz hands coming back at ya! And maybe spirit fingers too
      Daf xxx

      • Italian, huh? I can only assume you’ve ingested a cocktail of booze and hippy crack to come up with that. If you don’t get your act together you’re out of tha band!

        Stuff like that usualy starts on 4chan andd spreads everywhere else, so you may have saw it in reddit. But Failbook? You back on there now? lol And your S&M side? Doesn’t surprise me in the least! I always knew there was a twisted, devient side to Daffers! Now I know what to buy for your birthday, a brand new whip! 😀

        When I read your comment yesterday about Pizza I had to have one! So I ordered a Pepperoni, meatballs, spicy beef and jalapeno pizza! Twas nice! And I will save you the mushrooms if I ever get any when we’re on-line (I do like mushrooms but I have to be in the mood for ’em)!

        Talking of that, I was able to add you in my Yahoo inbox, all the invites go to Yahoo messenger INSIDE yahoomail! Which, I did not know. I also got your messag you left so I think we’re set with that now. Just have to set a time, let me know because you’re more busy than me, what with you smuggling hippy crack and doing your S&M thing for clients. LOL!

        My week has been a pain, mostly in the head, I had those headaches again, so I haven’t done much study, good job I read 3 chapters before the module started, eh? 😀

        I’ve never seen that film so I don’t get the reference, you owe me ANOTHER 15secs of my life back!

        Have a great weekend, mate and lots lof loveski and hugskis! 🙂

        – Phil xxxxx

  5. Ah, wait! It’s ANOTHER 18 seconds of my life! Stop nicking mah life time!

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    That sign is so funny! Oh it tempts you to write og og og!!

    I don’t know how you made bad chocolate muffins though, I really don’t know how…

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