Ya what now?

As you may recall from my last blog, on  Friday night I went to see Everything Everything.  It was quite an interesting gig in that the band played marvellously,  the lead singer didn’t miss a note and the way the sound was set up you couldn’t make out a single word he was singing.  The gig rapidly turned into a fun night of guess the lyrics. In amongst the many were such gems as  ‘showing the leopards the damp place’  ‘chasing homeless cheer leaders’ and my personal favourite ‘wearing a fabric heart on my sleeve’.  Had a great night though and ended up having breakfast at the beach the next day,  so all in all top weekend!

Yesterday I was at a funeral.  I was there with my mam who decided that we needed to make sure we were there on time so we got a seat.  We were there forty minutes early. I can’t be sure but I think we might have even beaten the vicar in there.  There was this bloke showing people where to sit and I thought he was a bit of a poor choice for the job cos he was pretty old and could hardly walk,  so he was staggering about hanging on to the end of the pews.

Once we all got settled the service began.  It was as this point we realised we had an opera singer behind us (there’s always one in church isn’t there). I couldn’t make eye contact with my mother because I knew if I did we’d both start sniggering.  So then a friend of the deceased got up and gave a lovely chat about him which apparently left the vicar with nothing to say.  Seriously I have never heard such a rambling sermon in my whole life.  Not only was his English appalling but he seemed to get half way through a sentence and forget the end of it.

So then there was more opera singing and then the prayers.  The vicar suggested a moment of silence and at this point my mam decided to burp.  To be fair it was just a little one and she did follow it up with a very polite excuse me,  but if ever I’ve deserved a medal it’s for keeping a straight face then.


funeral 2


And I’m gonna leave you with a bit of panic cos I’m completely loving the new album.


6 Responses to “Ya what now?”

  1. When my friends were all getting married their parents used to slap me n my back and ask when it would be my turn.

    Now I do the same at funerals, but they don’t seem to like it… 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    Yes, it was a pain to set up – I was in a state of near terror before it arrived because previously you needed a degree in computer science! 🙂

    Now it’s all sorted out and is head and shoulders better than my previous Son of Frankenbox.

    No idea what I’ll call this new one! LoL!!! 🙂

    The week is going well so far though!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  3. Hiya Daffinton! 😀

    I heard Steven the seagul has got his own record contract and a part on Corronation street from the exposure in this song and video! Good on him I say, good on him!

    You know you could write a song based on what you think you hear in other songs! Actually, I think that’s what we’ll do for our band (Btw it’s STILL DeadAnarchistPhil ft. Daf), listen to music and write what we think we hear and we’ll have enough songs for an album or more! Also we’d just HAVE to do a cover of Wishmaster’s misheard lyrics! However, we aint going on tour with Everything Everything cos they’re shit.

    I HATE funerals! I mean, the only one I ever fully went to was my Dad’s. Though during that me and my sisters did laugh in the car going to the crematorium. My Mam’s brother was driving behind us and we just started laughing at him for some reason! And my gran said “I’ve never known a family like it! Never!”. Talking off my Gran I never fully went to her’s I just went to the Church and not the cemetery. Mostly because I’m anti-social and I really didn’t want to see or talk to my Mam’s side of the family because they never really bothered with me before so I wasn’t arsed with them.

    But yeh, ya deserve a medal for not laughing, when I was in the crematorium I was wanting to laugh! I mean it’s the time you’re absoloutely NOT supposed to laugh, but you just can’t help it!

    Oh, and as you already know, I don’t like Panic at the disco! lol Just thought I’d end on that! 😀

    Hope you have another great weekend, Mate! :O) Hugskis and kisseskissssssssssss to ya! 🙂 xxx

    – Phil

    • Well speaking of making up songs with misheard lyrics I dunno if youve ever seen this video. Basically the bloke who writes the Dilbert comic strips asked people to send him in lyrics that were slightly off kilter, but the kind of thing you do randomly hear in songs and they put them together and made this (you’ll see what I mean if you listen 😉

      Oh by the way… I want a word with you for hacking my pute :O

      Now Im gonna get me tea

      Luvski Daf xxx

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    I think the old codger at the funeral is a poor choice too. He would have had a looooong day on his feet.

    Love your animations on the rh side 🙂

    Great music! You’ve enlightened me.

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