What happened to Wednesday?

Yesterday was so busy I just didn’t have time to make it here and blog,  but I’m thinkin better late than never (and actually I’ll be a day late next week too.  I’m a busy beee maaaaaaaan!).  I did have a good excuse though.  Last night I took my mam to see the Mousetrap.  We got there so early that the place wasn’t even open,  so we nipped into the Dun Cow pub that was handily next door and had a couple of glasses of wine.  The pub was a bit spit and sawdust but it made no difference to my 73 year old mam who hasn’t been into a pub like that for years. She was just really cute cos she was very excited to be there.  So anyway when we’d had a couple of quaffs we made our way to the theatre and ordered intermission drinks and then found our seats.  Watched the first act and then came out for the intermission.  It  was really short so we had ten minutes to have the third glass of wine at which point my mam became what she described as ‘squiffy’ and I have to be honest,  having had tea really early myself I wasn’t that far behind her (that’s what you get for drinking on an empty stomach).  So when we went back in we were feeling a bit flighty.  First we stole some empty seats nearer to the front and got ourselves settled,  and then the second act had just started when the wine made my mam do a massive gurgle.  I started to snigger (the kind of silent shaking snigger you do when you can’t make a noise) which set her off sniggering and for about the next ten minutes we sat there and shook silently cos we kept setting each other off.


About three months ago I ordered a handbag off Ebay.  I didn’t realize at the time it was coming from China,  and after about four weeks when it still hadn’t turned up looked into it. Emails were swapped.  I was their ‘Dearest Friend’ and had to be patient.  It still never showed up so again I got in touch with my dearest friends and they decided it must have been lost in the post and promised to send another one.  I’d pretty much forgotten about it, when yesterday it turned up and I have to be honest it’s been so worth the wait! It has a pattern imprinted onto it as you can see in the photo below…

Handbag Writing

and I don’t know if you can really make that out,  but it’s writing.  It’s a wee bit of life philosophy and I feel I need to share it (oh and the spelling and punctuation is all the bags own work).

 It says:

What a beautiful day: The sun is shining and the sky is so blue, The land, oceans, mountain and rivers, plants and animals everything looks bright and gay.  The sun gives us light keeps us warm and makes things grow, Sometimes, white clouds are like ships sailing across the sky, sometimes, the dark clouds bring us rain or snow. Sometimes after the rain,  you can see a very beaut iful rainbowacrossthe sky.  Atnight we can see thousands of stars and sometimes,  the big round moon.

It will finish the best alaways.

I can’t help feeling it should have come in a giant fortune cookie 🙂

So a final couple of things.  First a snap I took of my dog in her bed. She definitely thinks shes people.  She has a soft squishy bed in her hard dog bed and she likes her toys at the bottom of it.  Oh and when its cold she does like a blanky.

Who says it’s a dogs life?

Dogs Life

And I can’t get this song out of my head today so you have to suffer it too 😉


8 Responses to “What happened to Wednesday?”

  1. Sounds like you had a good time! 🙂

    I love the sound of your mum!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend! 🙂


  2. Just caught your comment! 🙂

    Yep: Damned right! 😦

    Doug is now threatening to set his place on fire because he’s facing eviction… 😦

    Thursday was stressful, but I got through it… 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  3. Bumjournoooooooooooooooo Dafferoonoooooooooooooo! 🙂

    > Daf
    > I don’t always drink
    > Posts several blogs whilst and about being drunk or drinking
    > Seems legit

    Mousetrap? I could be wrong but isn’t that a musical? If so then you’re more cultured than me, with me not being a fan of musicals and people who aint fans of musicals being well known dummies.

    I listend to the video you left, you see… we could write our own stuff based on what we think we hear! Tiz easy! We should have a bash at some and post them as blogs! I’ve already got one in mind! lol

    As for hacking your computer, well… I was worried and what I saw worried me even more! Eating human hearts and talking to muppets? I hope you know I alerted the local Poice in your area!

    Awwwwww look at da ickle doggie! (^O^). Me Mam has a basket for her Cats but they rarely use it and choose to sleep in the most daft places! The main one being in the garden when it’s raining and on the back of the TV being the other (We have quite ab obese TV)!

    I didn’t go to the tutorial, I’ll explain over the weekend or next week, depending when a hardcore Geordie nigga is on line.

    Moocho loveski and huggles Mateski! 🙂

    – Phil xxxx

    • Afternoony Philippio!
      Yeah…. you say you hacked my pute cos you were worried about me but the truth is you wanted to get into it cos you knew it would be full of awesome stuff! You wanted to steal my awesomeness didnt ya?? 😉
      And the Mousetrap is an Agatha Christie mystery. I’m a huuuge fan of her stuff. That’s the second time I’ve been to see it (went this time mostly for my mam) but the first time I was so frickin excited!
      Hope to catch you for a chat soon cos enquiring minds need to know why you didnt go to your tutorial. I expect it’s cos they took one look at you and thought ‘he looks like botha’ so they didnt let you in 😛
      Hope youre having a good week!
      Luv n hugskis Daf xxx

      • Sup Matey! 😀

        I’m willing to admit me hacking ya ‘pute’ was about investigating your awesomeness, but then I relalised ‘awesomeness’ is just something someone has naturally and isn’t physical, a bit like the soul! Then again maybe not, Philosphers of the future will debate and ponder that thought for millinea to come!

        You knew this was coming, but am going to say it anyway… I don’t like Agatha Christie stuff! lol But I was right in assuming it’s a stage adaption of the book/tv show! If you like it though, that’s cool! Though you’re awesome level has just been reduced in my estimation though, not that you’re arsed any because you believe you’re awesome level is like 100% and maybe more! But just because you believe that don’t make it true, mate.

        I have been on-line on and off but not seen you about, but my reason for not going was one of the issues we discussed last time! 😛 Also, over the weekend I’ve been invited to dinner at my neighbour’s on the flats! The couple who I thought I offended that time with my joke! lol I spent 3 hours talking to the lovely wife!

        I have shaved my head since we last spoke so I do look like a ruffian! lol I wouldn’t be surprised if they did actually do that! haha.

        Guard on desk: “Nah, sorry mate, you can’t come in!”
        Me: “Why?”
        Guard on desk: “No skinheads allowed!”

        Then that fight you imagined would break out and it would hilarious! 😀

        Looking forward to talking over the weekend, mate. Though with an essey to write, a PC to possibly fix (depends if I finish my essay early) and a dinner invite, not sure when I’ll be on but get on anyway because there’s a good chance I’ll be around.

        Oh, and talking of awesome, here’s a classic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2hzlEdXsg0

        Lots of love and huggles mateski! :O)

        – Phil xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Great post Daffy I can just see you two knocking back the wines and pinching seats, so hilarious that is, especially with all the giggling in between 🙂 That dog looks soooooooooo snuggled in that basket, I wonder if there is any room for me? 🙂 lmao I am going to watch the Beach Boys video after adding this comment and then I might just have another read of your post, very funny this one 🙂 Okay eb=nough of my waffling, enjoy your new handbag, it surely looks the business even if it did take an age to be delivered 🙂 I like it though 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend and do pour your mom another wine, she obviously enjoys a tipple or ten 🙂 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx

  5. EB=NOUGH is Chinese for
    ‘Another Bloody Typo’… lmao

    Andro xxxx

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    3 months later???? !!! As soon as I heard it was from China I wouldn’t want it (no offence to the actual Chinese people). But you say it was worth the wait, & I’m glad 🙂

    Should have come in a giant fortune cookie, yes!

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