Aww and bwa ha haaaa

Todays blog will be interspersed with cute pictures of kittens.  The reason for this is to distract you from the pure evil that I committed upon my children the other day. 

On Saturday I decided to make toffee apples cos it seemed a seasonal thing to do.  Followed the recipe to the letter but I think something went a bit wrong,  because the toffee substance I came up with was the stickiest thing I have ever tried to eat.  Think of the stickiest toffee you’ve ever eaten treble it and then add a tube of superglue for good measure.  I was seriously worried it was gonna pull my teeth out and I only had a wee taste of it.



So,  on Sunday as usual the kids all landed for Sunday dinner and once it was eaten I said ‘Would anyone like a toffee apple?’ (Bwa ha haaaaa)



I gave them no warning of the horror that was to follow and sat and howled with laughter as they desperately tried to eat em.  I am a bad mother.

kitten yoga


Here they are in all their glory.  I think girlchilds face says it all!

Toffee Apple Torture

I’m planning on making Christmas cakes next.  Oddly no one seems to be enthusiastic.


5 Responses to “Aww and bwa ha haaaa”

  1. Ooh you NAUGHTY mum!!! LoL!!! 🙂

    Bet they come to you to pay for their dental bills!!! 🙂

    Love the kittens!!! 😉

    God Bless!


  2. Just caught your comment! 🙂

    We had bright sunshine, it was cold and breezy, but not too bad – hope you stay warm my friend! 🙂

    The day has gone well – ish, but I am really scatterbrained today! 🙂

    I’m now waiting for my food delivery! 😛

    Love and hugs!


  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    OMG I love your kitten animations :). And the last photo!

  4. Hiya Dafferssssssssssssssssss! 😀

    LOL! Now I know NEVER to accept anything from you unless it’s been taste-tested by someone else, preferably not your kids cos they aint that stupid to fall for it again! You’re a bad Mam, a very bad Mam! Shame on you! Twas funny though! hahaha

    Talking of toffee apples I can say I haven’t had one for over 10 years. I used to have a few when Halloween and Bonfire night rolled around, but that’s it. You look like you made the red kind, they’re the best ones! The dark and chocolate ones aint that good! That’s my humble opinion, who would’ve knew I had one of those, eh?

    Hopefully talk later mate or tomorrow afternoon, left a message for you! Have a good evening and all the huggles and huskies in the world! lol 😉

    – Phil xxx

  5. This brings a whole new meaning to sticky toffee apples, and yes she is definitely struggling with that DIY gobstopper, actually I wouldn’t mind the recipe to try out on my neighbours 😉 lmao

    Hey I like the kitten
    animation, and the
    pictures too 🙂

    Have a deliciously non-sticky Friday Daffy and be good 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx

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