Stop. Coffee Time.


Last week girl child went to see Thor 2 and was inspired to do a drawing after.  I thought it was so good it deserved to be blogged.  I’ve not seen the film myself but apparently he’s a dark elf.

How clever is she??

Tats picture

At the moment I’m currently living in a building site because I’m having major plumbing issues so half the outside of my house is dug up.  There are a couple of git big holes and the other day I was sitting minding my own business when I heard a cat yowling its head off.  I nearly had a heart attack thinking that it was drowning in one of the holes in my garden so I leapt up and ran outside.  It was sitting next door and I’m pretty sure it was laughing at me.  So later on I was at my mams and she said ‘How are your water works?’ I said ‘Fine since the antibiotics thanks’  I do amuse myself.

So today I am feeling full of wisdom and feel the urge to share some advice.


How to Write Good


And I think finally some advice I need to take myself…

get shit done

And last but not least.  Chat roulette? Be afraid.

(Disclaimer: once you’ve seen this you can’t unsee it)


5 Responses to “Stop. Coffee Time.”

  1. Hope his rope burns heal quickly 🙂 lmao
    sooooooo a naked ball swinger, or is it a
    swinger, naked and flashing his ball? 😦
    That would have been a big smile if it had
    been a wicked female but still it was fun
    to watch 🙂 lol Nice quotes too, and I never
    feel cheated after your advice Daffy 🙂

    Now where is my video camera, I need to
    try a different angle on YouTube 😉 Noooo
    not in my Evils or in the Niff, well maybe? 😉

    Have a fantastic day and evening and I hope
    those humongous holes are filled in sooner
    rather than later 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  2. You never fail to amuse! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  3. Just caught your comment!!! 🙂

    I got the mess ALMOST under control: I still have the NHS Dental problem to deal with and the prescription mess, but I’m getting there! 🙂

    Just received my HC1 form a few minutes ago which I’ll deal with tomorrow as I’m about ready for bed! 🙂

    Thanks for the praise – handling this nightmare has NOT been easy, but there have been an awful lot of good people out there who were willing to go the extra mile! 🙂

    Yeah the CPP thing was a bit dodgy hence they are now having to go through the process of paying back their customers! 🙂

    Things are still noisy downstairs as the T&RA are having a meeting, but I’m off to bed in a minute, so by the time they leave I should be asleep! 🙂

    Love and hugs Daffers! 🙂


  4. Hiya Dafferssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! :O)

    Your kitchen was destroyed because you had to knock the walls down to get to the sticky stuff you made those toffee apples with! It all hardend in the pipe work and now ya paying for it! Korma, my friend! Or is it Kharma? Either way I reckon a nice bit of Peshwari bread would go down well with it!

    I think girl child has inherited a lot of a Mam-child’s artisitic abilities because that is epic! The ones I used to do look like childish scribblings compared to that! I saw the last Thor film and it wasn’t that good, I hope number two’s an improvment.

    Get shit done? Yup, me too! I need to read a chapter in two days, take notes and digest it properly and then start an essay on Saturday! I’m sure I’ll wing it and pass!

    I watched the whole video and it was funny! It was somewhat gay, but in the homosexual way this time!

    I would wish you the best in getting your ‘shit’ done, but I know you don’t need it, so I’ll take the piss instead! Daf once went to school with a pair of underpants on because she thought they were ‘cool’. True dat, just like my story about my cat being raped by Father Christmas!

    Btw, your water infection joke sounds like something my Dad would’ve said! lol

    Take care, hope you’re ok and much love and huggles, mate! :O)

    – Phil xxxx

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    Oh love the video!! As EVER I enjoyed every little piece you put between your words – especially that list “avoid cliches like the plague” etc :). Love your page, Daf 🙂

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